Thursday, October 16, 2014

Summertime Movies

hiiii! i'm awful at this blogging thing, aren't i? you win some, you lose some. and i am definitely losing at this game called, "blogging." 

anyways, if you read this blog when i actually post you probably have come to the conclusion that i watch A LOT of movies. hey, i'm okay with that. not only do i watch tons of old movies all the time, but i also see lots of new movies, too. well, over the last five months i have recorded what movies i have never seen before and i thought it would be cool to share all them on my blog. plus it gives me something to write about. ha! i have broken them all down into the months i watched them in and i'll give y'all my top three from each month. then a top 5 of all five months. and i'll also tell you which ones to not waste your time and money on.

...let's begin...

MAY 2014:
1. home front: i'm a huge jason statham fan and i loved every minute of this movie. there's one part of the movie where the little girl beats up the school bully, and it's pretty freaking cool. also kate bosworth's performance in this one is pretty damn good. *a must see*
2. labor day: as soon as i saw the trailer to this one i immediately wanted to see it. once it came out i bought it cause i knew i would just love it..and i did! yes, i bawled my eyes out but it's literally one of the best love stories i've ever seen. i loved this one! *a must see*
3. the other woman: i thought this movie was hilarious. perfect movie to watch with your girlfriends. leslie mann could just simple sneeze and i would think it was funny. i swear that woman cracks me up. 
her and the secret life of walter mitty were really hard to get through. SO boring. and weird. i was pretty disappointed with that awkward moment, i just thought it was going to be way funnier. oh and allll the acting in august: osage county is phenomenal. meryl streep will forever be the queen.  

JUNE 2014:
1. the fault in our stars: it was amazing! so incredibly sad, and yea i cried a lot but it was worth it. such a good movie. [i'm reading the book now] *a must see*
2. walk of shame: oh my gosh, elizabeth banks just makes this movie. i loved this one and watched it several times. *a must see*
3. veronica mars: i had never seen the tv show, but i really enjoyed this movie. i kinda wish they would come out with some more, but i think this one will be the only one. 
don't waste you time on gambitjoe, or adult world. just don't.

JULY 2014:
1. blood ties: i didn't think i would like this one, but i did. it started off slow, but the ending is so freaking good that you have to see it. *a must see*
2. the pretty one: this one is a little weird, but i really liked it. yes, it made me tear up at parts, but i totally ended up falling in love with the characters. 
3. ain't them bodies saints: i was thinking this one was going to be a little better than it was, but i still liked it okay.
this months' movies were a little hard to choose a top three cause i didn't absolutely love them like i did some on other months. don't waste your time on grand piano or how i live now.

AUGUST 2014:
1. winter's tale: it was even better than i expected it to be. i always enjoy colin farrell's movies, and this one was no exception. i loved the costumes, the characters, the set design, everything. it really was a wonderfully made movie. naturally, i cried my eyes out, but so worth it. *a must see*
2. the grand budapest hotel: oh my gosh, there are so many of my favorite actors in this one. like: jude lawedward nortonadrien brodyharvey keitalowen wilsonwillem dafoe, and bill murray just to name a few. the set decorator outdid herself on this one. it's bright, fun and the story is so weird, twisted and colorful that i couldn't help but enjoy this one. *a must see*
3. bad words: just freaking funny! like jason bateman had me laughing with tears. it is super crude and there are definitely a ton of "bad words," but that just made the movie funnier. 
i also really liked: casablanca[it won best picture in 1942] transcendence, and blended. i was terribly disappointed with noah although jennifer connelly's performance was stunning! 

1. divergent: quite possible the BEST movie i've seen all year. i watched this one non-stop for an entire week! i loved every minute of it. i immediately bought the book after and as soon as i finish this book i plan to get started on it right away. *a must see*
2. 12 years a slave: yep tooootally deserved best picture this year. and i bawled my eyes out. so good. i cannot believe it is true story. lupita nyong's performance was pretty amazing. glad she won the oscar even though it really should have gone to meryl. *a must see*
3. the amazing spider-man 2: i heard from several different people that they hated this movie. but i actually really enjoyed it. the ending is rough though just sad. it made me really anxious to see the 3rd one..four years from now.
rain man won best picture the year i was born. [1988] but i honestly didn't really care for it. and on a serious note DO NOT EVER WATCH they came together it was the most horrible movie i have ever seen. they wasted their money. i couldn't even watch more than 15 minutes of it. i mean just look at all the bad reviews it got. worst. movie. ever!!

here are my top five from all five months:
1. divergent
2. home front
3. 12 years a slave
4. winter's tale
5. the grand budapest hotel
have you seen any of these movies lately? which one is your favorite? 

well i have to be up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning. i'm talking 3am!! i have to be on three news shows. i repeat three new shows. the first one airs at like 4:30 and the last one is at 7:45. so needless to say i am going to be hanging out at one of my least favorite places for over three hours tomorrow morning. i have stayed up pretty late the past two nights in hopes of being tired enough tonight to go to bed a 6. but man, am i dragging today. i need to go clean a rent house and i'm really hoping my tired body can handle it. i had seafood last night for dinner and my stomach isn't totally agreeing with me about that decision. gosh it can be so picky sometimes. needless to say, i am counting down the hours for this day to be over. i'm sure i'll definitely be ready for bed at six tonight. wish me luck tomorrow. i am really praying i won't be nervous and cold. 
have a lovely weekend, friends.
"every woman needs makeup. don't let anybody tell you different. the only woman pretty enough to go without makeup was elizabeth taylor, and she wore a ton."
[august: osage county]

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  1. I read the book(s) but haven't seen Divergent yet! I did buy it though so I need to watch it, but like you there seems to be no time! How was Sharknado? That's on my list, along with Winter's Tale. I love Colin Farrell. I hope the shows went well!