Saturday, October 1, 2016

Playing Catch Up

today i thought i would catch you up on some stuff that has happened this year that i haven't told you about on this blog. 2016 so far has been a whirlwind for me. SO MANY exciting things have been and ARE happening to me. i mean, i got a new job I LOVE, have gotten engaged, welcomed two new nephews to our family, and we even moved to a new lake house. this year has had its ups and downs, but there has been way more ups then there has been downs. i mean tbh this year is quite possible been the BEST year of my life! 

i'm going to be sharing some exciting things today and some random things, too.
i hope you enjoy.

we got a new washer and dryer. not because we wanted a new one but because our washer finally called it quits and gave up on its life. i'm serious when i say, i was heartbroken. i loved that washer. i learned how to wash clothes with that washer. it's literally been a part of my life since i was little. how was i supposed to replace it!? but i had no choice. i refused to have to go to a laundry mat. so barry and i went out one saturday and bought this shitty set. i hate it. that washer just wrinkles everything and the dryer shrinks everything. they do not make a good team. also the stupid dryer's door won't just stay open when you are trying to load heavy wet clothes into it. like why would they make it that way?! it's literally the worst purchase i have ever made. but hey, it's better than nothing. i guess. i totally miss my old set though. #crushed

on a happier note...barry and i found these awesome chairs for our kitchen. yes, found. not bought. someone left these babies behind [because they crazy] at a rent house we cleaned out so we took them on home with us. we both LOVE them, even though they are fuschia[not your typical boy color] but i mean they are super cushiony and they swivel and roll! plus they were FREE. beat that, furniture row! i have looked and looked for the perfect retro chairs to go with my retro table and you know what, these guys found me. we'll be using these chairs till we die. yea that's a little extreme but that's how much we BOTH love them.

so my baby aka my future husband gave me this diamond necklace for my birthday this year. it was made just for me. can you believe that sweet man got me a diamond necklace and two diamond rings this year? man, i wonder what he'll get me next year? i LOVE it! i wear it just about everyday. my statement necklaces are super jealous. i swear, this picture does not even do it justice.

welcome my new nephew, mason! my sister and brother-in-law adopted this monkey of mine from china and man he just fits right in with our family. i love this kid. his personality and smile has grown more and more since he has arrived. for a little while he was a bit shy around barry and i, but now he sees us and immediately runs into our arms and gives us the best hugs. we are all just head over heels for this little dude. can't wait to see what God has planned for this special little guy. 

so lately, i have been able to fold fitted sheets like it's my day job. i guess it kinda is because i fold the massage therapist's sheets for him here at the salon. but still, i have learned to fold the most difficult thing, that we unfortunately, have to fold. which is probably why i don't change sheets as often. oops, confession out. but man, i was determined to fold these fitted sheets after waiting months to wash them, just because they are in fact, fitted. 
what y'all think? do my fitted sheets look better than yours? probably.

barry and i celebrated our first easter together. i made sure we matched. we had such a good easter weekend. so glad i get to do life with this handsome guy.

welcome my tiniest nephew. his name is j.r. and he is so little, but growing. he basically just sleeps all the time. i'm being serious. sleepy baby alert. i'm sure he makes things easy since my little brother and sister-in-law have two other tinyloons, too. whew. i'm anxious to see how he will be able to hold his own being the youngest of all the cousins. [so far, anyway] he still just a little-un but he is already sitting up on his own so i know it's just a matter of time before he is walking, running and laughing. 

having nephews and nieces is awesome, isn't it?!

so i know i have told y'all before on this blog that i wanna open my own craft booth sometime in the near future. i was aiming for the end of this year, but that was before i knew i would be planning a wedding and getting married. so i'm shooting for sometime in the new year. my man, just recently came across this cool fence post bench that was abandoned at a vacant rent house, so naturally he bought it home with him. he fixed a few planks that were missing or rotting and i am going to do my best to white wash this buddy to sell in my craft booth. but honestly, i don't know if i am going to be able to let this one go. we have really grown to like it. which is probably why i keep putting the white washing off.

unfortunately, the fence post bench has gotten in the way of our garage swing. this "porch" swing has been laying in the garage on the floor for the past three years since moving it from my old house. there are two random hooks on the ceiling in the garage and barry decided to hang the swing to get it off the floor. and it's being used again. the hooks are perfect for this guy; perfectly spaced apart. it brings me joy to see this guy swinging instead of just sitting on the floor. however, queen p has quickly claimed the other side for herself.

my cousin and his girlfriend came over one night to have a crab boil. i mean i have had crab before but not like this, so it was new for me. well, new for the both of us because barry had never even had crab before. the verdict? it was ALL delicious! seriously, there were no leftovers. 

check out our birthday pictures in comparison. i think they just describe our personalities. classy verses redneck. yes, that means we are 19 years apart. big deal. so what if he was graduating high school when i was being born. this man is my person and i am so happy we got to celebrate our birthdays together. wonder what next year will be like when we are man and wife. 

 barry and i BOUGHT A BOAT! say hello to our beautiful vessel. her name is the aqua patio, which lessbehonest is such a rad name for a party barge. we didn't get to take it out very much this summer since we didn't get her till later in the season but man were we so excited to find the perfect one. we looked at a lot of crappy, ugly party barges. people wanting nine grand for boats with no carpet, ripped seats, and shitty motors. but we found this love for the perfect price. aka one we could actually afford without breaking our wallets. we plan to work on it this fall/winter to get it ALL ready for the 2017 boating season. it needs a new radio, we wanna add some lights and it needs some color. i'm thinking some turquoise. but we did get to go out one weekend with a lot of our friends, and everyone had a blast. my sister's boys just loved it. can't wait for my nieces and nephews to be a bit bigger so their not scared and their parents aren't either. it's fenced in? where they gonna go? anyways, we are TOO happy with this fun purchase and can't wait till next year when we can really use this baby like it's supposed to be used. to party. duh!

so barry and i discovered this little chunky one while hanging out at the lake house one night. we were both sitting right under this little vent. barry got up to emphasize the story he was telling and just stopped mid-sentence and said, "baby, there's a raccoon right above you." i seriously thought he was joking...until i looked up and these coon eyes met mine. i jumped right out of my seat, went and grabbed my phone and took this picture. i couldn't believe it. he kept trying to get out and grab some dinner but my flash kept scaring him. finally, we i stopped taking pictures and we watched him climb down the wall and scurry across the side onto the roof. then disappeared into the night. unfortunately, my dad had barry cover the hole the next night when he left to go get dinner, breakfast, whatever food he was needing. i say unfortunately, because that night it stormed and poured down rain. i'm sure he came back and was frantic he couldn't get back in. and i say frantic because he was not a bachelor raccoon like my dad thought but a momma raccoon. the next weekend we came down i kept smelling the smell of the dead. yep, barry pulled a small dead baby raccoon from the attic. lesson learned: don't take matters into your own hands but hire a professh raccoon-catcher. 

this is the last one.
so my parents used to have this exact picture hanging over their bed in my favorite house we ever lived in [timber creek court] and my mom promised me, she would give it to me when they weren't using it anymore. well instead she "accidentally" sold it in an estate sale just like she did with my favorite red knitted poncho that she just gave away without looking back. i have scoured every garage sale, estate sale, and flea market for that red poncho and whoever owns it now is one lucky bitch. anyways, back to this picture. turns out that a lady in my bunko group came to the estate sale and bought this picture. yes, the exact one. i almost cried when i saw it hanging in her bedroom when we were at her house for bunko one night. i don't know what i am going to do in order to talk cindy into giving me this art that i was promised but i am determined to get this exact picture back into my hands and my heart. no, buying the print is just not good enough. it's the nostalgia i feel when i am in this painting's presence. one day, it will be mine. 
well that's all i am going to update yous on today. i am working the salon for the my third saturday in a row and man, the hours are just draaaaging by. last saturday, this place was filled with stylists and clients but today..i guess everyone is tailgating at the little rock razorback game [where my man was unfortunately tricked into working at] because this place is a bit empty and not crazy-busy. crazy-busy days are my favorites at the salon. luckily i get off at 3 today and can head home to my empty house kitty cat while we wait for our favorite man to get home. thankfully he'll be so worn out, he won't be bugging us to get up and do something. hey, i'll take that. also, looking forward to tomorrow when i can do my most fav thing in the world...SLEEP IN! sleeping in is the best, right? gosh i just love me some much so you think i would go to bed earlier. but where's the fun in that.
"bro, bro, bro. when your wife says you're just test driving mini-vans, you're buying a mini-van. and when she says you're just looking at houses, you're buying house."
[what to expect when you're expecting]

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