Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Hectic Life

well, hello there, september. i cannot believe you are here. wait, yea i can cause this year has already gone by incredibly fast. not like when i was a kid, when the weeks would just draaag on. now? nope. i'm always, like damn, where did the month go? the time just flies nowadays. 
well did you all have a lovely labor day weekend?
i sure did. i went to my lake house here in hot springs, arkansas. my little family all went down on friday night, but i wanted a chance to sleep in, in my very own bed on saturday. i didn't arrive until close to the 3 on saturday and left around 7 last night. i love having long weekends in hot springs. except i hate what that long weekend meant. it meant, the end of summer. booo! i so don't want it to end. i love summer too much. i hate fall and i really hate winter. like the summer goes by so fast, and the fall/winter just drag on. i get bored, i'm cold constantly and my nose stays a nice shade of rosy pink almost half the time. it just ain't fun. 
today, though, before i go pull orders to get the stores restocked for another football game, i wanted to share some random things i gots on my mind. just a list of some things i'm lovin at the moment. just the basic shiz like food, movies and shopping. same ole same ole. let's get started.

i'm addicted. like so addicted. i am so happy i have gotten back into reading, but i am also mad at myself for not getting into mystery novels sooner. they are so good. at least the ones i have been reading have been, anyway. i read three mystery books in august and i am working on another right now. 
these are the ones i read in august:
i zoomed through saving june it was so very good and the ending was wonderful. sad, but wonderful. 
do you like mystery novels?

ritz bacon flavored crackers are seriously the best crackers i have ever tasted. seriously, you must try these! i brought them over to my sis' house and shared them with my nephew one afternoon, and he agreed they were pretty freakin tasty. we ate a whole sleeve, just the two of us, in about five minutes flat. 

have you seen this movie?
oh my gosh, it is hilarious. i mean, i thought so, anyway. the little kid in this movie, and jason bateman are absolutely hysterical. like i swear there's parts in this movie that had me laughing with tears. i mean there's so many golden lines in this movie that i almost can't handle. you should see this one.

i really like these bar stools from target. i want to get a few stools for my art table and i just haven't found any i like. well i saw these on target does it again and they are exactly what i've been looking for. i know i want stools with a back. i also like these simple ones or these. what do you think?

you guys neeeeed to know about this hashtag on instagram. gosh i catch myself looking at it and cracking up when i'm bored. the hashtag: #celebricatdoppleganger .. search it, and enjoy. these are a few of my favs.

i'm addicted to these things, too. yum. i had never tried a chai latte until about a few weeks ago, at my bestie's house. i wasn't sure at first, but as soon as i took that first sip i was transported back to 1995. there used to be this place in north little rock called, fairy-tale tea parties. you could have your birthday party there, like i did several different times. you and your friends got to dress in fancy dresses, wear gloves and have a tea party for your birthday. and this here, chai latte tasted exactly like the tea they used to make for those tea parties. isn't it funny how tastes and scents can bring back a memory? so naturally, the next time i went to the grocery store i picked up a box and i already need to go get another box. seriously, if you haven't had the keurig chai lattes you should totes check them out.

so i had to stay at my bestie's house a couple of weekends ago since my bro and his friends were using our lake house. well i stayed in her guest bedroom and i needed to charge my phone while i slept, but all the plugs were being used and i was stumped on what to do. until i saw the plug by the door way. only problem, my charger cord just wasn't long enough. so i pulled the gate over and leaned it again the wall, put that box on top and then charged my phone on top of it. clever huh? i just had to share.

i ordered alfred hitchcock presents season 1 on amazon a few weeks ago. i had heard about it from somewhere and saw that they had a prime special of like $6.98 going on so i just went ahead and bought season one. eh they okay. i mean some of them are so off that it's like wait, that wasn't a mystery, that was just dumb. needless to say i don't think i'll be ordering season 2 anytime soon. 

i really want these red leopard print flats from impressions. i have the dark brown ones that i got from SF but now i want the red ones. heck, i wouldn't mind owning all three to be honest with you. 

i got this necklace a couple of weeks ago from mindy mae's market. it's called the "piper" necklace and it was one of the very first necklaces i fell in love with on her website. i honestly, have been wanting it for months, but didn't buy it until she put it on sale. so glad i waited. i love it, especially since it's named after my sweet wittle kitty cat, piper.

another necklace i have had my eye on is the sideways initial necklace from love always. i have liked these forever now. she posts them all the time, but i just haven't bit the bullet and paid the $62 for one yet. she had a labor day sale this past weekend, but i didn't buy anything cause i'm trying not to spend money at the moment. maybe i'll have to ask for this one for christmas. 

and lastly, i'll leave you with this gem.
if you are a big sister or a little sister, i think you can definitely relate with this picture. seriously as soon as i scrolled past it on my instagram feed i immediately started cracking up. ahh it's perfection.

and that's all the randomness i can think of to share with you today. i had some more things that i had written down, but now they aren't quite making sense. this week should be a short week. i've been so busy today, that i can definitely tell, yep, it's the first of the month. i have 3 houses to clean this week, 5 stores to re-stock and i gotta be on the news on friday morning. yea, i'm not even looking forward to it. 
do you have any fun plans for the week?
i'm just already so red-eye for the weekend, playa plays!
"dang it, jim. i'm an astronomer, not a doctor. i mean, i am a doctor. i have a doctorate. it's not the same thing. you can't help people with a doctorate. you just sit there, and you're useless."
[treasure planet] 

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