Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Outfit 1 and Outfit 2

anyone else feel me? i swear, when i am having a bad day or week some retail therapy really helps to put me back in a good mood. last week was a hard week for me. okay okay if we are being honest last week sucked! majorly. but that was last week and after getting some retail therapy on sunday, i feel much better and know i can conquer this week just fine.
i found two great pieces this weekend and i thought why not share them here on my blog. kohl's is one of my fav places to shop. mainly because they have such a wide variety of clothes, jewelry, shoes, make up, home decor, and baby/kid's stuff. it's usually not too terrible busy, their customer service is great, and you can take as many clothes into the dressing room as you want. plus they send out coupons all the time

sunday i came home with four necklaces, three midi rings, a christmas sweater, a new dress and a juicy couture sweatshirt. i spent way more than i intended to, but i'm so happy with all my purchases that i'm okay with it. plus i needed it. i tried on probably 6 pairs of jeans because i need a new pair in the worst way, but i just couldn't find any that fit me right. story of my life. also, what happened to just making jeans without spandex. i miss the days when i could just find a normal pair of jeans that didn't "stretch." by the end of the day, i'm pulling them up to my arm pits. so dumb.

okay okay enough about that. i came up with two outfits that i would wear with some of my new purchases. y'all the dress was the first thing i saw when i stepped in the door. i had to have it. i didn't even try it on, i knew it was made for me. and the sequin juicy couture crew is literally my new favorite thing. you seriously cannot go wrong with sequins.

{outfit one}
come on, ladies, how cute is this! this outfit would be perfect for a girls night out on the town. 
get the sweatshirt here / the necklace is by lauren conrad / find faux leather leggings here / and top it off with some simple closed toe wedges like these.
how do you like this look?

{outfit two}
the dress! it's actual sleeveless, but i added that long sleeve lace shirt to go under it. and then i would add a black faux [or real] leather jacket, too since it is starting to get pretty cold here in the south. 
dress found here / long sleeve lace top-similar / the necklace is from here / find inexpensive faux leather jackets here / and top with your fav pair of black boots. 
how do you like this look?
these were fun to put together except i had to shut piper out of the room because she wanted to be apart of the shoot. now, if i could only find somewhere to wear that dress!
i have plans with the girls tonight. [my mom, sis, and sis-in-law] it's another mix and mingle night at my church and i'm looking forward to it. mainly for the dinner. duh. tomorrow i'm going out to eat with my friend amy and then we are going to watch this movie. it's one of my fav christmas movies and i even have a post in mind for it. so be on the lookout for that, cause i promise you won't want to miss it. this weekend i get to go to hot springs to hang with my bff. she's hosting a baby shower for one of our friends, and i'm going to help since several of the hostesses have already backed out. so hopefully with all the busy plans i will continue to have a good week.
so. tell me. which outfit is your favorite?
adios ladies and gents!
"i actually just came here as a favor for a friend. um, i mean, i like shopping. is there anything wrong with that? i mean, stores are put there to enjoy. the experience is enjoyable. well, more than enjoyable. it's...it's beautiful. the sheen of silk, draped across a mannequin. oh, the smell of new italian leather shoes. oh, the rush you feel when you swipe your card. and it's approved. and it all belongs to you!"
[confessions of a shopaholic]

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  1. I totally LOVE these looks. And I love (and agree!) that a selling point of Kohl's is you can take however many items in the dressing room. 6 or 8 items? Who grabs only that few?!