Monday, February 8, 2016

Books I Read in January

last year, i got really into reading. i think it's because i found the type of books that pull me in. ya know, the ones you just can't put down. for the longest time i just read books that were popular or books that people gave me. surprisingly, a lot of people give me books. but in 2015 i made a goal to read 24 books and i really wanted to reach that. well i ended up doubling my goal by reading 50 books. 

the books i have found that i love to read are thrillers. books about serial killers, murderers, detectives, secrets, lies, wars, haunted houses, guns, ghosts, fights, and boogeymen. once i finish a book, i go to amazon's "customers who bought this also bought" recommendations list to find the next book i want to read. i have found some of the best books [to me] i have read from those lists. 

the following are all the books i read in 2015. the ones marked in bold are books i really liked that fit the type of book i like to read. the others are all good books too, so yea, i would recommend all of them if you like love to read.  

i LOVED the maze runner series
i'm so happy i re-read the harry potter series. it was so WORTH it.
the movie, mortdecai is based on this book.
the movie is just like the book.
20. the giver
glad i re-read this one, too. it was also made into a movie.
21. unwind
22. unwholly
23. unsouled
24. undivided
i read this series at the beach this summer. i was so HOOKED.
29. the girl on the train
30. the devil in the white city
this book was SUPER creepy! i guess because it's all true.
31. pretty baby
32. death on the nile
33. true story
another CREEPY one right here. there is also a movie.
34. the switch
i LOVED the movie so naturally i loved the book, too.
35. me earl and the dying girl
i liked the book better than the movie.
36. evil under the sun
37. eeny meeny
38. asylum
39. sanctum
40. catacomb
this was a really good series. there was pictures from real asylums that they used in the books. 
41. the list
42. the duff
43. not that kind of girl
44. the true meaning of smekday
i really enjoyed this book's movie, so duh i liked the book, too, even if it's a kid's book. 
45. miss peregrine's peculiar children
46. hollow city
47. library of souls
this was a GOOD series to end the year with, there were cool, old photos included in these books as well.
48. smek for president
49. the life we bury
50. homefront
this movie was awesome, so when i saw the book at the dollar store i snatched it up. 


well, friends, it's only february 8th and i've already read seven books this year. wowza. i definitely think i am going to beat and go over my goal again this year.
i wanted to review the books i read in january. all of the ones i read were awesome books that i would definitely recommend.

into the darkest corner
synopsis: when a young, catherine bailey meets charming lee brightman, she can't believe her luck. lee almost seems to perfect to be true. what begins as flattering attention transforms into raging jealousy and catherine soon finds out that lee's good looks hide a dark, violent nature. disturbed by his controlling behavior she tried to break it off with him and is stunned when none of her friends believe her. four years later, lee is behind bars, and catherine now cathy is trying to build a new life in a new city. the trauma of her past still haunts her. then an attractive new neighbor moves in. encouraging her to face her fears, he sparks unexpected hope and the possibility of love. until the day the phone rings...
my thoughts: this book is told in two different views. one chapter will be with her going through her life with lee and then the next chapter will be her after lee is behind bars, and so on. so you get to see how different her behavior has become since her awful experience with the man who literally took everything from her. it's frustrating because all the warning signs are there in the beginning, but she just deals with them. um no, i would never let anyone talk to me or treat me the way lee treated catherine while they were in a relationship. she was a fool. unfortunately, not all women have their wits and they trusts people way too easily which is catherine's whole problem. she's too naive. but either way this was a good book and it hooked me in until the very end.

 why not me?
synopsis: mindy kaling shares her ongoing journey to find contentment and excitement in her adult life, whether it's falling in love at work, seeking new friendships in lonely places, attempting to be the first person in history to lose weight without any behavior modification whatsoever, or most important, believing that you have a place in hollywood when you're constantly reminding that no one looks like you.
my thoughts: first and foremost, let me just say, i love me some mindy kaling. she's just so witty, funny and clever. she has like a direct line to my funny bone. this book, like her first book, was chock full of jokes, hilarious stories, embarrassing moments and lots of good advice. i ate it up. her books are just so light, easy to get into and full of funny lines. it was a good change of pace from all the thrillers i've been reading here lately. thanks, mindy!

big little lies
synopsis: madeline is a force to be reckoned with. she's funny, biting and passionate; she remembers everything and forgives no one. celeste is the kind of beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stare but she is paying a price for the illusion of perfection. new to town, single mom jane is so young that another mom mistakes her for a nanny. she comes with a mysterious past and a sadness beyond her years. these three women are at different crossroads but they will all end up in the same shocking place.
my thoughts: read this book. read this book NOW. i devoured every single sentence of this book. it was raunchily good. i literally could not put it down. my favorite books are ones told from different characters, different points of view. you can get more details that way, and i don't get sick of a character. the book's ending was the best ending i have read in awhile. the secrets, the gossip and the lies in this book are so damn juicy that i promise you'll read it in three days like i did.

what she left behind
synopsis: ten years ago izzy stone's mother fatally shot her father while he slept. devastated by her mother's apparent insanity, izzy, now seventeen, refuses to visit her in prison. but her new foster parents, employees at the local museum, have enlisted izzy's help in cataloging items at a long shuttered state asylum. there, amid piles of abandoned belongings, izzy discovers a stack of unopened letters, a decades old journal and a window into her past.
my thoughts: yes, the book is as pretty as the cover. this book is also told by two different characters points of view: izzy stone after the asylum has closed, and clara cartwright during the time the asylum was open. izzy finds clara's journal and discovers the awful life the clara endures while living in an insane asylum. it's definitely a heart wrenching novel and the end brought me to tears it was so good.

pretty girls
synopsis: more than twenty years ago, claire and lydia's teenaged sister, julia disappears without a trace. the two women have not spoken since and now their lives could not be more different. claire is the gorgeous trophy wife of an atlanta millionaire. lydia, a single mother dates an ex-con and struggles to make ends meet. but neither has recovered from the horror and the heartbreak of their shared loss--a devastating wound that's cruelly ripped open when claire's husband is killed.
my thoughts: holy shit! this is definitely the most violent novel i have ever read in my life. it was so sick, but so addicting. i was like under a trance when i read it, my eyes never strayed from the pages when i had this book open. there are SO MANY twists, turns and secrets revealed that i'm sure i gasped out loud several times. i don't see how this author didn't give me nightmares. this book is cruel, crazy and scary, but incredibly worth the time to read it.

AND those are the FIVE books i read in january. all of them were such good easy reads, too. i just love reading, y'all. i think mainly because i can stop living my life for a minute, and move to another world, read about someone else's exciting life and wild adventures. it's a way i can just check out. and believe me at work, that's all i want to do these days. check out. course, i'm sure if you were doing all the hard work, and someone else gets all the pats on the back, you'd like nothing more than to check out, too. so i have to read in order to live. it's like a drug, and i'm an addict.
what good books have you read this year?

yesterday was full of frustrations. it sucks because i used to have control over everything that has to do with my job. but change isn't always good for everyone. now, i have people doing my job, and i have one who doesn't do anything, but i have to take the blame. i have no say in things anymore like i did three years ago, and it sucks. i like what i do, but i just hate the way it makes me feel. man, who's ready for friday? me, clearly.
this weekend, however, was spectacular! i love me a good weekend. who doesn't right? friday night, barry [my boo] and i went over to my grandmommy and papa's house to play uno attack. y'all, we had SO MUCH FUN! we just laughed, giggled and told stories the whole night. it was definitely exactly what barry and i needed to unwind after a long work week.
on saturday, i went down to hot springs to meet barry for lunch. he has been working with another one of our maintenance men getting our lake house ready for this summer. barry begged me to come down and have lunch with him and paul. well he didn't have to beg for too long, he knew i wouldn't want to miss spending some of my saturday with him. i made it to hot springs around noon, right when barry was getting the grill ready. he made burgers and pork steaks. paul and i ate our burgers and split a steak. it was a fun lunch date with two of my fav maintenance guys. after lunch, they went back to working hard and i went out to shop hard. i cleaned my closet out and got rid of several things i just don't wear anymore. therefore, i needed new clothes, right? i found several things at tj maxx and rue 21. [fun post coming soon] after shopping, i went back and said bye to the boys before heading back to nlr. saturday night, i fell asleep at 9:30, i was wornt out from a fun day.
sunday, i woke up and just hung out with my sweet kitty cat. i swear that little monkey silly animal just makes me the happiest. check out this video i got of her enjoying one of her favorite activities: bottle cap wars. after coffee and kitty cat time, i took a shower, got ready for the day and headed to target to pick up a few things. after i got home, barry came over and we went to my parent's house for a super bowl party. more like a baby bowl party because that's all we did was play with our fun little babes. i love that my nephews and nieces just love mr. barry. they eat him up. and it just brings the biggest smile to my face. after the half time show, mr. b and i went on back home to watch dawson's creek. we have really gotten into the 90s tv shows here lately. i swear, good weekends like that are just what i need after working hard all week. maybe that's why yesterday was so frustrating. my weekend was gloriously good and now i'm stuck back at work..LAME.

"who gives a shit? it's a great band, it's a bad band, it's like pizza, baby. it's good no matter what. there's music in the air!"
[wedding crashers]

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