Thursday, September 1, 2016

Let's Talk Cake Toppers

hello everyone and happy first day of september. this year is flying by. can't believe in just a few short months i will be marrying my best friend. and then we'll get to celebrate christmas together as husband and wife. we are so very excited for the wedding, honeymoon and reception. the planning has all been going smoothly. [thank goodness for that] next tuesday we are going to the blue cake company to taste wedding cakes. therefore i have been looking on pinterest at wedding cake ideas. one of the main things i've been looking at are all the millions of different cake toppers. there are so many, y'all and i have picked some of my favorites to share with y'all today. 

starting with my top 5 picks.
this is my most favorite.
clearly i'm looking for something original.
here's some other favorites:
i know barry would like this one. 
which one is your favorite?

well i had a lot of fun picking out all these fun little cake toppers. i just don't know which one to choose now. we don't plan on having a grooms cake so i want the cake topper to be right for the both of us. 
well labor day is this monday so naturally you know my main squeeze and i will be headed to hot springs to our lake house for the weekend. the whole clan will be down there and we are looking forward to spending time with family, riding around on our boat, sipping moonshine and swimming in the pool. all of our favorite things to do. + we are planning on floating the caddo river on labor day so it should be a fun, and relaxing weekend. 
what are your labor day plans?
whatever your plans are i hope they're fun, awesome, and especially safe.
"nothing. where is "the groupie" anyway? what, is she busy at a smiling convention somewhere?"
[in a world]

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