Monday, March 2, 2015

An Update

oh my goodness, oh my goodness. guys, SO MUCH has been HAPPENING! so much good stuff has been happening. the first two months of 2015 have just been awesome. i can just feel God laying his plan out for me every single day. i'm not saying it's been unicorns and butterflies all the time, but it's been pretty dang excellent considering it's cold as mug outside, and my little arkansas bones almost cannot handle. but i'm making it. and this month is my birthday! i'll be 27. holy moly donut shop! can we say hashtag old? today, i just wanted to give yous guys a bit of an update since i haven't blogged in over a month and all. oopsie. i've just been so consumed with so much other good stuff that i ain't got time for no blogging. so let's see what we got here.

well for one thing i FINALLY am starting to learn the billing process for our rental property business. i've been wanting to take over this responsibility for awhile now. my mom writes all the checks, but someone has to go through all the trillions of receipts and invoices the guys turn in daily. we also get about fifty utility bills a month, and someone has to make sure those are right and we aren't paying bills for existing tenants. we also get several other bills a month for all our construction and maintenance work. it's a lot of tedious work, and it's me who is all in charge of it now instead of the 3 girls that worked on it before. 
one of the main bills i was worried about going through is our lowe's bill we get every month. to give you a visual the bill is the size of the paperback book, the great gatsby.
not joking. and like i said i get in receipts daily. it blows my mind how many trips the guys make to lowe's in just one day. at the end of it all i had 106 receipts i had to match up with our bill. once i put everything in date order, though it was a breeze to go through. i was so worried that i wouldn't be able to do it by myself for the first time. i was worried i would never get it done in time before it was due. i was worried that maybe i wouldn't be cut out for this type of paperwork. but. yes, there a BUT. i freaking HAMMERED that bill. i figured it ALL out, ALL on my OWN! i couldn't believe it. and i would be lying to you if i said i was super proud of myself. man, feeling that accomplishment will never get old. and i know i'll just get faster with it in time.
maybe i'm better at math than i thought.....
as well as taking on this new responsibility, i've had to start taking rent payments again. unfortunately, one of my co-workers who used to pull the weight in that area has left and moved on to another job opportunity. i was crushed when i heard this. we made such a good team. so i have had to step up and start taking the payments as well as do everything else i'm doing. it's stretching me a little thin, but man does it make the day go by so fast when i'm consumed in rent payments. 
so, my dad has finally pushed the button on getting us some rental software. we have decided to go with the folks at appfolio and it looks like a pretty easy site to use, but i'm pretty nervous about it. not about learning the program, i think that'll be easy enough. i just don't want to turn into one of those rental property businesses who are so impersonal to their residents. i don't want my tenants to have to constantly deal with a freaking computer instead of an actual person. that's what i'm nervous about. i think that's why people are standing in line to rent from us, because if someone needs to talk to me about their son getting beat up on the school bus, i'm here to listen. show me a computer that can do that. exactly. 
so we'll see how that all pans out. as far as the bills go though i think this program is exactly what we need. it will be nice to have everything all in one place. and will help us pay bills faster and more efficiently. 
well are you ready for the next big thing i'm bout to tell you? shoot, i'm still trying to wrap my head around it all. remember those five razorback stores i buy for..well (*gulps*) we are open stores SIX and SEVEN this year. yep, pimps, you heard that correctly. insane, right? the crazy thing is, i tried my hardest to give up the buying responsibilities so i could focus on jwj. but now? yea, that ain't happening anytime soon. so i guess basically, i just put in my 2-years notice. i'm not at all excited. well that's a lie, cause i sort of am. it's just that part of my job is so streeeeesssful. like, stupidly stressful. and here's a little secret for ya..i hate the razorbacks. too strong? yea probably. well, i want to leave, but i just can't leave my team in a bind. just can't do it. so i'm going to stick around a little longer and get these two stores up and running before i peace out from that side of the business. i just have no interest in it what-so-ever. also, i'd rather deal with 9 forgetful maintenance men than store employees. i just can't deal with that bs anymore. i'm not trying to be hateful, i'm just being honest. i can get onto a maintenance man for not turning in a key, and then we are back to joking about double cylinder locks in an hour. that is not the case with the stores. it never fails, someone always gets "their feelings hurt" when i get onto them for taking 2 hours to send me inventory for 3 items. i have to get away from the DRAMA! that's the main thing really. oh and getting in trouble cause the stores aren't filled with what a special someone wants them filled with..i'm telling you the lists just goes on and like i said..i'm tired of all that bullshit. i will do my part to help, as much as i can, but like i said, i'm being stretched a little thin so i'm not making in tight promises. 
okay i think i've talked about work enough for now so let me share some non-work stuff to balance this all out. cause not just work stuff has been happening. 
let's start with snow. we have been getting lots of snow as of late. we've had 3 days off from snow, and more snow came even while we were at work. first it started off as sleet, then turned to big fluffy snowflakes that poured for hours on end. i'm not a big fan of snow, but man, it sure is pretty. 
this is the first day it "snowed" aka sleeted. we were all pretty surprised. 
then the following monday, it started up again. and by the time i got to leave the office at 1:00 that afternoon the road looked like this:
then it continued to snow the rest of the day, till about 10:00 that night. i was glad it wasn't sleeting anymore and had turn to big fluffy snowflakes. you gotta admit, it's way prettier than rain.
we ended up getting tuesday off work as well. which i was grateful for since i was one of the few not so proud people to slip and fall on my ass in the front of our parking lot on monday morning. my left arm has a bruise the size of an clementine, and my right big toe feels like it's broken. i was happy to have a day to recuperate considering i felt like someone had pushed me down the stairs like an episode of the bold an the beautiful. it snowed all day on wednesday, but luckily it didn't stick and we were able to get some work done. it's supposed to snow again this week so my fingers are crossed hoping we get another snow day. i wouldn't hate it that's for sure. 

mainly cause it would give me more time to read my newest book. 
it's my first stephen king book to read, and damn y'all it is so juicy. like i'll be in my room trying to watch a movie and my mind just keeps going back to the book. i like books that are in the views of several different characters instead of just getting all the info from one person's point of view. if that sentence even makes sense. my dad let me borrow the actual book, but it's larger than a bible. not very easy to carry around in my purse. 
so i had a coworker put it on my kindle and when he did he added ALL of stephen king's books. pretty cool, right. and come to find out they have made a tv miniseries and guess who found it, and downloaded it on amazon instant prime? yep. THIS GIRL. is it sad, i'm going to finally get internet at my house just so i can watch this miniseries? probably, but i'm pretty excited to find out who's responsible for "the dome."

during all these snow days, and in between reading UTD, i have been having myself a harry potter movie marathon. i swear this series will never get old. they will continue to be the only book series i actually really love. i don't have all the movies...yet. the last three movies will land on my doorstep tomorrow. so i can finish my marathon. i will say, watching them all again has really made me want to read all the books again. i read them in the 7th grade, so i would love to see my take on the novels now that i'm an adult. kinda. so i think after i'm finished with UTD i'll start reading harry potter again. although i have this book and this book sitting around waiting for me to give them some attention so we'll see what comes next after UTD. 

one last thing..
my anxiety is still here to stay but i've just been taking it one day at a time. i've cut out some friends in my life that used to make me sad [best decision ever] and am focusing on all the good things in my life. and since cutting out those friends who were treating me less than my worth, i've become even closer to my other friends. my best friends. 
when something goes wrong. i just remember this:
okay now, i must quit here and get my desk cleaned off so i can start going through the rent money i have gotten in today. i have desperately got to get to the grocery store tonight. my stomach is killing me and all i wanna do is curl up in my bed in the fetal position and think about pancakes, but i gots responsibility and all being a kinda adult. other than that, i'm just counting down the days till the weekend. who's idea was it to give us just two days for a weekend. it should be four, in my opinion.
happy second day of march, pipsqueaks!
"it's simple. i'm gonna march over there and talk to bob. i love a good march. my birthday is in march. and then it's on to april. april showers. oh! the seduction of eric forman starring the insatiable april showers."
[that 70s show]

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you're having some great months! That's always wonderful, so is a new skill/responsibility!