Thursday, October 30, 2014

September's Highlights

hi friends! it has taken me forever to get this post together. i wasn't sure if i would even have time to post it before november hits. but i am determined to do a highlights' post every month, and i was not going to let this month pass without getting one published. now that i have over explained things let's just jump right to it. i am multi-tasking like a crazy person these days. 

spent labor day with my family at our lake house.
naturally mister elliott and i took lots of silly selfies. this one is my favorite. 
my mom took us girls to get pedicures. and even though i had to wait an hour before he started mine it was still relaxing and fun to do something with the girls.
i went to my best friend's house before heading back to north little rock and we had fun playing with ava and hanging out on her front porch enjoying the great weather. ava wore the overalls i got her for her birthday. they're so cute on her. such a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

had my monthly bunko night at mrs. shell's house. she made this scrumptious taco salad concoction and it was to die for! the dessert was this tasty keylime pie, and i came in first place!

 got to be on fox 16 news to promote the stores. usually, i am so nervous i can't even handle, but this time i wasn't. i guess i'm getting comfortable and more relaxed with this part of my job.

my best friend surprised me one afternoon by coming down to north little rock. i got to see and hang out with her for a little while before she headed back to hot springs. 

my mom and i went to panera bread co one monday night for dinner. i swear we are addicted to this place. after dinner we went back to her place and watched family feud reruns. they did a celeb look alike theme and it was pretty entertaining. plus steve harvey is hilarious.

got to go to another mix & mingle girls' night at my church. they had a baked potato/salad bar set up for dinner and it was all delicious, of course. then we got to pick three "hobbies" from about 10 hobby groups and go and have a little 20 minute seminar on them. it was fun! the three hobbies i chose were: distressing furniture, how to style a hair piece/wig, and fall decorating. it was a fun night!

finished he's gone. it was okay, but it took me forever to get into it and i was disappointed with the ending. i was thinking it would be more shocking, but it wasn't.

started a new beth moore bible study at my church.
i'm really liking it so far, too. 
piper wanted to do bible study, too. silly kitty.

went to my parent's one night for a family dinner. my mom's cousins were in town so they and my grandparents joined us this time. elliott was waiting for me at the door when i arrived.
he was so incredibly happy to see me, too. i had brought over some balloons to make balloon animals and he just thought that was the neatest thing. it was a fun night getting to hang out with family and see family i don't get to see very often. 

finally got to watch divergent and oh em gee, y'all it is SOOO goooood!! i literally watched it non-stop for an entire week. ooh i need to add this one to my massive movie collection.

got invited [for once] to my friend, amber's house for a razorback watch party. 
i had too much fun being silly with my friends.

made a $1400 sale for my stores. comcast spotlight wanted 20 gift baskets to give away to their clients and they asked the gift basket queen hogman's to do them. thank goodness my girl, beth was able to help me. we got them knocked out pretty fast and comcast was super impressed. 

started watching the new season of dwts on monday nights with my momma.
the ones marked with hearts our my favorites. i like the other two, too, but they aren't as fun to watch as the others. i think either bethany mota [youtube sensation] or janel parrish [pll actress] will be the winner this season. although alfonso ribeiro and sadie robertson are also very good. they just haven't been getting as high of scores as the other two. and tommy chong is just funny. naturally.

got to be on kark4 news bright and early one morning.
this time, beth got to come along and we had a fun time setting up for the interview. whew, i was so glad when it was over though. luckily the anchors on channel 4 are way easier to interview with than fox 16 news. 

watched hocus pocus and ate pizza one night with my friend cameron. 

got to stay at my sister's one weekend since my brother-in-law was out of town for work. we went to one of elliott's friend's birthday party, baked cupcakes, and hung out at the house. sunday, elliott and i went to the park for four hours. he crashed on the way home. and on sunday night when i got back to my house i fell asleep at six. it was a busy fun-filled weekend for sure.

got my replacement life proof case in the mail. mine had broke, but luckily i was able to report what happened and they shipped me a brand new one for FREE! thank goodness it came in before something bad happened.

FINALLY got in the tassel garland i ordered from studio mucci
it took over 2 months to get here, but it was well worth the wait. i cannot wait to get it hung. i have the perfect place for it, but i'm still looking for what i want to go under it.

went and got chili's one night with my friend, amy. i ordered a cheeseburger. duh.
i ate every bit of it, too. then we went back to her apartment and gossiped till 11. i always enjoy spending time with her, and am so glad we have remained friends all these years.

one of my co-workers, whom i've known forever, retired so all of us here at work put together a gift basket of goodies to send with her when she left. we gave it to her at lunch. she absolutely loved it and was super surprised. 

{twenty one}
i met my friends, cameron and zara at a local bar downtown one night so we could watch my friends, amy and taylor do a small show. amy plays the guitar [my friends are the coolest] and writes all her own songs. taylor is her old roomie and he played the drums. it was such a fun show!

{twenty two}
my friend, cameron and i went to a new club that opened in little rock. we had such a fun time dancing and i didn't get home till 4 in the morning.

{twenty three}
went to my great-grandma's 92nd birthday party at my grandparents' church. there was food and cake! and naturally i had a fun time hanging out with mister elliott.
pictures with the family. 

and there's september's highlights. posted on the second to last day of october. ha! but it's another great month to add to the books. and october has been just as great. if not, better. don't worry you'll hear all about it at the end of next month. which is like a day away. crazy. 
well, who's ready for halloween? do you know what you're going to be?
nothing. that's what i'm going to be. i just don't feel like doing anything. so i won't. but i hope all of y'all have a fun and safe halloweeny. try not to get sick on candy.
"yo, you don't walk into mcdonald's with your own hamburgers and try to sell it to them. you know why? because they already got their own hamburgers. okay. they're not going to look at your hamburgers and be, like, "oh shit! she's got hamburgers. that looks like a good deal. maybe i can buy them, turn around and sell them for twice as much.""
[walk of shame]

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