Friday, December 19, 2014

A [small] Update

hello. and merry christmas charlie brown everyone! are y'all as excited to get all the christmas festivities in full swing? cause i sure am. and you're scrooge in my mind if you're not crunk about all the holiday funness. i am DONE with all my christmas shopping! hallelujah. and i have almost everything wrapped. i still have a two left that i am waiting on to get here. the thing i got for my mom, i ordered basically a month in advance and it's still not here. please keep your fingers crossed that it makes it here next week. i'm starting to get nervous. 
anyways, i believe it's been quite some time since i've given y'all a life update. this month has been crazy busy at work, and just in life. tonight i am going to hot springs to have my christmas exchange with my bestie. i have no clue what she has gotten me. and i can't wait to rip open my first christmas present. i honestly, don't know what anyone is getting me. usually i have some kind of idea, but this year everything will be a surprise. check out my christmas wish list here
so, i wanted to share a few fun things that have happened this month. so here we go, party people!

i decorated my house for christmas. duh. i didn't do as much this year as i have done in the past. i just wasn't feeling it, i guess. but it's done, it's up and it looks fabulous! 

after searching for two days for my tree skirt, i finally remembered that piper had peed all over it, and i had to throw it away last year. so i got a new tree skirt this year. unfortunately, there's not very many cute tree skirts out there. i wanted just a red one, and this is the closest i could find. it has a goofy looking reindeer on it, but luckily my beautifully wrapped presents cover him up. 

i finally found a cute, plaid vest from a local boutique in hot springs, arkansas. i wanted a little vest for awhile now, but wasn't liking any of the prices. plus i'm not a big fan of the puffy vests that have been so popular this year. yea, i'm good on anything that makes me look fat. 
check them out on instagram. they have some cute, cute stuff.

also, i couldn't resist getting this plaid poncho from shop chantilly. it made me feel like a badass detective, ready to solve my next crime. clearly, i read too many mystery novels. 
i also, picked up a plaid dress, that i plan on wearing christmas eve. 

i got myself a christmas pedicure! i went with my friend, amy. she got green, and i got this pretty red glitter. too bad my feet can't handle wearing open-toed shoes in the winter...

i have been looking for a new winter coat for like ever now. my northface is fine, but if i want to wear something cute, or dressed up it totally takes away from my outfit. so i've been on the hunt this year. i looked at all the typical places, but i just didn't like anything. well i had to go to little rock to pick up a gift, and i thought, huh..i've never been in belk before. and i wasn't that impressed, either. until i hit up their coat section. and i saw THIS COAT! there was one small left, but it's price tag was $200! yikes..didn't want to spend that much. but i knew i would be disappointed if i didn't buy it. 
well i'm glad i did, cause when i went to check out, the saleslady told me their coats were on sale. then she had a 30% off coupon that she let me use, too. SO this coat costs me $85! yes! talk about a total steal. i am so happy i got it, because it is perfect and i get compliments on it all the time. 

my mom, and my nephew, elliott made these cookies for our little family. mmm and they were so tasty, too. i'm so excited that my family will be here for christmas, or else i probably would have been pretty depressed. i can't wait to see all these little ones be excited for santa, year after year. just like i was when i was a kid. man, christmas is just so magical!

y'all. i usually suck at video games. i'm so bad, that i usually don't participate cause i don't want to embarrass myself. well i played a few video games a couple of weekends ago with my bestie, and her husband, and i won every game that we played. the last game we played, was wii bowling and look, i kicked their butts! and they play this game all the time. i was a little proud of myself, so you know i had to brag about it here on my blog. meaning, only 7 people will ever see it. 

{last thing}
this sweet little face helps me get through those hard days. i would be lost without this little girl. oh i love her so much, and am thankful for her companionship every. single. day. 

and there you have it. just a small little update on the life of sica. [aka elliott's best friend] i have so much going on this weekend, and next week that i am just so stinkin excited. i can't hold it in, and being stuck here [slow as a mug] at work is just bringing me down, man. i would have taken a vacation next week cause i still have some days left, but the other girl who helps me with all our rental property took her vacation so i just couldn't do that to our office manager..who would end up having to deal with it in the end. so i guess i will work the two and half days next week. man, i cannot tell you how ready i am to get out of here, and head to hot springs. like i'm so antsy right now; it's hard to focus on anything else. well, i probably won't be in blogland next week. so i seriously, hope every single one of you has an amazing holiday [whatever you celebrate] and a merry merry christmas!!!
"see, i have to shop late cause it's the busiest time of the year for me. all these important christmas letters that people send to folks they don't even talk to but once a year. not to mention relatives sending presents they're going to have to send back anyway. how many toiletry sets does a man need?"
[jingle all the way]


  1. Your house looks awesome!!! Great job on the decorating.

  2. Ah, your Christmas photos are lovely! Your cat, so cute. I finally got my cat home with me! We're having a rough start.

  3. Your Christmas decor is awesome - as always! Happy New Year! Now get your booty back to blogging. Cheers!