Monday, November 24, 2014

October's Highlights

wow, guys, can y'all believe it is already thanksgiving. again. i swear this year went by so stinkin fast. it's just wild. today, i wanted to share my highlights for october. it was a really good month for me and lots of exciting things happened. like...
got really into watching parks and recreation. i swear for about three weeks i watched nothing but parks and rec. i love this show.

went shopping at charlotte russe and found several really cute things. i got a few necklaces, two pairs of printed pants, a leopard print cardigan, and a plaid flannel blouse. i also treated myself to a pumpkin spice frappachino from starbucks.

met some friends at a new restaurant that opened up dowtown. we hung out in their lounge, and had fun time drinking and talking. it was a fun night.

took fall family photos at my mom's house. i wore my new plaid blouse i had got from charlotte russe. and after pictures we ate sandwiches and just hung out for the afternoon.
full post coming soon!

went to my momma's one night for dinner and dwts
i love this new season and i don't want it to end! elliott and julianne were at my mom's when i got there; so it was good to see them. mom made soup and we had fun [as always] watching dancing.

wore one of my new pairs of CR pants to work one day and i got so many compliments on them. they are super comfy. it feels like wearing my pjs.
went and got starbucks with my friend, amy, one evening. we both got pumpkin scones and yummy drinks. then we went back to her apartment and watched my favorite movie, breakfast at tiffany's. amy had never seen it. i know! i was shocked, too. and naturally, she loved it!
check out that pretty sunset we saw on the way back to her apartment. 

went to hot springs to see and hang out with my bestie. on friday night, we went to chik-fil-a to get dinner and we had a blast jamming out to music in her car. after we got back to her house and ate dinner, we took some buttery nipple shots and watched house at the end of the street
it was such a fun night after a really long week.

that saturday, i met stormi and caleb at osaka for lunch. i got a pretty big meal, and i almost ate all of it. almost. i was starving. [as usual] after lunch, we all walked [just across the parking lot] to pink avenue. we saw our friend, jessica and had a good time looking at all the pretty new things.
after we left there we went back to the house to just hang out. after the baby was put to bed, stormi made us dinner and we watched a weird movie called devil's pass. i'm still confused by the ending. after the movie was over, i went back to my lake house and passed smooth out.

sunday afternoon, stormi came and picked me up so i could tag along with her while she ran some errands. we went and picked up slim chickens for lunch, and went back to her house to eat.
we hung out at her house for about an hour before i had to have her take me back to the lake house. i needed to head on back to north little rock. [even though i didn't want to] i love being able to go and spend time with my bestie on the weekends.

had my monthly bunko night at mrs. nina's house. we had a cheesy chicken casserole with a broccoli salad. and then there was chocolate cake for dessert.
unfortunately i went home with the boobie prize. [last place] but the prize was two cute thanksgiving themed dishtowels so i was sorta okay with it.

i went on a date.

got to be on three news stations in ONE day. yes, i did have to be up and about at 3am and i froze my little bum bum off, but i think we got a lot of exposure for the stores. and hopefully it helped boost sales.

went to the arkansas state fair with stormi, caleb and ava. it was so much fun, and it was such a beautiful day. we ate tons of food, saw a few animals and a robot, and of course had a fun time people watching. i'm so happy they invited me to come along.

went and saw gone girl with my friend, amy.
unfortunately, we got there late and the only seats left were on the freaking front row! it was good, but definitely not anywhere near as good as the book. oh and i really want to see it again, where i don't have to sit on the front row. that ish is painful after awhile.

never thought i would say this, but the movie was better. the book just dragged out. it was almost torture trying to finish it. i was so excited when i did finish it though, i was getting quite bored.

went to dinner at my mom's for my brother's birthday. it was a fun night hanging out with my family. plus the chocolate pie we had for dessert was the bomb!

so. freakin. AMAZING. i read it in two days.

i found a red metal scooter with skull and crossbones on it at a rent house i cleaned. you besta believe i claimed it reeeal quick! i'm pretty sure it had my name written on it.

went and saw maleficent with my friend amy at the tandy 10 movie theater. it's a dollar theater here in north little rock..or closed it's doors for good after being open for 20 or so years. amy and i have probably seen over thirty movies together at this theater. so we definitely wanted to see one last one before they shut the place down.
the movie was good, but we got there so late i missed the beginning. ready for it to come out on dvd so i can watch the full thing.

..twenty one..
went to lunch at newk's with my mom, brother, sis-in-law, and eli after going to church. i got the turkey sandwich and lobster bisque soup. it was a chill lunch, and i'm glad i got to spend some time with my little family.

..twenty two..
just like the first one, i zoomed through this one in two days. oh my world this series is so good!

..twenty three..
had a wonderful halloween with friends and family.
after work i went to my sister's for a halloween party. there was so many cute treats, and i loved seeing the little ones in their costumes. i even got to tag along with elliott while he went trick or treating. i had to carry him the whole time, but it was worth it. it was such a fun holiday spent with some of my favorite people.
and that was october's highlights. i can't believe in a matter of 6 days we will be starting our last month for the year 2014. that's just insane. and ya know what? i'm ready for a new year. this year was not my favorite, and i am quite ready for it to be over and for us to start a brand new fresh clean slate start year. who's with me on this?
well i'm not sure if i'll have time to post again before december; so you's all better have a wonderful thanksgiving. don't eat too much, or if you do just make sure you wear your stretchy pants. i gotta make cookies for potluck tomorrow, and i'm going to start pulling out my christmas decor as well. man, all i can say is i am totally ready for wednesday. all these renters are wearing me out, i need a break for employees and tenants. wooo.
"ooh this looks delicious. i'm just going to take a bite. oh, my God. you're a genius. i swear, i would eat them out of the trash. i would. they're so good."
[life has we know it]

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