Tuesday, September 30, 2014

August's Highlights

hi there. so i'm sure a few of you aren't at all surprised that i am just now writing my august's highlights post. september has been crazy wild for me. i didn't even accomplish any of my goals for this month..but we'll get to that if when i post my september goals' recap. it's just i've been so busy doing so many different things that blogging has been the last thing on my mind. buuuttt i really wanted to post my august's highlights before october hits. [tomorrow]

let's get this going. i am super quadruple busy today doing lots of jobs i don't normally do since two people on my team are on vacay this week. but i've already gotten a lot done these last two days that i'm not even stressing about it. 
so here we gooo! here's august's highlights:

went out to dinner with my momma [panera bread] and then we watched rio 2.
it was a fun night hanging out with my mom. if you're wondering the first rio is better than the second.

i got in my new leopard print loafers i bought from savoir-faire.
i absolutely love them, and wear them like all the time.

got to babysit my niece and nephew one saturday afternoon.
i was a little nervous about babysitting both of them, but they were both so good. we had a lot of fun!

finished the great gatsby!

got to meet my rep from wincraft again. eek! i'm pretty sure i've told y'all before, that i have a teeny tiny crush on him. he came down to arkansas for another trip, and he drove down to little rock just to see meeee. we had a good time catching up, i gave him a tour of my warehouse, and he even taught me how to order from their website. lordt, i hope he never finds my blog, he'd probably be creeped out a bit. ha!

had lunch at my grandmommy's house for my momma's birthday.
naturally, i had a blast playing with my nephew. y'all i swear he thinks i'm like the coolest person in the whole world. it's pretty awesome.

had a small family dinner at my parents' house welcoming my dad back into the country. he had been gone to ecuador for a week. he brought us all back some goodies including these soccer jerseys.
they were one size fits mosts...haha!

i got 65 likes on a necklace i posted on instagram. yes, you heard that right. 65.

got to see my niece, julianne at work one day. and she was wearing one of the onsies i found for her.

watched a "best picture" film. and i really liked this one, too.
i have officially watch 30 best pictures. 

went to hot springs one saturday afternoon to see my bestie.
i went and had lunch with stormi, her husband, and their baby, little miss ava. we went to on the border and split a pitcher of watermelon margaritas. they were delicious. after lunch, we went shopping at books-a-million. then we just chilled that night and watched flavor of love.

went to my monthly bunko night.
i came in first place this month! holla! and this homemade cobbler we had for dessert was perfection!

finished hallowe'en party!

had another fun family dinner at my parents' house. i'm so glad my mom has started doing these again. she made crock pot soup this time, and it was a huge hit! i spent most of the night playing with my nephew, and was worn slap out once it was time to go home.

got in my second necklace from mindy mae's market.
it's called "the piper" necklace, and i couldn't resist not buying it since it shares the same sweet name as my fat cat little favorite kitty cat. a new fav, for sure.

got to record a radio commercial!
it was fun! beth and i had a good time. [as you can tell] she loosened me up and made me not feel at all nervous. the guy that helped with the recording was also pretty funny and helped put me at ease. 

my friend, amy and i went and ate at on the border one night. i was craving a watermelon margarita and i knew she'd be down to go and get a few with me. 
after dinner, she took me to her new apartment here in north little rock. [5 minutes from my house] finally one of my best friends is close to me again. 

finished saving june.

got myself some new books/movies. a little retail therapy.

GOT A [much needed] HAIRCUT!
yes, that's my natural hair color. thanks, kat!

made a beautiful wreath for ava's birthday party.

took a friday off to go to hot springs and hang out with my best friend, plus get things all ready for ava's first birthday party. 
we went to ambrosia bakery and i got a couple of cupcakes. they were delicious, of course. we then spent the rest of friday prepping for the party. it was a fun day!

hosted ava madison's first birthday party at my lake house with her mom and my best friend, stormi. naturally, it was a big hit!

started a new tradition with my dad, brother and brother-in-law. we are going to start meeting at bj's cafe [small diner that rents from us] every monday morning for breakfast. 

went and saw my friend, amber's new house she just moved into. she wants me to help her decorate, and i wanted to drop by and get a few ideas. let's just say, i have my work cut out for me. 

spent the last friday and saturday of the month hanging out in hot springs with my friends and family. it was definitely a great labor day weekend!
alrighty, i gotta end this quick. it's already way after 5:00 and this girl is ready to leave this gay place and do something completely different. this day has definitely tried my patience and has really made me start re-thinking lots of things i have going on in my life. but i'll share more on that soon! i'm really hoping october will give me more opportunities to post more. we'll see. 
have a good tuesday...ya girl needs a drink.
"oh, is that why? oh. okay. because i thought it was something different. i thought it was because i thought i deserve the best. and he's out there. he's just with all the wrong women. and let me be clear. after years of men looking at my tits instead of my eyes and pinching my ass instead of shaking my hand i now have the divine right to stare at a man's backside with vulgar, cheap appreciation if i want to."
[p.s. i love you]


  1. Looks like you had a lovely August!! Keep it up girlie! I wanna see an outfit post with those fun necklaces!

  2. You always have so much fun-and that cobbler looks so yummy!