Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We Had To Quit Cause We Were Laughing So Hard

this weekend was great. and after the few weeks i've had, it was exactly what i needed to get over this funky funk i've gotten myself into. i have just got to learn to breathe, and take it one day at a time. living in the moment is not the easiest for me, but i'm trying, and that's a good start for me. this weekend, though was just perfect. the weather wasn't, but everything else was otherwise pretty lovely. i went to hot springs this weekend to help host a baby shower for my friend, ashley. i met ashley through stormi. [my bff] they went to high school together, and i've gotten to know ashley more over the years, and i'm so happy i got to be there to help celebrate her new baby girl that's due in december. we had the shower on saturday at ashley's grandmother's lake house. it was the perfect spot for a baby shower. i went up early on friday, cause it was ashley's birthday and she wanted to go out to dinner with everyone. i'm so happy to have this small group of friends in my life. i really am truly grateful for my friends. 

so. friday. i left north little rock around 2 to head down to hot springs. i needed to drop of some orders to our hot springs' store, as well as pick up 15 baggo games. i dropped the stuff off at the store, and headed out to baggo headquarters. i've been to it like a dozen times already, and i still have to pull up my map just in case. unfortunately, the little packing dude has never packed a wrangler before so he did a pretty shitty job. as soon as i left their parking lot they slid all over the back of my car cause, "all 15 just won't fit in the back. you have to lay your seats down." is what the character packing the baggos told me. well let me call bullshit on that one. i pulled over, got all 15 baggos out of my jeep, put my seats back up, and imagine that..i got all 15 of them to fit in the back. boo-ya! i've been packing that jeep full for four years now, so don't tell me i can't pack it how i want to. i'll show you real quick that i'm right, if you tell me i'm wrong. 
finally i was done working for the day. i got to my lake house right around 4:30. 
and then i just chilled. my little arms were pretty sore from unloaded and reloading 15 baggos. man, i'm outta shape. i unpacked my stuff, and got together what i wanted to change into for dinner. stormi text me at 5 telling me she was on her way home from work. it was so good to see my bestie. i was in much need of some bestie-time and so was she. stormi's mom had ava for the night, so her and i got ready for dinner together. just like the old days. around 7 we headed to the restaurant. it was an italian hole in the wall type of joint, and i was starving, i could probably have eaten my linen napkin especially since it took them over an hour to bring our food out. i got spaghetti and meatballs. i basically ate all of it, but i honestly wasn't that impressed. but like i said i was starving so it didn't really make a difference. after dinner, the waiter brought out complimentary birthday shots for everyone. and then we took a bunch of group pictures and selfies before we all headed on home. i was happy to see jessica. [another one of stormi's high school friends] and her, stormi and i had a fun time laughing and being silly. 
 laughter really is the best dose of medicine. 
after dinner, i went back to stormi and caleb's house and we all watched this movie:
i didn't end up leaving their house till midnight. and man, was i beat. gosh it was such an awesome friday night with my friends. 

saturday, i slept in till right around nine. i had to get up and get ready so i could be at stormi's at 11. we were meeting the other hostesses at the lake house at 11:30. 
caleb drove us over there, and we immediately got busy with the other girls to get the shower ready. it was fun. caleb came back to pick us up so we could go to stormi's office and fill the balloons with helium. buuut the helium tank was completely out. so after we dropped caleb back off at the house stormi and i hurried back to the lake house to finish getting everything ready. guests were supposed to arrive at 2 and it was 1:45. the whole ride there, stormi and i blew up balloons. i am sure it was quite a sight if you were to drive up next to us. but it was so much fun, and we had to quit because we were laughing so hard. 
once we got there we threw balloons around while the rest of the girls hung up tissue pom poms. soon some guests started to arrive and the party was in full swing. what with ashley inviting over 100 people, we made quite a bit of food. and unfortunately we maybe had 30 people show up. there was so much left over. we had to throw most of it away. the cupcakes and shrimp, however, did not go to waste. 
and i got to wear the dress i told y'all about last week
ashley got a lot of great gifts. she had asked everyone to bring a book too, and she racked up quite a library for her and london. and she didn't get one duplicate, so that was pretty cool. after the party wined down, stormi and i ended up having to leave early cause stormi's mom dropped off ava and poor thing was in desperate need of a nap. after we got back to her house, i decided to go on home and change. i needed to be in some comfy clothes. so naturally i changed into this beauty.
i seriously can't get enough of this shirt. i went back over to stormi's and we all just hung out. we ordered a pizza and watched some tv. i ended up heading back to the lake house at 9. i was so tired. after getting ready for bed, i read for a bit, but passed out pretty quickly.

on sunday i slept in. and it was glorious! after i woke up, i took a shower and took my time getting ready for the day. around lunchtime i text stormi to see what they were up to. i was hoping to hang out for a bit before i had to head back home to north little rock. they were leaving walmart and headed back to their house to fix lunch. i got there and stomi was cooking a honey ham, corn on the cob and crescent rolls. and let me tell y'all it was absolutely delicious. course she's never made anything i haven't liked. after lunch, and putting ava down for a nap, we decided to play a card game. phase 10. which i'm not very good at, but i like playing cards so i was okay with it. 
we played for a good while, but once ava was up from her nap it became a little difficult cause she was wanting to play too. i was losing so i was pretty okay with stopping before the game was over. plus it was getting pretty late, and the sun had already set so that meant i needed to get back home. 
like i said, my weekend was awesome. man, did it make getting up for work on monday hard. but i made it through monday, and we are almost done today so hopefully it will be a quick week. 
hope your weekend was just as lovely as mine. i guess i must get back to work now. i'm just so frustrated because i have been trying to transfer songs i purchased on my iphone to my itunes so i can make a cd for someone...but naturally itunes is a piece of shit. (just like centerpoint) and now, i have to go badger our i.t. guy to "fix my itunes" which he hates just as much as i do. 
three more hours..three more hours..three more hours..
"we need to remember what's important in life. friends, waffles, and work. or waffles, friends, and work. it doesn't matter. but work is third."
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