Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ava's First Birthday

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hey there friends! today, i'm sharing my best friend's daughter's first birthday party i helped host at my lake house in hot springs. she went with a princess sofia theme. who is princess sofia? i still have no clue. i ain't even heard of her until a few weeks ago. anyways, i took friday off so i could head to hot springs early and start prepping for the party. 
stormi [the bff] always raves about how much she loves my wreaths, so i wanted to make one especially for ava's party.
i'm getting so good at making bows now! i really couldn't do it without this video though. that girl is a genius. anyways, i had that wooden A for a minute now and decided to finally use it. while i was painting the chevron stripes i was like damn, this looks like crap, but once it dried it turned out beautifully. so happy with this whole project. 
when i got to hot springs i dropped all my stuff at the lake house and headed to stormi's. as soon as i got there, we headed right back out the door to finish some last minute errands, and take all the decorations over to the lake house. we also had to go to the bakery where she was getting the cake from. i had never been to ambrosia bakery and probably shouldn't even know it's there because it is literally 5 minutes from my lake house and 2 minutes from my hot springs store. this could be trouble, you know. heck, i can never say no to a cupcake. obviously..see pic below.
 i left with not one, but two cupcakes. pink lemonade, and chocolate chip milkshake. they were both absolutely delicious! stormi got a brownie, and it was really yummy, too.
oh and look at these cute razorback cookies they were selling. how fun would these be for a party.
i definitely want to go back and try some of the other goodies they had. maybe i can when i am down there with the fam this weekend for labor day.
after we left ambrosia we went to walmart to pick up some last minute party supplies. a few extra decorations and what not. while we were there, we ran into her momma. stormi's mom volunteered to do all of the food and she was there picking up the last minute things she needed. we stayed there for a minute throwing random things into her mom's cart. they were both definitely wanting to go all out. once we left walmart, we went back to the lake house to start decorating. we hung up banners, strung streamers, and hung up these really neat streamer chandeliers stormi and her best friend from high school made for the deck. they were beautiful. i wanted them in my house! 
they were perfect for the back porch. and i loved how whimsical they looked blowing in the breeze.
stormi and i stayed working on decorating at the lake house for the remainder of the day. i even learned how to make balloon animals. i just youtubed it, obviously. it's way easier than i thought it would be. although i will say it took me a few tries before i got the hang of it.

after she left i went out on the back porch to read before i went to bed. i was tired, but reading always helps wind my mind down for the day, and helps me get sleepy. well, i quickly changed my mind about that when i saw this ginormous spider.
it was seriously the biggest spider i have witnessed that close to me. needless to say, i was creeped out and just decided to fall asleep watching this movie.
saturday, i woke up bright and early to start getting ready for the party. once i was dressed, i immediately started getting the back porch ready for guests. i swept all the acorns and leaves off into the yard, knocked down all the spider webs and put all the cushions on the furniture. 
i hung the wreath on the front door, and soon stormi showed up with the balloons to tie to the mailbox and the tiki torches in the backyard.
her mom showed up next with all the food. i helped her mom prep the snacks, while stormi went and picked up the cake from ambrosia. 
isn't it precious?!
after she got back, we finished the last bit of decorating, before her husband, caleb, plus his parents and ava showed up. once they were there, stormi and i changed ava into her birthday attire. girl, had four outfits stormi was going to change her into throughout the party. soon guests starting spilling in the front door, and before long the party was in full swing.

her mom did a fabulous job on the food. she stole all the fun ideas from pinterest. [of course] she had also bought those little fruit barrel drinks, and y'all i had forgot how tasty they are. sure, they're just pure sugar, but i hadn't had one since i was a kid. the lime one, is the best one in case you were wondering.
stormi and her mom bought tons of goodies for the kids to fill their treat bags up before they went home. i ate probably 23 of those gumballs during the course of the party. 
me, stormi, jessica
jessica was stormi's best friend in high school and i've heard so much about her, but we haven't ever gotten the chance to meet. that changed on saturday. stormi kept referring to us as "the jessicas." we were cracking up. it sounds like a band's name or a high school clique. 
i had a good time hanging out with her while stormi was busy with all the family guests. soon it was time for the cake. i thought it was random she had four candles, but hey i don't make the birthday rules. 
it was pretty good, too. the top part was chocolate and the bottom was vanilla. and ava got her very own "smash cake," of course. you can't have a first birthday without smashing some cake.
after cake, we cleaned the birthday girl up, and changed her into her last outfit. then, it was presents time! she had so many gifts, but the first gift she stormi opened was her favorite. it was a little minnie mouse car that you can push and ride on. needless to say, she was occupied for the rest of the party. stormi opened the rest of the gifts, and ava got so many cute things. lots of clothes, toys and money! soon the guest started to trickle out, and just close family was left. we all went into full on cleaning mode. we had the whole party cleaned up in less than an hour. i even got to break out my balloon animal making skills, and stormi's niece thought it was like the coolest thing.
soon everyone, including the birthday girl and her momma had left and i had the lake house to myself again. ahhh the peace after the crazy tornado of a first birthday party. i snacked on leftover goodies that stormi couldn't fit in her car, and watched pawn stars for basically the rest of the night. i was beat. my feet hurt like a mug and i slept like i was dead.
sunday, stormi came over to help me finish the last bit of the clean up. we threw away all the leftover food besides the cake and fruit barrels. before we headed to drop the leftover cake at her office, we went next door and explored the house they have been building for eleven six months now. we had a good time playing on the bulldozer, exploring the inside [we weren't impressed] and talking on the back deck. 
soon we headed to her office, and then we went back to her house so i could see ava's room. they had gotten so much cute things, that they had to re-arrange her room + get rid of quite a bit of stuff, too. stormi was dying for me to see it. ava got a princess castle from her grandparents and they had it set up in the corner of the room. the kid loved it. and stormi put the wreath i made, on her bedroom door. 
i am so thankful to be a part of this kid's life. stormi refers to me as her aunt [she doesn't have sisters] and i will gladly take that title. i feel in a way she is like my niece, and i want to be there for her. i want to see her grow up. i want to attend all her birthday parties, plays, and recitals. man, how'd i get so lucky? two nephews and two nieces, too! can we say hashtag blessed? yes. thanks, stormi, for asking me to help host this party with you. i had a blast doing it and can't wait to plan many more birthday parties with you.
"maybe there's something about me, that i'm a little cuckoo. i know it's a surprise. i know it's not on the surface. i mean, i had an imaginary friend when i was a kid. his name was shilo! we used to play checkers with each other everyday, and bless his heart, shilo would always let me win."
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  1. Holy cow that cake is awesome!! Fun fact, I too am a balloon animal expert. Weird right? Looks like you had a great party!! :)

  2. So much going on girl! I'm glad you're back into reading, and me too! I'ts been a while since I was so into it!

  3. WTF I'm not sure how I commented on the wrong post above... lol BUT I am digging those jars. Cute theme!