Friday, August 26, 2016

Pretty, Cool, and Funny Things On My Phone

yay for friday! today is my best friend's daughter's birthday. she is the big 3 today and as soon as barry gets off work tonight [i only work till 3 today] we are headed to hot springs so we can celebrate ava's birthday tomorrow. looking forward to a weekend in hot springs with my main man. we haven't been able to go down in several weeks and we are both dying to get out of north little rock for the weekend. plus the lake house has cable and internet so it will be nice to live in the 21st centuary for a little while. i don't care one way or the other if i have cable or not, but my fiance feels quite differently. i'm sure once we get married he'll be signing us up and picking out the best nascar package he can get. me? i'd rather just read. which, speaking of, i have currently read 43 books this year. i have no doubt i will reach my goal of 52 with no problemo. 

today, i am just sharing some pretty, cool, and funny things that i have saved on my phone. i don't know about y'all but i am pretty much the screen-shot queen. if i like it, you besta believe i am going to screen shot it. i'm pretty sure i have more screen shots than i do regular photos. so below is what i am sharing with you today. no particular order. most of them are from instagram but i have a few pinterest ones thrown in there for ya, too. let's get started. i only got like an hour and half left with my free internet time. so here we go...

i mean, couldn't you just stare at this picture all day. it's just so pretty. y'all should follow best vacations on insta. seriously they post the most beautiful pictures of some pretty sweeet vacays.
this is just too cool!
this is the wallpaper i have set on my home screen on my phone. just such a cool and awesome photo that i guess i want to look at it every day. don't hate.
this is a blanket, y'all! from this site. i need! 

i have talked about 1st dibs on this blog before because they just have such beautiful decorated rooms. i have a huge collection of screen-shotted 1st dibs rooms saved on my phone. it's redic.
i literally laughed out loud when i saw this one on my insta feed. betches posts a lot of funny quotes and pictures.
how cute is this snow bunny kitty!? i can't get enough of the cuteness that cats of instagram posts on a daily basis. i love cats! especially my own little kitty cat. 

i would love to have some thank you cards done up like this...and i think i might just do that.
whoever is in charge of keeping up with hobby lobby's instagram page is ON POINT! they post the prettiest and most fun stuff on their page. i guess that's why i have so many hobby lobby screen-shots.

this little site posts lots of party stuff for kids but i mean i would totally use that felt garland for decor in my own room. 
this girl is a stranger i have been following on insta for awhile now. she posted this the other day and i couldn't help but screen-shot this unique idea. 
i love this styled photo. whoever set this display up just did such a wonderful, beautiful job. 
THESE SHOES. i think i missed the opportunity to get myself a pair but i still be dreaming about em.
i'm obsessed with mindy mae's market. they have like the best hoodies and tees. oh and jewelry, too! plus they do free shipping! so basically this is one of my favorite sites. i love everything in this photo. especially those keds. 

do you follow oh joy? she is a designer for target. she creates and designs the most beautiful things. oh and her two kids are just dolls. you should start following her NOW.

these are two of my most favorite decorated rooms that i have found on pinterest. i can't delete them.
this is so true. i cannot stand people who can "dish it out, but can't take it." 
i NEED my man to make this for me. i was hot gluing the other night and kept knocking the gun off the table and it felt like my hands were covered in spider webs. this would stop both of my problems.
i am SO going to make some of these to put in my craft booth. such a creative idea.
my new life motto.
can i get an amen on this one? i really need a full new set of bottom teeth but there's no way i could afford all that. 
i LOVE savoir faire! they have the most stylish clothes and every single post on instagram gets a like from me. their photographer is on it! this is such a fun site to follow. also i am going to learn to sew and i want my first project to be something similar to this beauty. 
i couldn't agree more.
shalyn nelson is a wedding photographer in texas. and she is definitely one of the best in my opinion and i have never even met this chick. 
i love this girl's page. she posts all kinds of stuff i want to buy and some pretty funny quotes as well. i mean, i just really want these! who wouldn't?
i think i screen-shot this room from 1st dibs but to be honest, i'm not too sure. but i love this room so much that i just had to share.

AND THAT'S IT. i hope you enjoyed my random array of screen-shots. i only got about 45 minutes left of work now and then i am off for the weekend. i gotta run a few errands before b gets home and make some of my tasty snack mix that he has been bugging me to make for about 3 months now. 
what are your plans for the weekend?
"alright. well, you can take my money, my coppertone, and my kleenex. but leave my driver's license. that took me months to get."
[a life of crime]

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