Friday, January 9, 2015

November Highlights

first of all, let me just say, HAPPY NEW YEAR! i am loving 2015 so far, and i have a feeling this is just going to be a great year for me. i've decided i want to take some risks this year, i wanna learn how to do new things, and i wanna strive to have a healthy lifestyle. i'll talk more about these things later when i get around to posting about my 2015 goals. which, bee tee dub..i'm doing great at so far. sure, we're only 9 days into the new year, but hey it's a good start, right? right. 
today i wanted to share my november [2014] highlights. i'm a little behind on these so i'm trying to post november and december before the end of this month. i do wanna keep doing them, too. especially since i'm not the best at updating you guys on the reg. these posts are perfect for a inconsistent blogger like myself.

went to my sister and brother in law's church one sunday for my niece, julianne's baby dedication.
 i really, really liked their service, too. especially the worship. after church, all my family [extended included] came over to my mom's house for lunch. it was so nice spending the afternoon with family and friends. 

i even got to see my bestie that day. her little family came down to little rock for the suicide prevention walk. so i went back to my house to see them before they left to head to downtown little rock. she also brought me my majestic hotel tee i ordered from pink avenue.
read up on the majestic hotel {HERE} it seriously is SO interesting. but i love reading up on stuff like this and i am basically obsessed with this website.
[hey dad--i'm down to take the dogpatch usa tour with you]

seriously though, if you are looking for a good book series, and you haven't read the divergent trilogy add this one to your list, and go get the first book TODAY. you won't regret it. i cried at the end.

got some new christmas movies from amazon.
the apartment is a best picture film, so i was able to mark another one off my list. it's really good, too. you should see it sometime.

my second agatha christie book to read.

went to kohl's one weekend, and bought several cute new things. [as usual]
check out my post about this shopping trip here.

went to dinner one night with my friend, amy. we went and had some mexican at casa mexicana before going back to my house to watch 12 men of christmas.

went to hot springs one friday afternoon to go out to eat for my friend, ashley's birthday. i went to stormi's first to change, and then we all rode to the restaurant together. 
[me, jessica, and stormi]
we ate at a small italian restaurant that i had never been to before. i got the spaghetti and meatballs. they were pretty good. we stayed there and visited for awhile, and the waiter brought out complimentary shots for everyone. it was a fun dinner with friends.

i woke up early saturday morning to get ready and head to stormi's. 
we were helping host ashley's baby shower. we had it at her grandmother's lake house, it was the perfect spot. we did a ton of prep work, and made all kinds of snacks. 
she invited over 100 people, but we only had around 30 showed up. i had a lot of fun, and am glad i got to help. she got some cute little girl things, tons of books, and stormi and i had a blast throwing another [our third] party together. 
check out my post about the shower here.

hung out at stormi's that evening. we ordered pizza, watched home alone, and just chilled. another fun night.
on sunday, i went back over to stormi's to eat lunch. she had cooked honey ham, corn on the cob, and croissant rolls. it was delicious! then we played a game of phase 10 before i headed home. 
 [such a fun weekend]


had bunko at my mom's house this month.
we had soup [vegetable] and salad, and you besta believe i went back for seconds. oh and i came in second place, too!

had a birthday dinner for my dad at my parent's house. my mom made chicken pot pie [his fav] and naturally it was the bomb! after dad opened all his presents, elliott and i went into "his room" to play kitchen. ahh it's so much fun watching him play make believe.
 check out this video of him "cooking" for me. ahh i love that all my family lives so close. 

watched the dancing with the stars semi-finals and ate leftovers with my mom at her house. can't believe i kept up with it and watched the whole season.
it was a good group this season. 

had an ornament exchange party at work one saturday afternoon. a co-worker of mine throws it every year, but i never go. this year i decided, why not? and i'm glad i did cause it was so much fun! we ate tons of yummy food, made crafts, did a dirty santa ornament exchange, voted on which ornaments we liked the best, and just had a fun time hanging out with one another. 
[the food]
[the crafts + the best hot chocolate i have ever tasted]
[the after party]
i will definitely be making this a new tradition. i really did have so much fun!

got together some little boy and little girl gifts for operation christmas child
i'm really glad i have started doing this every year. it's fun, and i know it brings so much joy to the kids. 

had our annual thanksgiving potluck here at work.
i got a little helping of all of my favorites. and for dessert i had banana pudding, chocolate cake pudding, and some of my famous fruity pebble cookies i made. i even got to see my niece and nephews which is always the best. i'm glad we do this every year.

found this super cute rug at hobby lobby. i had been looking for small rug for my closet. also, it wasn't marked 50% off, but the girl gave me the discount, anyway. score!

my mom and i went and ate dinner one night at panera before we went back to her house to watch the dwts season finale. it was down to our four favorites. 
all the dances were really good, and they all got tens, but alfonso and witney were the ones to win the mirror ball trophy. i wanted janel to win, but witney and alfonso definitely deserved it. 
it was a fun season to watch, and i'm glad i kept up with it. now i'm ready for season 20!

had thanksgiving eve dinner at my aunt jen's house.
it was all delicious, and the pumpkin pie cake i made was the hit of the party.

had thanksgiving lunch at my uncle steve's house in benton, arkansas. it's about thirty minutes from my house. i love getting to see this side of my family cause i don't get to see them as often. my cousin, tony, made some green beans that were seriously some of the best green beans i have ever tasted.

decorated my house for christmas!

and that was my november! i don't know if y'all noticed, but i read four books in november. that ish is crazy. now if i could just do that every month, i would really be on a roll. man, i can't wait to share december with y'all, too. it was definitely a fun-filled month. 
well, i don't know about you guys but i have quite a busy weekend ahead of me. i'm hosting bunko at my house on tuesday so i need to start cleaning the crib, and getting ready for all of that. oh, and i am leaving for wisconsin [brrrr] next weekend, so i wanna get as much done ahead of time for that so i'm not running around like crazy next week trying to do everything. i've already got tons of negative degree weather essentials, but i need a few more travel items. i'm not looking forward to the whole flying thing, but i'm excited for my trip so hopefully i'll be more excited than scared to death nervous. we'll see how i'm feeling the day of my flight. 
also if you are looking for some entertainment today please check this dude out.
y'all have a good weekend, ya hear! 
"a girl like you, for the rest of your life, you want to cry in your noodle soup? who needs it? you listen to me. you find yourself a nice, substantial man, a widower maybe, and settle down instead of noshing all those sleeping pills."
[the apartment]

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  1. NOVEMBER?! I am going to start a petition in blogland about you getting internet and catching up with the calendar! Looks like you had a great month! Love ya dear!