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August Goals recap, September Goals and Resolutions

hey y'all! like where have i been, right? busy. that's where i've been. football season is in full swing and we're not even to game four and i'm already worn out. worn out and stressed out! anyways, i have found some time in between writing orders, cleaning houses, and filing police reports to post my goals for september, and to recap my goals for august. i did pretty good last month. i had some life drama happen, but once i got that contained, things went a little more smoothly in the busy life of richard scarry sica jenkins. i'll definitely post all about august a little more when i post about my highlights. if i can find the time, that is. 

let's start with august's monthly goals recap. 
1. read two books. 
success!! i actually read 3 books:
i really enjoyed all three of these. i have a book review on hallwe'en party written out, but just haven't had the time to post it yet. go figure.

2. make a flower arrangement.
fail!! determined to do this, though. sure, sure.

3. work on not being late to work.
success!! no, i wasn't on time every day, but i did work on it and i definitely got better about being on time. i actually was on time/early every day the last week of august.
i promise, that's a huge accomplishment for me.

4. get a large bulletin board.
fail!! i did look for one at several different places, though. i just can't find one big enough. i basically want it to be the size of the ones they have in classrooms. i've come to find out those are hard to find. i'll have to do some looking online, i guess. 

5. throw a successful birthday party for ava.
super success!! it was perfect, and i had so much fun planning it with my bestie.
read the full story {here}

6. frame my movie posters for my office.
success!! i got both of them framed, and i cannot wait to hang em up.

7. save $350.00
huge fail!! i had a lot of things i had to pay for in august like:
a crown for my tooth
a new windshield 
new breaks for my jeep
plus, my house payment went up, and my paycheck went down. 
oh and i'm freaking broke! ugh. #adultprobz

and that was august's monthly goals recap.
and now time for september's monthly goals. here's what i got:
1. learn about the landlord software we have.
i'd prefer to just use my handwritten ledger, but not everyone prefers that. 
i hate relying on computers...
2. read three books.
3. watch four "best picture" films.
4. give up sodas. doing so good, so far.
5. hang up posters in my office.
6. find a large bulletin board.
7. make flower arrangement.
8. save $200.00.
wow. i didn't realize i had made so many. wish me luck!

how are you doing on your monthly goals?
do you make monthly goals?

now to go over my 2014 resolutions. can y'all believe it september and i'm stll going over my resolutions each month? yea, i can't believe it either. a little proud of myself for that. 
1. take more photos. here's all the pictures i took in august:
lots with my nephew cause he loves to take selfies. who doesn't?

2. make plans. here's all the plans i made/did in august:
went to dixie cafe for dinner with my momma, and we watched rio 2 afterwards, got to baby-sit my niece and nephew one afternoon, went to church with my mom and we got panera for lunch, had lunch at my grandmommy's house for my mom's birthday, had a few family dinners at my parents' house, went to hot springs and stayed with my bestie, hung out with my bro and sis-in-law at my parents' one night, met my dad for breakfast one morning, went and ate at on the border with my friend amy, went to breakfast with my dad and brother, took a day off and spent it with my bestie, hosted a birthday party at my lake house, went to a going-away party at my church, went to breakfast with my dad, brother and brother-in-law, went to dinner at panera with my momma, went and saw my friend, amber's new house, and hung out in hot springs with my family and bff for labor day weekend. 
wooo ya girl was busy, clearly.
i love it when i'm busy though, don't you?!

3. blog often.
yikes, i'm just not doing good at this one. oh well, i'm trying and that's all that matters.
here's all the posts i did in august:
okay, well, i actually posted more than i thought i did. hmm i'll take that!

4. stop being lazy.
i think i've been doing really good at this one. 
i read 3 books, i made a wreath for ava's party, i also started making it a habit to do my chores [take trash/recycle out, change litter box, load dishwasher, pick up my room, do laundry, etc] every thursday. and i have been doing great at it, too. 
like with the wreath, i'm going to try to do at least one craft once a month. this month, hopefully, it will be the flower arrangement i have been meaning to make for the last four months. 

5. be more thoughtful.
i want to get into the habit of writing thank you notes, even if it's just for something silly. i haven't gotten into that habit, yet, though. i have however, have started tipping better. like if the waiter does a really good job, they deserve a really good tip, ya know. i used to just tip $2, now i tip $8 if they do a really good job. and not trying to brag or anything, but i did help host a birthday party. it's hard to remember the stuff that i do that's thoughtful. these are just ones i had written down.

6. wear more dresses.
i wore three dresses in august. not as many as i wore in july, but still.
 the dresses are both from here.
do you like to wear dresses?
i'm sure i'll wear more once i can break out my leggings.

7. read more.
y'all i've been doing great with this goal. like i said, i read 3 books last month and i've already finished one this month. here's all the books i have read so far:
1. breakfast at tiffany's
2. catching fire
3. gone girl
4. veronica mars
5. sharp objects
6. dark places
7. the great gatsby
8. reconstructing amelia
9. hallowe'en party
10. saving june
11. he's gone
ahhh i cannot believe i've read 11 books this year. seriously, i can't believe it. i'm in the middle of a book right now and i'm dying to finish it so i can start this book. i watched the movie this weekend, and ordered the book on amazon yesterday. can't wait to start this series. 
have you read any good books lately?

8. learn to be selfless and not selfish. 
lord, will i ever get better at this one. ha! i am trying to learn that things don't always need to go my way. although, i would like them to. there is one particular part of my job i absolutely HATE doing. it's pretty shitty, really. but i haven't complained about having to do it. i was going to, but decided i felt silly. and i don't have to do it every day; so i guess picking up the sam's order is just something i'll have to deal with doing. and i have been. 
there's another thing that happened that i really didn't want to happen, but i just been keeping my mouth shut about it. that's the only thing i can do, sometimes. i swear, it's easier just to shut up then to actually deal with a disagreement. ya know?

9. make one or more monthly goals a month, and try to accomplish them.
as you've seen with these goals recaps i have been doing exactly that. i love making monthly goals, too. it's fun.
do you make monthly goals?

and there ya have it. another goals recap in the books. i know these probably bore the hell outta y'all, but it's cool for me to look back each month and see how i've done. i mean, whats the point of making goals if i'm not going to keep up with them.
well i gotta pull two more store orders, finish some apparel orders, and then possible go pick up some more cleaning supplies since i have two disgustingly sick nasty-ass rent houses to clean before the weekend. oof i am not looking forward to cleaning, but at least it gets me out of my office. i have like 8 gift baskets i've gotta make, but i'm hoping to just bust those out before i leave to go clean tomorrow. oh and i gotta be on the news again. story of my life.
"what? you were a television weather woman in dubuque, montana. you drove around in a broken down mini-van and you drank red wine from a box!"

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