Thursday, August 25, 2016

Will you be my bridesmaid?

hello there, happy thursday! i don't know if you heard the news i shared last time but i am currently planning my wedding. and y'all, the planning is going SO smoothly. i couldn't be happier about that because y'all already know that i just don't do well under stress. but my main thing is i don't want to be stressed out planning my wedding. if i did then it just wouldn't be fun. and i can definitely say, it is WAY FUN and not at all stressful. so yea, wedding planning is in full swing and going smoothly. and i am just so thankful for that. 

so yesterday...i said YES to the dress!
the best part? the one they had on the rack was already in my size. my momma paid for it last night and is going to pick it up tomorrow. i will have to have some alterations done, but that ain't gonna be no thing cause my future mother-in-law is a seamstress and has already told me she would love to do any alterations or additions i may need. also, MY dress is the very first one i tried on. it was totally meant to be since every single other one i tried on just did not even compare to the first one. it's incredibly comfortable--if you know me well, you know i have to be comfortable. no itchiness, please. also, it just looks like me. i loved it so much i didn't want to get out of it. so yea, i have found my wedding dress! 

i went dress shopping with my mom and sister and then my sister-in-law met up with us at the second dress shop. i had planned to ask my sissy, sis-in-law and my "sorority sister" [aka my best friend] to be my bridesmaids but wanted to ask them in a special way instead of just calling them up; which is exactly what barry did when he asked his groomsmen. but girls are so different than boys, am i right? so i went to pinterest and looked at all the different ways other girls have asked their sisters or friends to be their bridesmaids. 

here are my top 6 favorites:
so clearly i liked the goodies-in-a-box idea the best. i loved the idea of using mini-champagne bottles but to be honest, i was too lazy to go to a liquor store and fool with all that. 

here is what i created:
lids say: "i can't marry my mister without my sister. will you be my bridesmaid?" cute, huh? i found the little saying on pinterest and knew it would be just perfect for my sister-bridemaids. the goodies i bought are all from target: face masks, reminder stick-notes, fingernail polish and mini blender sponges for my girls. i went with a purple theme because that's the color of their dresses. the boxes, confetti and tissue paper all came from hobby lobby. 
i lucked out on these boxes. they were the perfect size and they had exactly the quantity i needed. 
i was able to give my sister and sister-in-law theirs yesterday and i get to see my bestie this weekend so i can give her hers then. they have all said yes to my will you be my bridesmaid question. so i got my THREE bridesmaids lined up and we got the THREE groomsmen, too. yesterday, my sis and i picked out the different styles that each bridesmaid will wear. the dresses will be long and purple but each girl gets a different style that looks the best with their body type. 

so everyday i am gradually checking things off of my wedding to-do list. i am making such great progress and am not sure why people think they need a year to plan a wedding. but people ain't me. i am TOO ready to marry barry. he is my everything! he makes me happy [all of the time] and i cannot wait to be his wife.

what do you think of my bridesmaids' gifts? 
hope your thursday goes as well as mine is going. for the first time in like 2 years i can finally say that i love my job again. because i do. i was off monday-wednesday and i'm back today and it feels so good to be around these appreciative and fun people. 
i'll post again soon.
"a guy like me does not land a girl like her. so, i lied about having a bunch of friends. i thought it would make me look cool. never did i think she would like me, let alone agree to marry me. i am marrying a girl who, all my life, i never would have thought would have looked at me twice. and i am marrying her!"
[the wedding ringer]

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