Saturday, November 5, 2016

Searching the web

so i have been perusing through the most haunted places in the u.s. all morning. i also read about all the haunted places in the state of arkansas, too. then for some reason i decided to google 'real' ghost photos and now i have pretty much freaked myself out. isn't it crazy how you can start searching the web for something completely different than when you stop searching? anyways, what i started searching was "cool backyard ideas" and somehow stopped with "real ghost photos." well don't worry i do not plan to freak you the eff out by posting the real ghost photos i found the most chilling, but rather show you the point of my search in the first place. yep, cool backyard ideas. y'all there are so many sweeeet backyards out there. i found lots of whimsical ideas i wanna share with yous guys today. barry and i are getting married in 6 days; on november 11th. after ALL the wedding festivities we will come back and live in my house. yes, technically it will be our house, but it's not really. so next spring we have both decided we will start the process of finding OUR HOUSE. our home we'll move into together. one thing we agreed on in a home is we want to have a lot of land filled with lots of trees, so we can create a sort of backyard wonderland for us and our future children. barry said we have to have a dirt bike track and since that will take up a good bit of space, here are some other ideas i found on the web to create sporadic scenes of whimsical wonder.  

check it..
this is made out of storage containers. cool, right? check out 50 other homes made out of storage containers here.

pretty neat ideas, right? i know one day we will be able to pull of several of these ideas. barry is such a great builder. anything i show him he can pretty much make. he is already down to make the grain bin bar + several tree houses. i know my dream of having a whimsical backyard will one day come true.
which on is your favorite?

well i have about an hour and 15 minutes here at work. working saturdays are like super hard. if you have to work every saturday i commend you. it ain't no easy feat for me, but i need the money. so here i am. thankfully it's just 9 to 3 on saturdays. if it was a full 8 idk if i would be able to do it. 
so last night, barry and i watched the funniest movie i have seen all year. seriously though we laughed through the entire film. check it out...
it was chock full of crude jokes, raw humor, and the craziest adventures. i loved every second of it. may have to add it to my library.

have a good weekend, butterflies!
"we've got a great little package we're selling here, man. a week in a tropical paradise with two fun-loving, yet surprisingly well-read bros? i read most of the goosebumps series, and so did you."
[mike and dave need wedding dates]

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