Friday, August 19, 2016

More Big News

well, guys, my awesome boyfriend proposed to me on monday august 15th when we both got home from work. he just couldn't stand it any longer, he just could not wait to give it to me and ask, will you marry me? and for me to say, yes! of course, i'll marry you! 

we have set the date for november 11th of this year. 11/11 has always been a very special date to the both of us. 

check out my ring that b picked out himself:
he did so good, didn't he? he was so worried he would get me something i wouldn't like which is so silly because all of the things he has bought me and surprised me with in the past have all been wonderful presents. 

i got so many congratulations from everyone that i haven't even had the chance to really respond back to anyone. it's all so exciting. i didn't think that someone could ever make me so happy and well, carefree. he just makes me a better person, without changing me into someone other than myself. i've been praying for him to come into my life for quite some time. there's many traits i wanted my husband to have. i wanted someone who was a good person, of course but also could throw down if there ever came a basically a tough guy with a sensitive side. oh man, and did God give me exactly that. he always has a protective arm around me anytime we are in a crowd but made me turn this movie off because it was too sad. [it was; we were both crying like babies] oh man, and does he make me laugh, yes, every single day. we can't ever really have an argument because one of us always ends up laughing and then it just snowballs from there. we are a team together. i seriously cannot imagine going back to my life without barry. in a way, he has made me into a stronger person. and a happier person. and i thank God every single day for getting him ready for me. b hasn't always been on the right path. he has definitely struggled over the years but i think God has just been preparing him for me. for us. he is my rock, y'all. he helped me find myself, and i helped him realize that he is so worthy of love. he tells me, that i am exactly the woman he has prayed to God for; which just makes sense. we are so much alike, but different, too. you should never piss both of us off at the same time, just ask the self-check clerk at the kroger in hot springs. doing life with him is just fun! i could seriously sit here and chat about all the things i love about my fiance. but i won't because i want to share a few tidbits that i have already decided to do for our wedding in november. i only have 2 months to plan a ceremony and a reception. my mom and i have already started making appointments and plans. we have booked both venues and are going to look at dresses next wednesday. 
i cannot wait!

so below are just a few ideas i have for our wedding so far. 
sunflowers are my favorite, and i've always loved purple. as soon as i saw that bouquet, i knew that's exactly what i wanted. and the feathers...i just love that small added feature. 
what do you think?

i just love this idea; using whiskey barrels for decoration at our reception. 

instead of a traditional guest book that i'm sure will just be crammed in a drawer or closet eventually, i decided to do something not so traditional and have our guests at the reception sign a stone. that way we can use them as decor in our house or flower beds and i know we will cherish them way more than a book.
what do you think, you like this idea?

i saw this on pinterest and just fell in love with the idea. we have to do this! barry and i have the perfect dresser in our room at the lake house that i think would be just fun and special to use at our reception for the cake. 

i really wanna make this sign to have at our reception. i just think it's a neat detail to add to our celebration day.

i have to have this for the ceremony, but with my flowers, of course. i just love the overflowing flowers and the simple but not so simple look of this arbor. i think it will be perfect to have at our ceremony to bring some life and color to a november day. 

well that's some ideas i have so far. i have a few more but i'll save those to show you next time or i may just have you wait till after our wedding. heck, i know these 2 and half months are going to just fly by. 

i can't believe it is already friday again. i said last time that i knew the rest of this year was going to be the best yet, but i mean i was just saying that because i'm not boggled down with my super stressful job anymore. but now i know for sure that they are going to be some of the best months of my life! see, i told you God is good. all of the time. just don't lose your faith. 

i will say this week has been a bit of a struggle for me physically. y'all, i've been sick as a dog all week. [which is really sucky for my first week being engaged] i caught some kind of stomach bug at a birthday party last saturday. and sunday thru wednesday i've just been sick, sick, sick. throwing up, nausea, achy muscles, and some other disgusting issues. i actually ended up passing it on to barry and he had to stay home sick on tuesday. after i got off work at 3 tuesday, i really needed to clean a house [i need money!] but i started feeling pretty shitty again and just went home to my man. we groaned and belly ached about being sick together. well then i threw up again that night. it's like he just passed it on back to me. wednesday rolled around and i could hardly even eat anything all day. thursday, i felt much better like i was finally back to myself. but last night.....i threw up. again. and today? y'all, i got the worst acid-reflux of my life! today, i am really, really struggling. i can't eat at all because it is so bad and my stomach just hurts. i hate being sick. and i still got a lot of time left at work. woo today is going to be a long one. i really hope i can kick this nasty bug-thingy and finally feel 100% better tomorrow because i really need some money and i got so much shit to do that i have been putting off all week that i'm way behind on like..everything. i just tried eating some noodles and i had to spit them back into my cup. i feel so sick and nauseous now. hoping the rest of my day goes by fast and i can get rid of this awful acid-reflux and kick this stomach bug to the curb. 

b was supposed to be going to the topless 100 race this weekend in batesville, arkansas but it got rained out. bless his heart, every race he has tried to go to this year has basically been rained out. i was really planning to get some stuff done this weekend, too. now, i know i will procrastinate in order to hang out with my fiance. 
what are your weekend plans?

whatever you do, i hope it's fun and a relaxing weekend for ya. i hope i actually do more then watch movies and ride shotgun all weekend. i don't have to work very much next week so i'm sure i'll put everything off until then. 
till next time.
"you know, before anything happened to peter and alison you were exactly the guy i wanted to be with. i would lose time thinking about you, and i didn't even know you name yet."
[life as you know it]

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  1. Congrats girl! I love the ring. Gorgeous! You deserve all the happiness, and I'm glad you've found it! And I adore all the wedding stuff- the flowers, the whiskey barrels, the stones...everything. Going to be beautiful and unique!