Saturday, October 22, 2016

MY Bridal Shower + a few wedding updates

oooh weee barry and i only got three weeks till we get hitched! i am so very excited. everything is going great. i recently had my bridal shower and i wanted to share a few tidbits from that and show off some of the gifts we received. we are both so very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that want to buy us gifts to celebrate us starting our lives together. 

in case you are not aware of what a bridal shower is, here is the definition of one as described by wikipedia: "a bridal shower is a gift giving party held for the bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. the custom originated in the 1890s. the history of the custom is rooted not necessarily for the provision of goods for the upcoming matrimonial home, but also to provide goods and financial assistance to ensure the wedding may take place. men are typically not allowed at these functions."

just wanted to clear that up for the few of you who have not been to a bridal shower or don't know what one is and the tradition it has grown to become. i have been to many bridal showers and they are always so fun and great to see what the bride and her future husband have picked out to use for the rest of their lives together. barry and i were spoiled with so many gifts that we registered for a month ahead. and to top it off? we are still receiving many wonderful gifts in the mail. 
check out some of the fun gifts we got:
i was super excited to get the champagne flutes we registered for to use at the reception plus that beautiful platter we can hang up in our house. [thanks, mrs. lonnie]

check out the beautiful decorations and the wonderful food:

and for good measure here was my outfit for the day:

my hostesses did such an amazing job planning and throwing me the perfect bridal shower. i am so thankful to have such wonderful women in my life that care about me so much. the hostesses all chipped in and got me my "ice blue" [to match our kitchen] kitchenaid mixer that i have been dying to have for quite sometime now. and to thank them my momma and i got them fall festive hand soap and guest towels. and naturally i had to put my personal touch on the wrapping.
 i made all of the bows and hand-twined all of the initials. hobby lobby has some really fun fall ribbon out on their shelves right now. i had a fun time wrapping these gifts up for my lovely hostesses. i was disappointed that i didn't get to snap a picture with me and all my hostesses. maybe we can do that at bunko sometime. 

here's just a few more pics from my awesome shower:
wish i remembered to grab liz so i could have gotten a pic with my three bridesmaids. oh well, we can all four get one next weekend when we are celebrating at my bachelorette party.
seriously this girl rocks. she had a flat tire that morning, and no matter what she did everything she could to make sure she made it to my shower. this girl is awesome. and her gift? yea it was the first things we took out of the box and used.
foot massager, welcome to the devore home. you will be cherished.

the day of the shower i had a package on our front porch waiting for me to rip it open. i was late to my own shower because a. i forgot my phone and b. i forgot it because i was too eager to open our first wedding package. it was from my..well i call her my aunt brenda but she's my mom's cousin sooo i'm not sure what her real title would be but anyways that besides the point. she had sent me a large white oval platter, white chip and dip platter, and the cow creamer dispenser [another gift i was really wanting] we had registered for. i was so excited. along with that wedding package we received this one this week:
six matching glasses. holla! none of our glasses match. unless you count the pickle jars that are currently chilling in our cabinet. six more and we'll have our whole set. 
we also got the rest of these babies in the mail this week:
yay! we OFFICIALLY have all our soup bowls we wanted. this totally brings me joy. i've wanted matching dishes since 2009 and that dream is finally coming true.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BUYING US SUCH WONDERFUL GIFTS TO START OUR LIVES WITH. we would still being using hand-me-downs and rent house leftovers if it weren't for all of you who are willing to give gifts that we so dearly wanted. 
thank you cards coming soon, i swear!
okay so like i said we only have three more weeks and we will be MARRIED. my momma and i have been checking lots and lots off our wedding/reception to do list. and things are continuing to run smoothly. i couldn't be doing all of this without my sweet momma. she seriously is the best. 
here are a few wedding/reception related updates below. just checking things off the list.
we got our invites in, addressed, stuffed, stamped and sent out! i love that i got to custom design our invites and add a personal touch. we have had so many compliments on these invites.
we found my wedding shoes! i really wanted to wear toms. these white crochet shoes are perfect, don't ya think? 
we finalized our design for our koozie favors and sent them off to the koozie factory. did i mention that we are getting these babies made for FREE!?!
we finally found what my fiance, his groomsmen and my daddy will wear. these long sleeved purple checkered button downs, dark jeans, brown belts, and brown boots. barry is going to be so handsome.
and we finally found and bought his ring too. he LOVES it and i do too. 
i found my makeup inspiration. i went and spent close to 200 bucks on makeup to get this perfect beautiful look. and i did it for my bridal portraits i did yesterday and i didn't do too bad. apparently, i am better at makeup than i thought i was.
last thing, check out my mermaid-disney-princess braid my sis did for me. i really wanted a long over the shoulder fishtail braid for my hair. my momma bought me some extensions so we could make this dream a reality. i love it! my sister is awesome. seriously, i still have it in from yesterday and i totally don't want to take it down. i feel so fierce! 
like i said, we are steadily checking things off the list and before we know it our big day will be here. i am TOO excited and cannot wait to marry my best friend. 

well, i got about 45 minutes left of work and than i can go home and snuggle up with my cute little kitty cat till our man gets home from helping his parents. i'm ready to turn on my space heater and get in some warm jammies and just chill. 
what are your saturday afternoon plans?
"my job is the song. she originally put me in charge of hot dogs at this fundraising barbecue, and i dropped them all. all of them. like, 1,000. so i really want to do a good job."
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