Monday, January 12, 2015

I Guess I Was A Good Girl

what up, friends! can you believe that i am posting again!? i have many "planned" posts so i am really aiming to get them all posted this month. we'll see how that goes. but since football season is over, i have a lot more time on my hands. [thank heavens]

anyways, today, i wanted to share all the fun gifts i got for christmas. i got a ton of what i asked for which musta meant i was a pretty good girl this year. it's surprising, yes, but it must be true. just go with it, okay. i was really happy with everything i got. i honestly, can't pick a favorite from the group. well maybe one..but we'll get to that. i'm so lucky to have a big family that still likes to exchange gifts. oh, and i got a few presents from sandy claws santa claus, too.

here's what ya girl got:
some new agatha christie books. i'm reading five little pigs right now.

season 6 of parks and recreation. yes, i have already watched all of it. i was so disappointed with the ending. didn't make me at all excited for season 7. wah wah.

dessert cookbook plus the 2014 southern living cookbook

now, i can make some of those desserts with my new pyrex.

and with my new mixing bowls. [i got four] 

cary collins 2015 calendar. i love these little calendar refills. i definitely recommend these for your desk or kitchen counter. so cute.

"jessica" necklace. this was one of my fav gifts that i got. i actually forgot i had asked for it, so it was a surprise. i love it, too! it's definitely become a staple necklace for me. and the name is perfection.

i got an ulta gift card from santa claus [aka: my mom] and this is what i spent it on.
naked3 palette
marc jacobs daisy perfume
fire red lipstick
bare minerals finishing powder
we just had an ulta open up not too far from my house. and i am obsessed. i saw a few other things i really want from there, too. this might not be a good thing for this shopaholic.

i got a gift card to nena & co and you besta believe i already spent it on that lovely weekender bag above. i had the gift card, plus christmas money from my grandparents, and a discount code. the weekender bags are $300 and with all my little incentives i only spent $40 of my own money. holla! i ordered the first week in january and i got it last wednesday. and I'M IN LOVE! it is gorgeous. i will be posting allllll about it a soon as i can.
you should check out nena & co or at least follow them on instagram.
i am already saving up to get a day bag II.

this is something i didn't have on my list, so i was super surprised and excited. i know i will get plenty use out of these. can't wait to get em and try em out.

and this one is definitely a favorite. yes, a trash can. but i have been wanting one of these things for awhile now, but didn't wanna spend the money. it is a million and one times better than what i was working with before. it also came with thirty of it's own trash bags that fit the can perfectly. and it has a website where i can order more. and it fits perfectly at the end of my counter. almost like it was made for that spot. yes, i love it.

and here's two more things i asked for but didn't get. so i bought them for myself for christmas. cause i deserved it.
mindy kaling's book and a sideways initial necklace from love always.

i also didn't get this either...
but i did get some money that went to my el camino fund. which, by the way, i am half way to my goal. and that makes me pretty happy. i think within the next year or so i WILL be driving one of these babies around town. oh man, just thinking about it makes me gushy and giddy.

what did you get for christmas?
what was your favorite gift(s)?

well it's my turn to host bunko this month. i'm making things easier on myself and am just doing a pizza night. i am going to make a pasta salad though to go with it. recipe found {here} and then of course some bread sticks plus dessert. i'm using a recipe in my new desserts' cookbook for that. oh man, and i still have loads to do. i got most of the cleaning done this weekend. [thank goodness] i just have a little bit more cleaning to do now. and i have to get my christmas stuff around my front door taken down and put away this evening. i have been putting it off, and putting it off for far too long. and in all honesty, if i wasn't hosting bunko i'd probably leave it up for longer. ha! i deserately need to go to the grocery store, so that's on my to-do list for sure and i need a haircut in the worst way. so yes, i got quite a bit to do tonight, and tomorrow afternoon.
and i got four more days till i leave for wisconsin! i am just a ball of nerves [good and bad] but i know it will be a good getaway and i'm sooo looking forward to being out of arkansas for awhile.
i'm going to try and do some more posts this week, but i am definitely not promising anything since i have such a busy week ahead of me.
oh and look who i got to meet this weekend.
london ophelia davis born december 16 at 3:44pm. weighing 8lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long. and she is beautiful, y'all. and such a sweet content baby. i was so happy i got to hang out with her momma and stormi on friday night. us girls had a big time.
anyways, i gotta bounce and get back to work..doing what? eviction notices. blah! hope you guys have a great week. i am praying it goes by super fast.
"and you're never going to get used to the children's music. if i knew where the wiggles lived, and i'm working on it, i would murder them with an ak-47. i'm very serious."
[life as we know it]


  1. I love that trash can! I've never seen one like that before. Looks like it was a great Christmas!


  2. You were definitely good, that's so much neat stuff!