Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Final Countdown

no this will not be a post about the 2016 presidential election. although i will say i am very happy i went out and voted yesterday because the person i wanted to win, did in fact win! and i am ecstatic to see some GOOD changes to our judicial system and our country. changes that so desperately need to happen. bye bye bye obamacare! we will not miss you. tbh i think i would be sick to my stomach today if she had won. 

anyways, like i said, i will not be talking about the presidential election...but will be chatting about a few things including the fact that I AM GETTING MARRIED in TWO DAYS! now that is something i am ecstatic about. i just can't believe it. i feel so incredibly lucky to get to marry the bestest guy i have ever known. he brings out such joy in my life! i am so happy i waited for my exact mr. right instead of just settling for the first goon that said he "loved me." 

we still have a few things to check off our check list, but other than those tiny details everything is set and barry and i cannot wait get hitched. it's going to be such a small, sweet ceremony and i know i will cherish it for the rest of my life. 

after the ceremony we will venture downtown to stay at the capital hotel and eat our first dinner together as husband and wife. then the following morning, we will head back home to get our honeymoon suitcases and hit the road to BRANSON! we are both just beyond excited to be taking our first long trip together, and to a different state, too. we have already decided to spend our whole sunday at silver dollar city which i know will be a lasting memory. we both our kids at heart. while we are there we plan to also check out these museums:
these are our top picks so hopefully we'll be able to squeeze all 5 + silver dollar city into the three days we will be staying in branson. we booked this cute little cabin to stay at while were there so we won't have to worry about the hustle and bustle that comes with staying in a hotel. PLUS it's only three miles away from the strip. 

for the last two days of our honeymoon we are going to stay at the big cedar lodge. what with all the adventures we'll be having in the 3 short days we'll be in branson, the last 2 days we wanted to spend relaxing. we aren't really sure what to expect since neither of us have been there before but everyone of our friends and family who have gone have done nothing but rave about how wonderful it is. we definitely want to have a day spent at the amazing spa. barry and i both need good massages. the profesh kind, that is. AND there's all kinds of other wonderful things they offer. i'm sure we'll definitely want to do a few trails and are all for eating at their restaurants where everyone has told us the food is to die for. 

gosh, it's going to be such a wonderful honeymoon that i bet we will have a hard time coming back to arkansas. but the celebrations won't be over once we come back. on the 18th, we get to celebrate with our family and friends at our big, fun reception. it's going to be great food, [all our favorites] lots of dancing, a delicious cake we picked out together, plus smores and games. it's going to be awesome and so many of our friends who will not be at the ceremony [it's for family only] have already told us they wouldn't miss it. wow a party solely focused on us is going to be a first just THE BEST!

we are both just overjoyed with the love and the efforts from everyone who is making all of this possible for barry and i. we couldn't have done it without y'all. and are beyond grateful to have such wonderful families and amazing friends. 
now, before it is too late, well it partially is, i wanted to show off our fall decorations. a few of them have halloween decor in it, so yea that's what i mean by the late part, but i will be switching out the halloween stuff with a few thanksgiving mementos before we leave for the honeymoon. i told myself, i am not going to decorate for christmas early [like i do every year] but will go back to the tradition we had in my house growing up. we always decorated the day after thanksgiving. because thanksgiving is just as important as christmas! so here's my fall decor..including a bit of halloween.
and that's it! so far, anyway. still wanted to do a little bit more to my front porch than just a wreath so i've been working on that this week when i've had free time. which hasn't been much. 

i'm at work today. it's good for me to get a few more hours in since i will be gone for a week with no vacation pay. thankfully, barry will get some vacay pay or else we would probably be in trouble. eh. but i only have to work till 2:00 since i am getting my nails done. plus i still have lots to check off my to do list and want to make sure i get all my errands ran since i'll be working a full 8 tomorrow. but like i've been saying since i started planning this wedding three months ago, everything is going grand, smooth and the way we want it all to go. no complaints. 
well this will be probably be my last post as miss jessica jenkins. the next time i post i will have become mrs. jessica devore, which is very exciting! 
hope y'all have a good rest of the week. i'll catch y'all next time when i'll be a wife!
"what do you think happened? i woke up, i took the belt off my neck, i got in my car and i got out of there. i thought i was gonna have to shoot my way out. what are you going to do though, you know? bar mitzvahs."
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