Friday, April 17, 2015

Update Volume 2 (the long version)

well it's almost been a month since my 27th birthday. and it's definitely been oooover a month since i posted last. sawry, bout that, friends. i have been working on this update post since the week of my birthday. yea, you heard that right. since [finally] given some more work resposiblities i've had like no time to do any blogging whatsoever. i did change the look of my blog to give it a cleaner, newer look. what do you guys think? i didn't really like it at first, but it's definitely starting to grow on me now. and since i don't feel like fooling with it again, we'll just go with it.
anyways, i've made a list on my phone [ooh no surprise there] of the things i wanted to update y'all on. last month, the list wasn't that long but now it certainly is. i guess that's what happens when you try to get a post out, but actually can't work on it until a month later. hey, i never said i was perfect. plus most of it is books and movies, anyway. [definitely no surprise there] 

today's post might be a leetle long. 
[you were warned]

first, let's talk about my birthday. it was GREAT! and if we are being real honest here, it was a million trillion and one times better than my stupid birthday last year. last year's birthday sucked alll over the place. but not THIS YEAR!
  i'll try not to add too much detail, just show you guys my wonderful birthday through pictures. so to start it off, i had to work that day. [gay] so i decided to dress up!
check out that cute ootd.
i got that skater skirt on sale at charlotte russe. it's velvet, too.
my plaid top is from old navy and my necklace is from mindy mae's market
i had a coworker of mine bring me some cupcakes.
that night, my best friend, amy and i went to old chicago for dinner. i got my first ever calzone and they gave me a cookie and ice cream for my bday dessert. after dinner, we went back to my house and my other bestie, stormi, dropped by to give me my presents. it was such a fun night getting to hang out with my two best friends.
the next day, we had birthday cake at work for all the march birthdays.
i then had even more cake at my birthday dinner with my family that night.
my momma made the strawberry cake and it was absolutely delicious.
my mom also planned crafts, too. and it was a blast. my brother, sissy-in-law, nephew and i got really into it. we got to paint easter eggs. it really was so much fun.
seriously, my bro got reeeeeally into it.
it was such a wonderful and fun night celebrating with my little family.
friday night i went to hot springs to celebrate with my spa city buddies. we went to osaka for dinner, and it was delicious.
check out ava [stormi's daughter] and i holding hands on the way to dinner. she's started to really recognize who i am and when i come to visit now she runs to give me a hug. she used to be all shy and hide behind her mom or dad, but now she can't get enough of me.
after dinner, stormi, ashley [my other hot springs bff] and i went to kroger to make brownies for my "birthday cake." they both got a set of candles for me, too. and then we went back to stormi's to make the brownies.
[my top is a bday present i got from the coworker who brought me cupcakes]
after the brownies were baked and they sang me happy birthday, and them we all [stormi, ashley and their husbands] settled in to eat brownies and play apples to apples. it was such a fun night.
but unfortunately things went downhill pretty fast. after i got back to my lake house at midnight, i felt extremely sick. from 1am to 6am i threw up every last bit of brownie and all of my dinner. i literally have never been that sick before in my life. i didn't have any alcohol so i'm pretty sure i got food poisoning. it was the worst way to end my birthday week and i will probably never eat brownies again. just looking at that picture makes me feel sick.
saturday i had to lay in bed all day recuperating from my night sleeping by the toilet.
but other than that awful debacle my birthday was FANTASTIC. and it all had to do with all the people who care about me. i really am pretty lucky.
can we say, hashtag blessed. [name that movie]

moving on from my birthday.
the next few things i want to share are just a few random things here and there. then we'll get to the movies and books part of this post.
1. the new sofa:
my mom bought a sofa for her guest bedroom and ended up not liking it. so instead of taking it back she offered to sell it to me. i have been really wanting a small love seat to put in my bedroom, but hadn't found any that i was really wanting to spend the money on. when my mom sent me a pic of it, i didn't even hesitate because it was EXACTLY what i had been looking for. i did really want it to be turquoise, but i'm going to find some big turquoise pillows to take care of that.
here's the before and after:
much cleaner looking, eh? and it's such a comfy couch, too.
i absolutely love it. i think it really ties the room together. now i have the perfect place to put my purse when i come home. and piper has already claimed the other end for herself.
this is where she likes to sleep at night.

2. speaking of piper:
i had a dream the other night where i took her on a road trip with me across the usa. i never remember my dreams so i thought it was pretty funny. i had her litter box and food in the very back. then i walled up the back from the back seats and put in a kitty door. that way i didn't have to smell her business. it was a pretty cool set up. i don't remember much else, but i do remember i had strapped her in the seat belt, which you can imagine was pretty funny to see.
kind of like this:
aren't dreams random?

3. trivia crack:
i'm addicted, y'all!
i don't win very often. my worst category is science. i suck at science! chlorophyll? you mean, boreophyll? [name that movie] but it's just fun. and i've learned tons of new stuff, plus gotten refreshers on facts i had forgotten about. i've been playing with my 10th grade english teacher a lot. she beats me all the time, but it's usually neck and neck. her worst category is geography. [that's one of my best categories] i have beaten her a few times though, and i beat other people, too. it makes me feel all smart and shit.
if you're using the crack, come find me and lets play!
[my handle: sica_jenkins]

4. the turquoise chairs:
i had two turquoise wicker chairs in my bedroom where my new sofa is now. they are super fun, and my mamaw made really cute cushions for them. so i just had to find a new spot for them. well, i put them on my front porch in the corner i like to read in. i did have some dingy lawn chairs there, but now i have this:
the pedestal table did have a glass top, but i didn't like it as much so i took it off. the turquoise number three i got at hobby lobby on super sale. seriously, it was less than five dollars. [and three is one of my favorite numbers] that fun big chunky wine bottle was broken by my lawn guys. they did feel pretty bad about it, though. and they said they would make it up to me, whatever that means. they better be happy they didn't break anything else on that table, cause then i would have been really pissed.

5. pablo picasso:
he is my favorite artist. not my favorite person, but definitely my fav artist. anyways, i can do his stuff really well and have done paintings for people in the past. well a friend of mine just moved into an old high school turned into apartments. he's basically living in an old classroom. it's pretty neat. anyways, he asked me if i would do three picassos on the chalkboards he has that line his living room. i had never done them in chalk so i was pretty excited to try it out. my friend is an interior decorator and he has his place looking amazing. i felt so special to have my art on his walls.
here's what i came up with! the one on the far right is my favorite and his favorite. it was the last one for me to do and i must say it turned out pretty great. this was fun to do and i'm thinking about adding one to my chalkboard walls i have in my kitchen.
what do you guys think? you like?

6. heads or tails:
i swear i am the most indecisive person ever. it's hard for me to make a decision sometimes. so lately, i've been using a coin to help make my decisions.
random, right? but it helped pick out my easter dress. [i couldn't decided on a color] i've done it with several other decisions, too. it works.
anyone else do this?

7. my office chair:
well my office chair went out on me. the little lever on the side would no longer let me lift the height. my knees were scraping the floor my chair had gotten so low. so i went out to our warehouse to the group of office chairs we keep out there to try and find a replacement. i've tried every single chair out there and all of them are too low or just real uncomfortable. i found this cool slick silver metal chair, but it was more cool looking than comfortable. plus it has arms and i don't want arms. i finally found one. it's got a stain on it that's probably older than i am, but it's do-able. i hate to say it, but i think i'm going to have to go and buy a freaking office chair. LAME! i don't wanna spend my money on that. this reminds me of an episode of the office. they had some leftover money and half of the employees wanted to use it to get a new copier and the other half wanted to use it on new office chairs. i would have voted for new office chairs.
maybe in seven years i can hook everyone up with new office chairs. maybe. probably not.

alright moving on to the books and movies part of this post. [my favorite]

:my kindle:
first of all, i have been reading on my kindle more and more. when i first got it, i read a little bit on it, but just missed being able to have an actual book in my hands. well when i started reading under the dome i couldn't carry that large and in charge book around in my purse. so paul i put it on my kindle.
i finished under the dome and moved on to my next book. an actual book-book. it wasn't long before i started missing my kindle. i grew to love reading on it. i can read in the dark, and as soon as i'm done reading one book i can just hit the home button and i've got thousands of other books [thanks to my i.t. tech, paul] right at my fingertips. it really is pretty neat. and it fits perfectly in my purse.
i'm seriously obsessed with it. and anyone who knocks the kindle i immediately stand up for it. my english teacher whom i talked about earlier also reads on a kindle and we both talk about how amazing it is to have all of our favorite books on one device. we also recommend books to each other. i guess technology is pretty cool, sometimes.
thanks again, mom and dad for giving me one of my (new) favorite possessions.

:under the dome:
like i said i finished it! and it really didn't take me as long as i thought it would. it was such a fun and interesting read. i was a little disappointed with the ending, but i still liked it.
paul [the i.t. guy/librarian] put all of stephen king's books on my kindle. but i have no clue which one i should start reading next. this one was recommended. so if any of you's have a suggestion of which one i should read next, please leave it in the comments.  

:the maze runner series:
after reading under the dome i moved on to this series. i saw the movie and loved it! but of course, i just couldn't wait around for the second movie to come out to see what happens next. so i started the series. let me just say, the movie and the book are basically NOTHING alike. about the only thing they have in common is the name of the characters and the setting. that's it. and of course, the book was a TRILLION times better than the movie. i mean the movie left out so much of the stuff you really need to know and added stuff that didn't even happen. it's whack, and makes me not like the movie anymore. anyways, i busted through this series. it's SO GOOD. i couldn't stop reading. there's three books and i had them all finished in about two weeks.
i loved every minute of this series. i was kinda disappointed with the ending, but i think that's cause i didn't want it to end. if you haven't read this series, DO IT!

after reading these books and under the dome i've come to realize that i really like action novels. i LOVED the divergent series, too. i think i've found my reading niche.

:harry potter:
i think i told y'all in the last update post that i wanted to re-read the harry potter series. well i am about 70% done with the first one, harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. oh man, oh man, i forgot how awesome these books are. yes, the movies did a good job, but there's still so much they left out that i forgot about. i'm falling in love with harry, ron and hermonie all over again. it's great.
have you read the harry potter series before?

:go set a watchman:
well, i don't know if you's guys heard but ms. harper lee has a new [and her second] book coming out july 14 of this year. and THIS GIRL has already got it on pre-order! my source, [aka my old english teacher] told me i needed to get it on pre-order because they are only making a few thousand copies. and it will be hard to get if i didn't. so i did. i read to kill a mockingbird in the 10th grade in my source's class [same english teacher] and i fell in love. i used to read it every summer, and now it resides all dog-eared on my nightstand with my classics: the great gatsby and breakfast at tiffany's.
"originally written in the mid-1950s, go set a watchman was the novel harper lee first submitted to her publishers before to kill a mockingbird. assumed to have been lost, the manuscript was discovered in late 2014." WOW. how incredibly neat is that! i cannot wait to read this one. 

and now it's movie time.
i wanted to keep a list of how many movies i've watched this year. not including repeats, i've watched 102 so far. damn. that's alotta movies. but you know me. i'm a cinephile.
today, though i'm just going to talk about three movies i have been watching on repeat for the past few weeks. i'm so in love with all three of them, and they are all three completely different. i guess, unlike books, i don't have a favorite movie genre.

the other guys
man, this one is just hilarious. will ferrell and mark wahlberg crack me up in this film. i usual don't find will ferrell funny and markie mark isn't known for being funny, but them together? ahh it's just rolling on the floor funny. i have been watching this movie on repeat and the jokes still get me laughing every time.
plus it's narrated by ice-t. need i say more?

all i wanna do
i had never even heard of this movie before. but i was looking at amazon's movie selections they picked out for me, and this one caught my eye. it's a 90s movie, which is awesome and it has kirsten dunstrachael leigh cook, and heather matarazzo (the bff from the princess diaries) in it, and it's just such a fun girl movie. i love girl movies. i have grown to love this film and i watch it constantly.
there's one girl named tinka..and i just love that name. i wish my name was tinka. but sica is pretty cool too.

the young victoria
i love emily blunt and i fell even more in love with her in this film. this movie is based on true events and wow i adore queen victoria so much. in a way, i connected with her with such immensity that i ended up just crying because her story and my story seem similar. i won't go in to detail, but i just felt a connection with her. and emily's acting is incredible.
 and i just fell in love with prince albert. he is everything. his love for queen victoria is the exact thing i want in my own life. and they ran the kingdom together. they changed england for the better. he was able to help her lead without defying her or trying to take control. they did it together, as a team. queen victoria is the longest reigning sovereign in history. unfortunately, prince albert died when he was 42, and queen victoria had his clothes laid out every day until she died at 84. come on, now, that's a beautiful love story.

whew. it took me all week to get this post written. but it's done and i feel accomplished.

i've got such fabulous plans for the weekend. i just wish it was going to be sunny. maybe the weather will change it's mind last minute. i mean, it is arkansas. i'm leaving right after work to head to hot springs to hang with the bestie and her family. we are going shopping on saturday for summer clothes. i'm in desperate need of shorts. i've gained too much weight and i can't fit into a single pair. plus i would like some with a little more length/room. so let's pray that i find some. not being able to zip my pants is pretty sorrowful. i need to get rid of all of them so i don't feel that way. course maybe i should just lose some weight, too. we are also going to try to plant some more flowers in her backyard. so hopefully there will be some stop to the rain so we can do that.
man, i am TOO ready to get out of here today. sales reps and appfolio peeps have been on my last nerves this week and they are both starting to drive me mad. it's like, hello! you're bugging the ever loving crud out of me. back the eff off. argh! so yea, needless to say, i'm already counting down the hours till i can bust outta this sucker away from my inbox and office phone.
do you have fun plans for the weekend?
i hope you do.
"i can't hear! i can't hear! there's blood blisters on my hands! oh, my God! how do they walk away in movies without flinching when it explodes behind them? there's no way! i call bullshit on that! when they flew the millennium falcon outside the death star, and it was followed by the explosion, that was bullshit! i need an mri. i need an mri! i've got soft tissue damage."
[the other guys] 

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  1. I LOVE the new couch, and I think those chairs are perfect for your porch. Happy belated birthday! :D