Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August Goals / July Goals' Recap / 2014 Resolutions

got lots of ground to cover today, party people. i'm finally getting around to doing a recap on my 2014 resolutions. i just didn't feel like boring y'all with it last time so you get double the fun today cause i'm doing june and july in one post. i am so ready for this day to be over with. mainly cause i'm wearing skinny jeans today and it's like 110 degrees out in our warehouse; i feel like i will be peeling these jeans off right when i get home. yep i'm sweating my makeup off out there. secondly, i am having dinner tonight with my family for my mom's birthday. us girls celebrated yesterday [my mom, sis, sissy-in-law, grandmommy, juliannie, my cousin, dawn and her daughter bri -- plus my grandpa and mister elliott] on her actual birthday at my grandmother's house with lunch and strawberry cake. but my bro and dad didn't get to come. so we are all going to have dinner tonight to celebrate. cept my mom insisted on making her own birthday dinner. [typical] and thirdly cause i got a new book called, reconstructing amelia, and i'm really started to get into it. i had woke up last night at 2 something in the morning. i had my book laid on my chest, and my lamp was still on. i guess i fell asleep reading..again. the thing is i don't ever remember laying my book down and closing my eyes. 
why is reading the best?

so. have you been recapping your 2014 resolutions? have you kept up with them? some i have been doing better than others, but for the most part i've been sticking with them. and damn, that makes me happy and i feel accomplished. such a nice feeling. especially since it's august and i've still be keeping with my new year's goals + i've kept and accomplished monthly goals, too. 
let's start off recapping july's 2014 monthly goals. i am so so proud of myself for this month because i accomplished all 3 goals i set. wooo hooo! 
1. save $400 for a crown success!
i was so crunk that i did this one. now i have no doubt i'll be able to save up for the one thing i really want more than anything.
2. make a summertime wreath success!
at first i wanted to do something with lots of summery flowers, but at the time, hobby lobby didn't have their floral department on 50% off and i was not going to pay full price for fake flowers. burlap ribbon was on sale though so i grabbed several different rolls and once i saw that metal sign [50% off too] i was full of inspiration. 
this is what i came up with:
at the last minute i decided to add a bow to the top. the thing is, i sucked at making bowls till i found THIS youtube video tutorial. now, i am a champ at making bows. 
do you love it as much as i do. i introduced it to instagram and got 4 likes so i guess you win some you lose some. i like it and that's all that matters. here's a close up:

3. finish reading dark places success!
 gillian flynn is definitely one of my favorite authors now. i zoomed through three of her books in 2 months. this book, just like the other two, i read was so so good, creepy, and everything i love about reading wrapped into one crazy story. add this to your must-reads. 
ANND that was july's goals.

now, here is my list of monthly goals for august 2014.
1. read two books.
2. make a flower arrangement for my kitchen table.
3. work on not being late to work. 
4. get a large bulletin board, spray paint it gold and hang it in my bedroom.
5. frame my movie posters for my office.
6. throw ava a successful first birthday party.
7. save $350.00.
wish me luck on these new seven goals. there's so many of them that i am excited about accomplishing so i think these will be relatively easy for me. or at least i'm hoping so, anyway.

alrighty, let's move on to the 2014 new year's resolutions recap.
new year, new you.
1. take more pictures. 
ever since getting my iphone5 i've been taking way more pictures. the quality is just better.
here some photos i took in june and july.
so. many. a lot of these y'all saw in my june's highlights post. i'm hoping to post july's highlights next week. needless to say, [as you might can tell] june and july were fun fun months.

2. make plans.
june's plans: planned two hot springs' trips to hang out with my bff, stormi. / spent father's day with my family at our lake house. / got to spend some quality time with my boo. / went to church several times with my family. / saw the fault in our stars with my friend, kasey. / went to the lake house for a few days with my friend, cameron. / and went to old chicago for the first time with my friend, amy.
july's plans: showed a new friend the old mill. / went to casa mexicana for dinner with a friend. / spent the fourth of july with my family at our lake house. / went and checked out a new bar that opened up downtown. / went to hot springs one friday night to have dinner with stormi. / hit up fat bottomed girl cupcakes for the first time. / got frozen yogurt with my friend, amy. / did a big sidewalk sale with my team at our north little rock location. / went shopping with my bestie in hot springs. / had old chicago again for the second time. / and went to an estate sale.
most of these plans were made by me, and a few of them i got invited to. i'm doing way better at planning things instead of just hanging out at home with piper. 

3. blog often.
not doing as great as i could be doing at this one. but blogging in the summertime is easier said then done, ya know. just read this post.
here's all the posts i wrote this summer:
yea, you read that right. only 8 posts for june and july. this one i am failing at, but i'm trying! 

4. stop being lazy.
well if you look at all the plans i made in june and july you can totes see that i have not been being lazy. in july, i did something every single weekend. i accomplished all my goals for that month, too. i mean, yea i only made three but it's the first month i have completed all my monthly goals. 

5. be more thoughtful.
this one could still use some work. i have started giving up front parking spaces for other people. i got legs, i can walk. i've been doing my best to remember people's birthdays too. i really need to go though and put reminders in my phone so i don't forget anyone. oh and i think it's about time i made some goodies again for all my co-workers. and i'm really trying to write more thank you notes. 

6. wear more dresses.
y'all. i have been loving wearing dresses this summer. guys, are totally missing out. dresses beat this arkansas heat and i am a-okay with that. here's some dresses i've worn lately.
: black and white maxi dress is a hand-me-down from my sissy / yellow necklace was a birthday gift from my bestie / cardigan is also a hand-me-down from my sis.
: purple sundress is from KLR / polka dot overlay is a hand-me-down from my bff / sandals are target / sunglasses are wetseal / statement necklace is impressions.
: skull maxi dress from shop riffraff / bracelets are from the wish list / necklace is from a cut above boutique.
: coral maxi dress from KLR / custom nameplate necklace from love always.
: floral black and white dress from target / wedges from target / flower crown from rue 21 / green and gold necklace from savoir-faire.
: leopard print necklace from alloy / tan tee from target / tye-dye maxi skirt from tj maxx / mint purse from savoir-faire.
annnd that's the deets on the dresses. are you a dress-wearing kind of girl?

7. read more.
have been doing great at this one. i've started reading every day actually. and when i finish one book i immediately pick up another. here's the books i've read since updating last:
five books more than last summer that's for sure. i probably - maybe read 5 books total last year. so far though i've read 7 books this year and i've grown to love reading again.

8. learn to be selfless and not selfish. 
there's a few things i've had to do and instead of complaining about it like i used to i just did it. no complaints either. i've been working with everyone here at work really well, too. i've been trying to not get so frustrated at some of my tenants. oh and that person i told y'all i was being selfish to - i'm not anymore. i've just been getting along and loving life. i really think i've grown a lot just this year and i gotta say, i'm pretty proud of myself.

9. make one or more monthly goals each month.
got this one down pat. yea so what if i don't accomplish every single one. i am trying and that's good enough for me. plus, did i mention i completed all of july's goals? making monthly goals is fun. if you haven't tried it yet, you should. it's totally worth it!

there we go! ahh it feels so good to get this all written and posted. hope i didn't just bore y'all to death. well once again i started this post first thing this morning, and eight hours later i'm finally hitting publish. blogging - working -'s all in a day's work. anyways y'all know i got plans this evening. dinner with the fam. [minus my bro-in-law who's in vegas] i'm hoping i can do a little bit of reading before i have to head over there. do you have big wednesday night plans?
"shut up, okay? please. i don't need to hear your hard-luck back story right now. i rented precious on netflix eight months ago and i still haven't watched the thing."
[we're the millers]


  1. Girl you are killing it with your goals- great job! Especially all the savings! Love all the dresses- super cute. I honestly don't even remember what my new year's goals were haha, I should probably get on those! And I haven't been that great about blogging in summer either, but I ain't mad about it!

  2. I am LOVING your wreath, such pretty colors and cool design!

    I need to add those other Gillian Flynn novels to my TBR pile, I've only read Gone Girl but it was sooo good!