Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My 2014 Christmas Wish List

hey y'all! i hope y'all had an awesome thanksgiving break with your friends and family. i kept it low key and just hung out at the house for four days in row. and it was glorious, my friends! i went to my aunt and uncle's [on my dad's side] on wednesday night. i made my famous pumpkin pie cake. and it was a hit. [as always] and of course, i stuffed myself silly. 
on thursday, i slept in. my favorite. then i went to benton to my aunt and uncle's [on my mom's side] for lunch. and i once again, had no problem clearing my plate. i didn't stay long. i was tired, and really wanted to get back home to my pj's. which i kept on for four days. i did some christmas decorating, ate my weight in junk food, finished a book, and watch a million movies. it was a good quiet thanksgiving that's for sure. 

today, i wanted to share my christmas wish list. i have been doing these for a few years now, and they are always fun to do. i had a few things already that i have had my eyes on, and then the rest of them just came to me while i was out shopping or running errands. 
check out my wish lists from years past:
now, here's what i'm wishing for this christmas.

1. and always number one on any wish list:
preferable one from the third generation, but really i like em all.

2. my trashcan now is pretty sick
for trash and recycling. my nasty one, neeeeds to be replaced asap.

3. isn't this necklace gorgeous!
you can get it HERE.

4. i need a new one for the new year.

5. i wanna learn to make lots and lots of desserts in 2015.
i just searched 'dessert recipe books' on google. any dessert recipe book will do.

6. i have been coveting their bags on instagram for a minute now.
i would love to get my hands on one of their over-night totes.

7. two words: THIS RUG!
it's EXACTLY what i have been looking for for my bedroom. find it HERE and looks like they have reduced the price. i NEED this rug!

8. comfy crews..need i say more?
i've been wanting that "makers gonna make" crew for like forevers. find it HERE.
[grey, size small]

9. i'm real interested to read this one.
find it HERE.

10. i desperately need these.
with lids would be nice.

11. i need more leslie knope in my life.
find it HERE.

12. i desperately need a 9x13 cake pan WITH A LID!
red or turquoise lids, please. 

13. i've been wanting a J for forever.
find it HERE.

14. my face would appreciate this.

15. i need a re-fresher.

16. these would be good stocking stuffers..if i still got a stocking..
that was fun. i'm sure i'll end up gifting most of these to myself. i'm loving that there are books on my christmas list this year. that's one of my new year's resolutions that i definitely accomplished. i love that i love to read. i had an old lady at walmart tell me that she wished she loved to read, but she wasn't given that gift. i never thought of loving to read as a gift. but it kinda is. and there's your random thought for the day. i have already started some christmas shopping myself. i got my mom done, and two of my niblings i'm just about finished with. 
what's on your christmas wish list? have you started your shopping yet?
i am done with all my christmas decorating on the inside, and i'm hoping to get my outside stuff done tonight. hoping is the key word here. this weekend we had such wonderful weather, and i blew getting my outside stuff done, just so i could lay in bed all day. damn, i hate when i'm lazy. oh i guess i should get back to work then. happy tuesday, turtledoves!
"what do you mean, "get him out of here?" in case you haven't noticed, i'm a dwarf. so unless you got a forklift handy, maybe you should lend a hand, hmm? i'm 3-foot tall. it's a matter of physics. draw me a sketch of how i get him to the car. sketch it up, you moron!"
[bad santa]

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  1. oh I've never thought of loving to read as a gift either. interesting! I'm going to have to steal your idea and do my own Christmas wishlist on my blog! Thank you for sharing!