Tuesday, February 3, 2015

December Highlights

woah. it has taken me for forever to get this post out. i had so many pictures i had to go through and and edit. i tried to get it posted on friday, but i was so busy that day, it just didn't happen. [obviously] now i need to start writing january 2015's highlights post. they are a lot of work, but i'm glad i do them still cause it's perfect way to post about all the stuff i would like to post about, but just don't have time for. my blog is not a priority in my life. it's my hobby i throw on the back burner, and i'm okay with that. i did used to want to be a "big blogger," but now i just don't give a crap. isn't it funny how our wants change like that? so these posts have been the perfect way to keep the few of you who actually read this blog, updated on my life. why you care is beyond me..BUT i'm grateful. so if you are still a regular reader of this blog, THANK YOU. i appreciate you thinking i am interesting. 
anyways, don't know where that spout came from, but here's december's highlights. i had so much go on this month, what with all the christmas festivities i was invited to. it was a fun month, especially now that we have all these babies in our life. let's get this going, shall we?

got to swing by my sis' salon for a much needed haircut.
why do haircuts feel so good? oh i love when my bangs are all one length, instead of how they are right now, some long, some short, and it all scraggly.

my momma made a new soup recipe, so naturally i had to go and test it out.
oh em gee..it was SO TASTY! she has made it a couple of times since then, and it is now a new favorite for sure.

went to casa mexicana one night for dinner with my bestie, amy. then we went and saw horrible bosses 2 at the mall movie theater.
the movie was hilarious! i loved the first one so i am glad it was just as funny. i can't wait for it to come out on bluray, so i can buy that puppy. i can't decide which one i like more. i don't know what it is about those three guys, but they just have like a direct line to my funny bone. oh and there's an el camino in it, so duh it's a good movie.

decorated my front door for christmas! i just love it so much.

went to hot springs one afternoon to go shopping with my bestie, stormi.
the drive to hot springs is one of my favorites. as often as i go, the drive is just never boring.
got to have a lunch with just me and stormi. it's rare that this happens. her husband is usually [always] hanging with us. it's fine...sometimes. but sometimes i just want it to be me, and my bestie. it's a little awkward talking about a crush when her husband is sitting right there.
then we got to go shopping just the two of us too. 
here's what that i got. we went to chantilly first, and i got all those amazing plaid pieces. i spent way more than i should have but i have already worn them several times so it was worth it. then we went to old navy where they were having a sale on all their sweaters. i got the top two for just $20 each. the baby blue one i got it for just $11. then we both got a pair of those brown boots. it was such a fun day spent with just my best friend. 

that night we played video games with her game obsessed husband. and i beat BOTH of them in BOTH games we played. this was tight to me, cause they play video games all the time, and i don't but i beat them. that ish is tiiiight!
and check out the sunset we had that night.

had bunko at my sis' house this month. we do a dirty santa gift exchange, with a gift of $10 in december instead of playing the actual game. most everyone does gift cards. but we still have a few that unfortunately always bring a christmas ornament...lame
[my sis' tree] my sister made chili with baked potatoes for dinner, and the pumpkin pie cake like i made for thanksgiving for dessert. i got a starbucks gift card in the exchange and definitely put it to some use real quick.

i really liked this one. it's about a serial killer who travels back in time to kill his victims. then he leaves a little evidence from the future. like a jackie robinson baseball card before jackie robinson even existed. one of his victims survives, and her and a famous retired detective, try to solve the case. if you like mystery novels, be sure to look this one up. 

took a day off work to do my christmas shopping. so glad i did this cause i got it all done that day. and while i was out and about looking for the best presents i found my new and beloved winter coat.
it seriously is the best. i wore my old [northface] coat the other day, and i was freezing all day long. with this coat, that just doesn't happen. it keeps me all nice, and toasty warm. 

that night i went and got pedicures with amy. i got a pretty red festivey color, and she got a pretty green color. this was my first time going to the place we went to, and i actually really liked it. they weren't too busy, and we could sit together and gossip without being disturbed. 
we went to dinner at bar louie in little rock. this was also my first time eating there. i got that cheeseburger, and it basically rocked my face off. i also, got a margarita, and it was just as amazing! i have been craving to go back and get another one. man, i love dinner dates with friends.

got to talk on the phone with a special mr. someone for over two hours one night.
it literally made my week!

had our christmas work party one friday afternoon. we wore ugly christmas sweaters, ate lunch, gave out awards and bonuses, and then we got to go home early that day. it was a fun afternoon especially since i got to see my niece and nephews. when elliott saw me, he immediately ran up to me yelling, "sica!! my beeessttfriiiiend!" i swear that will never get old.
 yea so my "ugly" christmas sweater wasn't really ugly. it was more cute and loud, like my personality. and check out those awesome jingle bell earrings. tight.

went to eli's [my nephew] baby dedication at my church. i'm glad my brother and liz go to the same church as i do. after church, we went back to my parent's house for lunch. there was brisket, yummy rolls, and a delicious chocolate chip cake that a family friend made. 
[my sunday ootd]

went and got panera [our fav] one night with my momma. i got their turkey chili, and it was amazing. so good, that i have actually gone back a couple of times since then and just gotten that. yum! after dinner we went back to her house and watched a hallmark movie called, christmas in conway. it was a really cute movie.
i love getting to spend some alone time with my momma. i'm glad we've started doing this often.

got to go to hot springs to exchange christmas gifts with stormi and her little family. i got some fun stuff! i got a scentsy warmer, comfy jogging pants, a comfy bra, friendship bracelets, and a super cool d.a.r.e. tank top. 
[a few of my gifts]
here's ava [stormi's daughter] opening her gift from me. i got her this. i got her momma this, and i got her dad a gift card to here. we watched bad santa that night after putting ava to bed. and just had a fun time hanging out.

got to hang out with stormi that saturday, too. we went and looked around at our favorite shops, but didn't buy anything. later, we all [ava and her husnand joined in] went to san francisco bread company for dinner. i had never eaten there before. i got their chicken salad sandwich, and in my opinion, it was way better than newk's. 
later that night, [after the baby was in bed] we watched this weird documentary about church camps. not normal church camps like the ones we went to as kids, but ones where they spoke in tongues, and did weird rituals. it was so creepy. we eventually just had to turn it off, cause it just kept getting creepier and creepier. it was pretty cray.

got to have breakfast at stormi's before heading back to north little rock, that sunday morning.
i always adore my weekends in hot springs spent with my bestie.

had a family christmas celebration at my grandmommy and papa's house. we played christmas bingo, [and all won a prize] ate lots of food, and had a ball playing with all the babies. my cousin, dawn has a daughter who is close to elliott's [my 3 year old nephew] age. i really did have a wonderful time.

went with amy one evening to starbucks and then to go look at christmas lights. we went to a place called sherwood forest where there's a light show you can drive through. neither of us had ever gone before. it was free. we had a blast looking at all the different light displays.

put together 14 gift boxes with my dad and brother for our motel residents. [yes, we bought a motel] i love getting to do things like this. i'm hoping next christmas we'll try to do something for all our tenants who rent from us.

{twenty one}
had christmas eve dinner at my parent's house. naturally, elliott [my nephew] was pretty stinkin excited when i got there. love him. we ate dinner, exchanged presents with my grandmommy and papa [my mom's parents] drank bubbly, and just had a wonderful night together.

{twenty two}
woke up early on christmas morning to go to my parents' house for christmas brunch, and our gift exchange. it was so much fun spending this day with just my little family. we had a blast watching our little ones enjoy their christmas morning.
i got lots of great gifts, too. check out what i got here.

{twenty three}
bought my weekender and first purchase [definitely not my last] from nena and co with some of my christmas money and the gift card i received for christmas. i love it, and am so happy i got to get one for myself. finally.
you should follow nena and co on instagram. she has some of the most amazing heart-felt stories about the men and women who hand-weave and sew all of her products in guatemala. it truly is amazing to read about. i can't wait to purchase my next one-of-a-kind bag. 

{twenty four}
watched the razorbacks play in the sugar bowl with my family at my parent's house. the razorbacks won! and i of course had a wonderful time snuggling with my niece and nephews.

{twenty five}
booked my trip to wisconsin/minnesota!

{twenty six}
made my first paleo meal: bacon and egg cuppies.
will post the recipe soon.

{twenty seven}
got to spend my new year's eve with my best friend, stormi. we drank champagne, played video games, took lots of pictures, ate tons of junk food. and just had a really fun time hanging out.
all in all, as you can see it was a pretty great december. 
wow! can you guys believe it is already february. january went by in a flash. i had some great things happen in january, and i can't wait to share the highlights with you. 
well it is rent week here and i have been super busy. i had to have another crown put on last friday, and i'm pretty sure i'm coming down with a cold so i've been feeling a little crummy the past few days. luckily, i'm finally able to chew on the side i got the crown on, but it's still pretty sore. my niece, nephew, and sister all had the flu so let's pray, pray, pray that i'm not coming down with the same junk. i'm hoping to post a goal's recap about january sometime this week, it just depends on how busy these renters keep me. it only took me two weeks to get this post together so we'll see, huh. stormi's birthday was yesterday so i am hoping i'll get to go and see her this weekend.
anyways, i gots to get my bootay back to work. holla.
"the rules of shotgun are very simple and very clear. the first person to shout, "shotgun" when you're within the sight of the car gets the front seat. that's how the game is played. there are no exceptions for someone with a concussion."
[the office]

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