Thursday, August 28, 2014

July's Highlights

wow. i can't believe it is the last week in august, and i am just now getting around to posting my july's highlights. ugh. also, i don't know about you, but i am so not looking forward to fall. like at all. i wish it could stay summer forever. i'll pick 90 degrees over 60 any day of the week. july was crazy. and ignant all at the same time. so glad it's over. but there were a few highlights that i'm sharing today. so hang on to your hats, i'm gonna go through this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

:: one
got to see little julianne when my momma brought her up to work while she made poppy-seed chicken for "hot lunch thursday." we also got to leave work early that day due for the fourth of july.

:: two
had an awesome fourth of july in hot springs with my family at our lake house.

:: three
made a gorgeous summery wreath for my front door. 

:: four
had bunko at mrs. suzanne's house.
she made a casserole called, "baptist preacher's wife casserole" or something like that. it was delicious! she made some coconuty dessert, but i didn't really like it since i hate coconut. thankfully, my sis polished it off for me. i didn't place this month either, but was glad to get a home-cooked meal. 

:: five
got to have a meeting with one of gameday's hat vendors. just between you and me, he is the best hat rep we have. i like his hats the best, too. but that's just me. and naturally beth and i had a good time.
 [wearing the cardboard they put in all the hats.]
also, our sales rep, let me keep one of the guys' long sleeve shirts he was trying to get me to buy. i loved how soft it is, and apparently piper does, too since she quickly claimed it after i got home.

:: six
got to see little miss juliannie again on a thursday at work. my mom brought her down for "hot lunch thursday" again and we had one of my favs, spaghetti. 
[this little one started daycare so i don't get to see her at work anymore. #sadday]

:: seven
got a much needed haircut.

:: eight
went to hot springs one friday afternoon to hang out with the bestie.
she had found a recipe online that she was dying to try, and of course, i had to be her guinea pig. y'all, it was incredible. she did some chicken cooked in some sauce + zucchini, too. it was so so good. 

:: nine
that saturday, i went and ate lunch with stormi and her family at chicken express. have you been to a chicken express? it's so damn good. and ironically, i had gone to chicken express on that same day last year with my sister in arkadelphia. crazy how these things keep happening to me.
after lunch, stormi took us downtown so we could get cupcakes. we went to fat bottomed girls cupcake shoppe. i had never been there before.
i got salted caramel. it was absolutely delicious, and hit the freaking spot. man, i just love downtown hot springs. we ate our cupcakes on a bench outside the shop. i want to go back again soon.

:: ten
went and got frozen yogurt with my friend, amy. we ate our treats and then headed back to my house to talk on my front porch. it was a cool summer night, and the weather was perfect. the bugs, however, were acting cray cray. they were flying all around us and one [a locusts] got stuck in amy's hair. we bout ran half way down the street trying to get away from him. we also saw this little caterpillar/worm thing. amy kept saying it was a worm, and i was like, "what the heck are you talking about? it's just part of the branch." well we examined him more closely, and i discovered that, yep, that "twig" was in fact eating that leaf.
  anyone have a clue what kind he is?
she stayed till close to midnight, where we eventually had to move into the kitchen due to all the bugs. also she told me she was moving back to north little rock. yea, she's only 30 minutes away, but when she gets back to nlr, she'll be 5 minutes away. and that's pretty tight.

:: eleven
got to leave work one day to go to my sis' house to get the checkbook from my momma. she was babysitting the kiddos so it was a good break away from the office. elliott was so excited to see me when i got there. [best feeling ever] we played trains until his momma got home. he was so sad when i left. he's such a sweetie. my sister sent me back to work with homemade pickles and cucumbers from her garden. they were absolutely delicious, too!

:: twelve
worked a huge sidewalk sale with my team at our north little rock location.
we went OVER the goal we set and i had a good time hanging out with my crew. 

:: thirteen
made $30 off of something i put in my grandpa's thrift shop.

:: fourteen
got to have family dinner at my mom's house. i'm so glad we started doing this again.

:: fifteen 
got to go to hot springs again for another fun friday night.
we went and saw a friend of hers, went shopping at dillard's, and picked up dinner at slim chickens. 

:: sixteen
that saturday stormi, her husband, and i went and had lunch at one of our favorite spots, panda express. we also went shopping at tj maxx and i found several cute things. like this top:

:: seventeen
went to an estate sale and found some fun stuff. 
i got that hat for $2 and that sumo wrestler figurine for 50 cents. 

:: eighteen

:: nineteen
got in my custom nameplate necklace from love always.

:: twenty
officially ordered myself a "blush crush" tassel garland from studio mucci.
she had this sale so naturally i jumped the gun and can't wait to get this baby in. it still hasn't come yet, but she said they take 4-6 weeks to make. i'm trying to stay patient, but damn i can't wait to get it. 

and that's my highlights for july. now, i basically gotta turn around and work on getting my august highlights posted before the end of september. football season has basically started for me, but i'm not at all stressed about it. i refuse to let it get me stressed, too. i'm way more organized this year, and think i'm ready to conquer another hog-wild season. maybe we'll actually be good this year. i'm hoping to get another post posted before the weekend, but i ain't promising anything. i'm not too busy today, but i do have a large and in charge stack of papers i need to file. 
i'm going over to my friend, amber's tonight to help her come up with some fun decorating ideas for her new house she just moved into. i'm anxious to see the place, and see what she's wanting to do. it's also "hot lunch thursday" and i'm starving. too bad we are just having pizza....
happy thursday! so so close to the weekend.
 "paperwork is the soul of russia. farming is only the stomach. now, when am i going to come shoot some snipe?"
[anna karenia]

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