Saturday, October 15, 2016

Four Things

hey guys. happy saturday! boy, i did not want to get up this morning. [what else is new?] but i'm working today because i so desperately need the moneys. so did y'all know that i only have 26 more days till i get to marry my best friend!? i am totally excited about it. all the planning is going smoothly. i had one small bump but it's insignificant and also worked out for the better. i can't thank everyone enough who is helping make my dream wedding possible. we had our bridal shower last sunday and we got so many AWESOME things that barry and i really needed. we had my friend cameron over on wednesday night and got to use our new plates and a new platter we received as gifts.
cameron brought us a gift from her and her momma. they got us 8 of the cereal bowls we wanted. now we got 8 plates, 8 cereal bowls + 2 soup bowls, and 4 salad plates so we can host parties and have people over for dinner more often. i still have some more dishes i'm hoping to get. i'd like to get 12 of all the main dishes, like: plates, bowls and salad plates so i can use them when i host bunko and other dinner parties. and silverware. i desperately need silverware. been needing new silveware since 2009. our living room is still sprawled with gifts like christmas morning. b and i really need to go through our cabinets and get rid of some old craggily stuff we don't have to use anymore. oh y'all, we are so blessed to have such great families and wonderful friends. 

anyways, so instead of talking about wedding stuff and other wedding related topics i wanted to switch things up today and just share some stuff about me. this blogger had a fun post up on her blog and i thought i would borrow the idea. you know me, i like to use pictures a lot, so instead of just list form, i've included photos for your enjoyment. [and mine] so check out what i came up with:

4 Jobs I've Had:

4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once:
in all seriousness i've watched all these movies way more than even a dozen times each. they are all full of dark comedy and raw sarcasm. just the type of comedies i love to watch. check em out.

4 Books (series) I Would Recommend:
i changed this one to series since i read them more than individual books.
1. the grant county series-my most fav series of all time.
2. the will trent series-my second most fav book series. i knew karin slaughter [my favorite author] had a new book out but i didn't realize it's the 10th book to this series. i was going to try and hold off until christmas but we'll see if i'll be able to do that or not. i love her books so much.
3. the women's murder club series-this is a series i am working on right now. i really wanted to start something like the will trent series when i was done with it and my dad's i.t. tech [paul] had put these books on my [beloved] kindle when i asked him to put all of karin slaughter's books on there. and i LOVE this series too! i am eating these books up. i thought i was done at 11th hour but on monday he put the last four on my kindle along with ALL of the alex cross books. i just finished 12th of never yesterday afternoon, and have already dove into unlucky 13.
4. the unwind dystology-i read this series last summer while i was at the beach. it is so different from any series i have ever read. it is set in a different world and everything is so strange and weird that you just won't be able to stop reading. wanna switch things up from what you normally read? this is the series to do it. 
yes, i would recommend all of these books series. totally good.

4 Places I've Been in The Last Three Years:

4 TV Shows I Watch:
i don't watch much tv but when i do these are what i like to watch.
i do watch this show every monday night with my momma. check out the post i wrote about this season's lineup here.
i pretty much like ALL the shows they play on the id channel. my eyes are glued to this channel anytime i'm at our lake house. sooooo addicting.
this show is just really cool. and it probably would be better if they got a better, way less goofy host.

4 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year:
well this one is easy.
lots of very exciting things coming up.

4 Favorite Vegetables:
any whichaway you make it. corn is my favorite.
i have yet to come across cooked turnip greens as good as my grandmommy makes them. 

4 Shows I Have Watched Faithfully From Beginning to End:
i seriously LOVE this show. wish it would have had more seasons.
seasons 5-7 are the best and the most hilarious. seriously, favorite show of all time. 

4 Places I Want To Visit in The USA:

4 Places I Want to Visit Outside of The USA:

4 Things I'm Thinking About Right Now:
1. man, i hope today goes by fast. 
2. i wish i wasn't broke right now.
3. i wish i was a morning person and could just pop out of bed and my eyes not feel droopy. 
story of my life.
4. should i go to hobby lobby today after work?
well it only took me 3 days to write this post. i love that my job allows me to get back into something i love doing...blogging. i like to type write and i love being able to go back and read my posts. i used to write in a journal [an event i very much did not like change that though..don't read people's journals] all the time. i still have all the old journals [except for one] and it is cool to look back and see how things were before this happened or that happened. if you don't have a blog, i encourage you to make one of your own. it really is fun if you can find the time to do it. but if this girl can do it, then you can too. that chick is biz-ay! 

well i'm about to go fold some towels and then will be spending the rest of my work day editing pictures for this blog, and working up so new posts. so glad i have gotten back into the groove of blogging. do you have a blog? luckily i only have to work to 3:00 today and then i'll be shooting to hobby lobby to pick up/return a few things. my man left [after i left for work] to go to his momma and daddy's house and to visit some of our friends in biscoe. i hope he'll be home when i get home today, but if not i'm sure i will just hang out and read. speaking of reading...i set a goal to read 52 books this year and i finished my 52nd book yesterday afternoon. holla! and we still got two and half months before the end of 2016. it feels good to set a goal and reach it, doesn't it? well, i am off to fold some warm towels and edit some pictures.
what are your saturday plans?
"would you look at all those stars? i mean, you look up and you think, "God made all of that? and he still remembered to make a little speck like me?" kinda flattering, really."

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