Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Wedding Planner Rocks

wedding/reception updates below
okay so, wedding planning would not even nearly be going as smoothly if it weren't for my rockstar momma. seriously, she is making it so easy, and not at all stressful. which is what i need right now. i don't think i would be able to be making this dream wedding possible without her. she has basically done everything for me and i haven't had to stress about anything. i am so thankful for her. so yea, my wedding planner is better than yours rocks!
here's how we are doing on the ceremony so far. obvi the ones with x's and cross outs we are not going to be doing.
marriage license: we have to wait on that.
guest book table and pen/guest book: we are going to be doing this.
sound system/music: we got a harpist booked.
chairs: we are using benches.
unity candle: we are doing something like this but completely different. 
arch: we have an arbor that my aunt is letting us use.
photographer: got her booked. check her out. so excited i get to use her.
backdrop: stained glass windows and our arbor. 
gratitudes: working on this one. i already got a few ordered. 
marriage certificate: is this not the same as a marriage license???
boutonnieres: only barry will have a boutonniere for the ceremony and then the rest will get theirs at the reception. here's what we're going for:
officiant: we met with him on wednesday night. we are having our ceremony at my church where he is the pastor and we are having it in the courtyard. he hasn't married anyone in the courtyard yet and is looking forward to our special day. 
wedding rings: we have mine, i just need to get his.
outdoor sign: since it is in the court yard and not in the sanctuary we will definitely need a chalkboard easel to direct our guest to the right spot.
alter arrangements: that's going to be our arbor. really really hoping it turns out similar to this:
videographer: we booked him yesterday! he's really looking forward to working with our photographer. he was actually the videographer for her wedding.
parking: easy, this one comes with the church.
bouquets: as you saw above that's what i would like my bouquets to look like. i will be the only one with a bouquet on the wedding day and then my bridesmaids and i will have ones at the reception.
decorations: the court yard in itself is a decoration. but the arbor and benches will be there too. i want the decor for the wedding to be more simple than the reception. 
the location: my aunt and uncle's barn venue. check out bella terra estate here.
flatware: we are just using plastic.
chairs and covers: they are provided by bella terra.
cake topper: i wrote a post all about cake toppers here but then decided to make our own.
whatcha think? you like?
bartender: bella terra will provide this one.
decorations and centerpieces: they will also be provided and done by bella terra.
the caterer and menu: we are using pig n chik [one of our favs] and we are having: catfish, hushpuppies, corn nuggets, [my fav] fried okra, baked beans, rolls and ribs! all our favorite pig n chik food. 
tables and linens: provided by bella terra
napkins: we got some custom napkins made from by invitation only in little rock that will have our initial on it in a pretty purple. 
water pitchers: provided by bella terra.
wedding cake/groom's cake: our wedding cake is provided by the blue cake company and it's going to be strawberry cake with strawberry filling and then a white butter cream icing. plus it will have our flower on it with our cute cake topper. we are not going to do a groom's cake. instead we are going to do a smores bar. which i think will be fun for the kids who get dragged out to an adult party. plus we decided to do baggo games, too. 
cups, saucers, and spoons: we are using plastic and paper for everything.
guest favors: we are giving out custom designed koozies to all our guest. and the best part we are getting all the koozies for FREEEE!
valet parking, music/sound system, and dance floor: all provided by bella terra.
so we still got quite a bit of work to do on the apparel side of things. i gotta figure out what i want my groom and the groomsmen to wear. i thought i knew but not everyone agrees with my suggestion so i gotta go to dillard's or something and have my man try some things on to figure out if what i want is going to work. 
my bridal shoes: i am getting a close friend of mine who is also designing our koozies to paint me some toms for my special days. excited to see what she comes up with.
i've asked my bridesmaids to wear black flats so hopefully they have some already.
i am in the process of looking for some jewelry for them.
i guess i need to get a garter. i've kinda forgotten about that one. 
i still need to get my dress + my bridesmaids dresses altered but when i talked to my future mother in law about doing the alterations she told me just to pin the dresses where they need to be altered and then bring them to her. so yea a little nervous about that one. i'm not a seamstress so...but i didn't really wanna complain since she is doing them all for free. and one particular bridesmaid is giving me a bit of a hard time with not coming to try on her dress so i would say this is the only thing that is stressing me out. yea, alterations. i also asked her about a bustle and she seemed like she never heard of it so lets just pray all the alterations go smoothly. 
honeymoon pretty sure we will be packing those at the last minute. 
i got my invitations custom made at by invitation only. i haven't seen them yet, [only some shitty proofs] so i am really hoping they are what i want.
announcements: we did not get announcements or save the date cards made. [sad face]
we did put exact directions on a card to slip in the invites. same for ceremony cards. since we are only inviting a few to the ceremony we got cards to slip in with the big invite to the reception. 
my mom found a calligrapher who is in the process of addressing our envelopes.
newspaper announcement: well i better get one of these. barry's mom has asked me every. single. time. i've seen her if they have put it in the paper yet. 
thank you notes: i have a huge stack of some i'm going to use at home. the invitation lady wouldn't let me use my new monogram because that is bad luck or something and i just didn't wanna get some special made with my monogram i have now. 
i'm not sure if i am getting a bridesmaid luncheon. i hope so. 
my girl, stormi is in the process of working on my bacheorette party invites. as far as the bachelor party, that ain't on me. i'm doing everything else, hopefully one of his groomsmen will throw him a bachelor party. [i doubt it though]
well there is still TONS to do but so far so good. i have been working this week on finding some gifts to give to barry, my parents, barry's mom, and our wedding party. 
i met with my designer-friend on monday and she is designing our koozies, our guest stones sign, and of course my shoes as soon i go get her a pair. 
i also have been working on a special father-daughter dance to be performed at the reception with my daddy, of course. we are dancing to my girl by the temptations. we did a father-daughter dance 20 years ago to the same song. it's going to be very special. for the both of us.  

well like i said, NONE of this would be happening if it were for my rockstar, momma. and well, both my parents, really. they are paying for EVERYTHING. now granted, i have been able to get a LOT of good deals and a LOT of stuff for free. but still, if it wasn't for my sweet momma and daddy, my dream wedding would not be in the works right now. AND they paid for all the accommodations for our honeymoon in branson. barry and i are ecstatic for the honeymoon because we haven't gone on an actual trip-trip together yet. i mean, we've been to hot springs a whole bunch but that's just chilling at the lake. so i just wanna give a special shout out to my MOM for doing everything and going above and beyond to make sure my dream wedding comes true. and another shout out to my DAD for paying for it all. man, i am one lucky girl to have such great parents. agreed? yes, agreed. 
well i am off to scour the internet for presents for my wedding party.
any ideas?
"these guys cannot be my groomsmen. for one thing, it looks like the entire cast of the goonies grew up and became rapists. this one in particular looks like he just broke out of a federal prison.
[the wedding ringer]

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