Friday, May 27, 2016

March Obsessions

wow. this week has gone but so fast but today not so much. it's been a miz day for sure. i was sleeping just sooo good this morning and did not want to get up for my dang career job. by friday i am always exhausted physically and especially mentally. it's hard. i mean, every day is hard but i just tell myself, "only eight hours of this and then you can go home to the one who makes you smile and laugh." "it's just 8 hours, jessica. you can do this." you know something along those lines. a pep talk to myself. i understand now why they call it friday...cause 'i'm fried' from the week. i'm so thankful for my weekends, especially now that i have someone to enjoy them with. loneliness is not something i want to go back to doing on my weekends. never again. oh how that man gives me life. he really is amazing. i cannot begin to tell you how great it is to be someone's number one priority. i've never been anyone's number one priority and i feel like that's one of the main reasons i felt so lonely in the past. everyone i knew was putting someone before me and that's fine, i get it now. half the time i don't want to do anything with my friends or family because i would rather just be with my number one priority. he knows how to make my bad days better and not only better but forgotten. he helps me to sleep through the whole night which is also something i have never been able to do until he came and changed my life. we depend on each other so much that i tend to just want to be with him and him only. is that weird? i don't know why i am rambling on or why i am jumping all over the place but i guess i just needed to get this out. share my happiness that i am not alone anymore. i was upset about something that could possibly change a lot of things for me and i don't like change whatsoever and i was upset and terrified that whatever new changes happen that i would continue to spiral down into this hole that i have been creating since last year. this hole of not being totally happy with ever aspect of my life. i know we have to do things a lot of times that we don't like doing. like: paying bills, following the speed limit, or getting up at 6am to feed a crying kitty cat. i get that. and hey i know i am so very fortunate and have lots of things that others won't ever get to have in their entire lives but i can't help but feel unfulfilled. like is this it for me? 

anyways, i wanted to share what my march obsessions were. i have gotten behind on posting these and i didn't even make a list for april. oops.
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do i need to explain further on this one? nah i didn't think so. i love these iced cookies and get one anytime i go to panera bread co. 

those three artists on the radios i have my pandora set on and then i have them shuffle together. man it is the best music to help me get through these long work days.

this is probably my new favorite makeup tool. i love the finished look when i am done using it. it literally is the best thing to use when blending your makeup. i got mine at ulta for five bucks.

this is one of my new favorite snacks. i love kettle corn. it is very sweet and dissolves in my mouth.

my birthday was in march and here are all the pretty cards i received. i got some really thoughtful gifts from my friends, amanda and beth and from my sweet boyfriend, of course.

i want these sunglasses!! i mean i'm guessing they are sunglasses. regardless they are fun and i need.

"don't attack people for not praying for the "right" country. attack terrorism!"
i'm pretty sure this is one of the most powerful quotes i have read in my entire life. it just stuck with me and i became...obsessed.

how cute is this! of course it would cost more money than i make in a week but i can still obsess over it, right? i can say, i have never bought i purse that was more than $50. this one is just 800 more dollars. and yes, that was sarcasm. 

the girl on the left is katie blue and i follow her on instagram. she uses like to know it. like to know it is a site that links up all the clothes she's wearing and sends you to the exact webpage where you can buy that particular item. it is pretty awesome. don't sign up for their emails though or they will email you 20 times daily. no joke. anyways i have found some awesome pieces by following a few girls who have like to know it sites. and this above bauble bar necklace is one of the things i have gotten and i have LOVED! it a new statement favorite. 

this is the only thing my man and i watched the entire month of march
yes, we were majorly obsessed.
i never thought i would get so into this show but i did. i loved every second of getting to have a peak into these folks lives. it was pretty cool and we learned lots of stuff. we were super sad when mitchell and tyler passed away. our favorite family is junior's fam. they are just the most entertaining to watch. well so are jeromy and david. see, i am totally geeking out over this show right now. all the people above were our favorite characters and we can't wait to see the seventh season when they are finished filming.

what an array of random obsessions.
so my bae and i are headed to stay at our lake house for the first time since they have gotten it (mostly) finished. we decided to head down tomorrow and i just cannot wait because i have never had anyone to take to the lake with me and i always get bored by the second day of being there. now i know i won't and someone besides a child will want to hang out with me. ahh i'm so excited and know that he will be a big contributor to making my long weekend all that much better. i guess you guys can tell that i am also obsessed with my boyfriend. clearly, huh. 
hope you have a wonderful memorial day weekends spent with your favorite people, too.
"memorial day...meningitis...okay here we go..menopause. good God! i didn't think they would have pictures. well at least they use the word, "uterus" a lot. you know, i could have gone a whole lifetime without knowing they had a mucus membrane. you just can unlearn something like that. oh no. look at the symptoms. "temperamental behavior, mood swings, facial hair." uh-oh. dad, i think you may have menopause."
[that 70s show]

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