Monday, March 14, 2016

My February Obsessions

hey guys! so i know i haven't gotten into the posting consistently thing, but to be honest i did have a post written and went to post it, but good ole blogger deleted everything but the first paragraph. and i worked so hard on it, too. so i just said duck it. i considered re-writing it, but i just don't have that energy. so moving on. 
i started making a list at the beginning of february and on through the month of all the different things i have just been loving and obsessing over. and i wanted to share them all with you today. i have been wanting to write this one out for minute but i just haven't had any time. my job is really wearing me down. these tenants, i swear.
sometimes i just wish my life was a little different. but we all know that's just a day dream.

anyways here's what i was obsessing over in february.

sometimes i just need a cool-quick-snack and this has been my go-to. i just love the strawberry banana. 

i saw this fun little doormat on target's instagram page. i would have totally went out and bought it too if i didn't already have like 7 doormats at home. i swear i could open a doormat store with all the doormats i have collected. if you want this one for your own front porch, you can buy it HERE.

my man and i watched the entire series of dawson's creek in the month of february. i thought barry would hate it but he got into it just as much as i did. 
are you a dawson's creek fan?

my sideways j necklace that my momma got me for christmas. i had got me one last summer but then i lost it. but i asked for a replacement for christmas and i am so happy i got it back. 
you can get your own initial necklace HERE.

now, i have always been obsessed with these. and i'm pretty sure i have even talked about them on this blog before. but yep i still love em. caramel frappes from mcdonald's are my life! and in february i got a frappe every time we went to mcdonalds. and let me tell ya, we go to mcdonald's a lot. no shame in our game. the mcdonald's frappe is a hella lot cheaper than the starbucks frappuccino.
have you tried a caramel or mocha frappe yet?

my hands have been drying out a lot lately. mainly after i go clean one of my rent houses. so i really wanted a small hand lotion i could put in my little touch-up kit i keep in my purse. not only does this little guy fit perfectly but it also smells amazing and keeps my hands moisturized. i have the berry blossom but want to try the fresh flowers scent next. you can get your own HERE or HERE.

THESE CHAIRS! yes, allll the heart eyes on these beauties. 
i saw them on a new account i have been following on instagram. that new account is:
1st dibs has the most beautifully decorated rooms i have every laid my eyes on.
here's some more favorites:
if you love seeing gorgeous rooms like these i would definitely start following 1st dibs asap if i were you. i mean, one look at those chairs and i was sold.

need i say more with this one? so good. barry and i love us some juices and this is a staple in our house. i have been drinking one a day and it definitely helps keep me hydrated.

THIS POOL RAFT! i have to find this. i just randomly saw it on insta but now i am on a mission to find this baby to have at the lake this summer.

i just love this cute brush, floss, rinse print i saw on hobby lobby's instagram. i bet i could find someone to make that for me.

here's another instagram page i found in february and have just become obsessed with this guy's pictures he finds for his page. there's just something beautiful about places that are abandoned. 
here's some more favorites:
go follow abandoned earth on instagram. i promise his pictures will not disappoint.

i WANT this. i NEED this, actually. donut bean bag chair? um yes, best invention ever! my birthday is coming up so if YOU want to buy this for me i am not opposed. find it HERE and check out all their other cool bean bags HERE. i'm totally obsessed.

THIS BAG! i love me some green. and that green on that bag is just beautiful. if i wasn't poor than i would have bought that bag in a heart beat. 
unfortunately nena and co wouldn't tell anyone what the name of this bag was on their instagram [frustrating, right?] so i can't direct you straight to it. but it's either a day bag or a carryall.

occasionally, i will take my shower in the morning. [because i'm too lazy to take it a night] and man, on those days that i do actually get up and shower, i just feel so good and energized throughout the day. more than i usually am when i don't get up and take a shower. in february, i took a lot of morning showers. in march? not so much. i gotta get used to this time change first. 

barry has really got me into listening to country music. which if you know me, this is different and rare. but i have really gotten into it and love listening to the talk shows in the morning. man, some of them are like seriously funny. i'm totally hooked now.
are you a country music fan?

AND THAT IS IT! 16 obsessions for the month of february. i have already been working and adding to my march list. hopefully i can get it posted shortly after march is over. 
i need to get on writing my book reviews for the books i read in february. i read some really good ones. i think i read 5 or 6 and i can't wait to review them for y'all and give y'all some good recommendations. i don't know if you caught it, but yep my birthday is on friday this week! glad it falls on a friday instead of a monday. i already got lots of plans made for that day and i'm SO looking forward to spending my birthday with my main man. he really does make me so happy. i am seriously so lucky and thankful to have that sweet man in my life taking care of me. so really that's the best birthday present i have ever received. it feels good to be happy in my personal life. i will be 28 this year and i'm surrounded by so many loved ones. as i get older my life gets better and better so i don't really care that i am closer to 30 than 25. i'm thankful to be alive, and healthy and loved by a man that loves me no matter what. what more could i ask for? a lot actually. i got a wish list that's longer than my street. maybe i'll get the hook up for my birthday. 
i hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week. hoping to be back before the end of the month to share some life updates and to review my february books. maybe this week will go by super fast! finger crossed, right. 
"i'm not taking a sabbatical. is this because i forgot to invite jerry to his own birthday party? i have a prediction. by the end of the night, you are going to take a bite of jerry's cake, which incidentally, we need to pick up on our way home. and you are going to say, "sabbatical shmabbatical. leslie can do it all. she's the best and i'm stupid.""
[parks and recreation]

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