Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Beautiful, Cute, Festive, Funny, Neat things + Stuff I Want: Volume 2

longest title in the world, amiright? but i wanted to post another one of these posts that i did a few months ago. i got a lot of page views [more than usual] and thought i would do another. also i have like a thousand pictures screen shotted on my phone that i need to get off my phone to make room for more screenshots. these are all from instagram and each photo tells you whose page the photo is from. there are a few new pages i have started to follow but there's still some oldies in here too. 
hope you enjoy!
i have them broken down into the categories that are in my title. it may get pretty long but that's because there's so many pictures. so let's start with the beautiful ones.

the bold & beautiful
i just love that coffee table.
there's just something so beautiful in something that's been abandoned.
this sun room makes me drool.
this is on my bucket list.

cute as a button
i love anything turquoise.
that chair, though.
don't you just love this outfit.
how cute is this owl?!

just a few funnies
hilarious, right and so freaking true. for me, anyway.
every. single. time.

neat freak
i know i could totally make this.
ceramic "balloon" animal
i wish i was here right now.
another bucket list pick.

stuff i waaant
i would love to have a pretty library like this one. those floors...heart eyes!
hello, all-white kitchen!
this couch!!!
a beautiful backyard oasis.
i wish i could steal this straight outta the photo.
disco ball drink tumblers...need i say more?!
everything in this entire room!
um..this couch, too, please.
this fire place!!

i saved the best for last.
let's talk festiveness 
and there you have it. i know it was a bajillion and one photos, but i just had to share with you guys. they are all too beautiful not to share. i hope you enjoyed all the beautiful photos and hope you will go follow some or all of these accounts on instagram.
well have you finished your christmas shopping yet? i am pretty close. i got to get my brother-in-law's stuff off his christmas wish list, some more stuff for my sweet husband and our nephew and niece on barry's side. unfortunately, i am going to have to go to target to get all that stuff and i really hate going into target this time of year or even ever because i wanna spend alll the money. i get off work today at 3:00 and may have to make my way over there. i really hate shopping the week of christmas because the traffic just makes me want to bang my head several times on my steering wheel. some people just drive so ignantly this time of year. i have to work the next 2 days, too so hopefully i'll have some more posts to share with y'all. 
happy hump day, party people!
 "are you kidding? i'd come anywhere to see a turtle. where'd you find him? what!? there's no turtle? you know me very well. now, i'm gonna have to go online and look at turtles or else i'm gonna be off all day."
[the office]

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