Monday, August 4, 2014

Kickin It Low Key

hello all. i had time to share today and thought i hadn't done a weekend post in a good minute. so i figured, my low-key weekend was blog worthy enough to share with you's today. last night, i slept kinda of restlessly and am a little tired today but it's nothing a little diet cherry dr. pepper and five three cups of coffee can't fix. in between my restless night of sleep i had the craziest dream. i never remember my dreams, so when i do i try to decipher what they mean. do they mean anything at all? in my dream, i was a police informant for the north little rock police department. well apparently i was on the hunt to track down some fool guy named, zip-tie. yeah you heard that some guy named zip-tie haunted my dreams last night. oh and there was one point in my dream where i told my grandpa to back off cause there was a new sheriff in town. i would never say that to him. mainly cause why would i? and secondly, cause i'm scared of him. 
do you ever dream crazy random dreams?

so. my weekend. let's see. i guess it started with friday, right? 
friday. the first day of august. where the heck did the summer go? like, last month went by in a flash! i was so happy to get off work. friday was the first of the month, so you know what that means: rent is due. and surprisingly a ton of folks my tenants came in and paid their rent. most of the time they trickle in on the last day before it's late. i mean, i'm sure i'll be busy tomorrow [last day before it's late] just like friday, but i was still surprised to see so many people come in earlier. 
needless to say, my friday was over in a snap. i looked up at one point and it was daang, i'll take that! i had worn a dress on friday and i was dying to get home and change into something more comfortable. like jeans, a tshirt, one of my fav crew necks and some toms. ahh being comfortable is my favorite. around 6:15 i headed over to my mom's. my dad has been outta town so we decided to go get dinner than watch a chick flick. we went to the dixie cafe for dinner. they were packed, which is quite unusual. they had added tons of new things to their menu and although i didn't try anything that was new to the menu, i did try something i never had before. their patty melt sandwich. it was delicious cept for the first time in my life a long time i wasn't able to finish the sandwich. i had eaten too many of their yummy doughy rolls. 
after dinner, we went back to my momma's house to watch the other woman. i had already seen it but definitely wanted to watch it again. [i love leslie mann] unfortunately, though, direct tv didn't have it yet. they wouldn't be offering it till august 12th. [the day i get my crown] so after trying to figure out which movie to watch we settled on this one:
i loved the first rio and have been wanting to see the second one. i'm not quite sure why they named it rio 2 though cause it's not even set in rio. it was okay, but it's not one i would watch again like the first one. 
i didn't leave my momma's till close to 11. i was exhausted for some reason when i got home. i got ready for bed and read the great gatsby for a good bit before ending the night early watching this movie:
a good solid friday night if i do say so myself.

saturday. saturday i intended on sleeping in but didn't really since i woke up around 9. i had every intention of getting up and taking a shower, but just decided to be lazy. i hadn't been lazy on a saturday in over 4 weeks. i needed to be lazy. so i read for most of the day and watched these movies:
i was hanging out after finishing a chapter and starting a new movie when my doorbell rang. i swear, my heart starts to race whenever my doorbell rings unexpectedly. i mean everyone i know calls before they come over and i had no missed calls or texts saying that someone was going to. i've seen too many horror flicks about single girls answering doors and then getting killed; so there was absolutely no way that i was going to open it. i waited a good five minutes before i eased my head around into my living room to see if there was a shadow outside my door. i was really hoping it wasn't a mass murderer trying to kill me in the middle of the day on a saturday, but shit you never know. there was no shadow and as i walked toward the door i saw the mail truck leaving my curb. DUH! it was a package. i was freaking out over a package. 
a pretty brown package all tied up with string. ahh my new shoes from SF had arrived.
isn't the packaging just beautiful!? omg and the shoes! ahh they are a dream. they are so so comfortable and i know i will get lots of wear out of them. new favorite flats? you betcha!
later i woke up from a nap to a text from my sissy.
i didn't have any plans saturday night so i was pretty excited to get to go see my niece and nephew. although i admit i was a little nervous too. i hadn't babysat a two year and a two month old in well..ever. i mean i've watched some babies before when i worked at a daycare but there was always a grandma in there to help me. and she basically did all the work. hey, i was a kid back then. back when i was trying to figure out what i wanted to be when i grew up. so yes, i was nervous, but figured i could just wing it. 
when i got there my nephew was pretty excited to see me. ahh that's like the best feeling. their babysitter left and it was just the three of us. i finished giving julianne her bottle, fed elliott some bites of his dinner, and just hung out with them watching some goofy "police patrol" cartoon. [e's choice] honestly, if julianne wasn't as great a baby as she is i probably would have called my mom in tears. [i'm the kid whisperer, not the baby whisperer] but y'all she didn't cry one. single. time!! elliott on the other hand was yelling LOUD. that boy's got some lungs on him, but juliannie didn't seem to mind. even when he kept pushing his toys in her face or kicking his feet on her she did not even care. not one ounce. she just looked at the tv, ignored him and sucked on her paci. it kinda reminded me of my sister and i when we were kids. my sis being elliott in this case. we had a good time. we even [elliott and i] snacked on bacon flavor crackers and took lots of selfies. 
i had on my favorite grey beanie since i didn't get to take a shower before heading to my sister's. elliott loved taking it off my head and putting it on his own. y'all he was looking so cute, too. this beanie was one i always would wear when i went to my grandma's house. my grandpa had bought it for her in new york city when she was 22. needless to say, this beanie is older than elliott, julianne, and i put together. i thought it was pretty neat seeing him love wearing something i loved wearing so much as a kid. 
isn't he just the cutest?!
my sister got back and i looked at my phone and thought, where the time go? i had so much fun hanging with these kiddos. i stayed awhile longer to help my sis get these little un's ready for bed. gary [my bro in law] is outta town, and i knew my sis wouldn't mind a little help with bedtime duties. so i played with elliott while he was in the tub and my sis nursed julianne. elliott has foam letters he plays with in the tub, and y'all he knew every single letter except for the letter Z which he thought was an S..pretty close. i'm telling you, he is one smart two year old. my sis sent me home with 4 cucumbers and homemade pickles from her garden. it was a fun saturday that's for sure. i went home and watched this movie before i passed plum out.

sunday. sunday i woke up early to take a shower and get ready for church. it was just my mom and i this week. we have been meeting in a different room of the church since the sanctuary has no a/c at the moment due to a little incident that happened a few weeks ago. there was an explosion one wednesday afternoon, the a/c unit had apparently blown up and knocked out all the electricity in the whole church. so, we've been meeting in a separate area from the sanctuary and i gotta admit i like it waay more. it seems more cozy, and welcoming. the sanctuary is so formal. and it's always freeeezing! when i was walking out of church towards my jeep there were two fellas behind me and they agreed too that meeting in the other hall was a lot better than the sanctuary. hey, maybe the a/c blowing up was a God thing. you never know.
after church my momma and i went to panera for lunch. she has text me earlier that week that the bbq chicken flat bread sandwich was to die for and i was anxious to try it. we both got that and i will tell you right now, you need to try it too. the bbq was so sweet and the chicken very tender. i couldn't even eat the whole thing and i got it as a pick two
sunday's ootd. check out my custom nameplate necklace from love always.
i went home after lunch to finish reading the great gatsby. i was dying to get a new murder mystery, but wanted to finish it first before i started another book. well i finished it! it took up my whole afternoon, but i am so glad i read it. i wasn't going to at first but figured i could knock out a ten chapter book easily. 
right after finishing the novel i put on the movie. y'all i liked the movie before, but after reading the book, i LOVE the movie now. there were things in the movie that i never paid attention to before reading the book, but those things stood out to me this time. i loved how spot on it was with the book. so many lines that were said came right out of the novel. gosh i can't believe it took me so long to read this one. i fell in love with the characters even more after reading how they were in the novel. if you haven't read it or seen the movie, then do both of them. if you have a fondness for books and movies like i do, you will not be disappointed. 

i spent the rest of the night browsing instagram and just playing on my phone. mindy mae's market had restocked the coveted pocahontas necklace and it was on sale, so i bought it. she said it would probably be the last re-stock for awhile and i just didn't want to miss out on this beautiful piece. 
this gem should be on it's way to my mailbox any day now. 
i decided to watch this movie before hitting the sack early..aka 11:55
what a great low-key weekend!
well, it's five-thirty here and i am just now finishing this post. [i started at 10 this morning] it's been quite a busy monday: people steadily coming in to pay rent, answering all my zillions of emails, oh and i had a meeting with one of my fav sales' reps. taylor from wincraft. i totally have a huge crush on him, but shh don't tell anyone. i'm bout to pop out of this joint, get my work errands done so i can go to BAM! and get a new book. i've really been loving mysteries so i'm hoping to find a few good ones + i've been really wanting to read this book so maybe i'll pick it up, too.
so. how was your weekend? low key like mines?
have a major monday, little kittens.
"now, if the slap don't work, you cut them or you pay them, but you keep the receipts cause this ain't the mafia."


  1. Girl you are so my fave. And your man zip-tie. Wicked! I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I got a pet hummingbird while I was on vacation in Switzerland. I had to hide him in my shirt when I traveled back to the USA. {I've been watching way too much Locked Up Abroad before bed!} But we {me and the hummingbird} made it back to the US and the hummingbird would sit on my finger and hang out with me all the time. Talk about a RANDOM dream! :) Let's start planning our meetup!

  2. Zip tie? LOL crazy sauce. I do have crazy dreams, a lot lately.

    I need to watch Seven again.