Friday, July 11, 2014

Random Things For Friday

hey y'all! isn't that little kitty a cutie. anyways, i have gotten SO much done this morning, it is wild. i have been trying to get some gas things taken care of, but lord it took me two days of calling to find someone that finally knew what the hell was going on. ugh frustrating. you know what's also frustrating? being on hold for over 10 minutes and then getting hung up on as soon as a person answers the freaking phone. needless to say, i hate centerpoint energy. big thanks, to zachery [the centerpoint dude that got ish done] for doing his freaking job! geez. you know what's also annoying..the fact that some post offices close at 5 o clock. like what the hell? so what? people with jobs don't getta use that station? don't make any sense. 

well let me stop there before this post become a huge long ramble about how much i hate the united states postal service. i'm sure i'm not the only one with these feelings. and it's no wonder everyone keeps saying their going out of business..whatever that means. SO. today. i wanted to share some random things with you. a few things ive been digging, a few things i want, and some things i'm looking forward to. so here we go!

i finally ordered a custom nameplate necklace from love always couture and i am TOO excited for it to get here. i'm a staple necklace kinda girl. don't get me wrong, i have statement necklaces out the ying-yang but i usually would rather wear a simple gold necklace. i have three in particular right now that have become staples for me but unfortunately, one of them is turning silver and the other is tangled as all get out. so when i saw love always was having a 25% off sale for the fourth of july..i bit the bullet and bought that bad boy. 
you can get anything you want on the necklace. it's custom. some people get hashtags, or something to do with their personality, like.."boss lady" but i went with something very personal. my nickname: sica. ahh just writing about it makes me even more excited to get it in. i can't wait to make this necklace a new staple in my wardrobe. these necklaces are pretty pricey, which is why i have waited a while to get one, but with the 25% off discount it ended up being 80 dollars instead of a 100. score, baby!

i associate the nickname "sica" the same way lil wayne associates the nickname, "weezy." lil wayne isn't weezy, weezy is wayne. jessica isn't sica, sica is jessica. don't understand? then you don't get it

so when i got my new phone i had to transfer my stuff from my old phone to it. well i unknowingly, transferred 928 songs onto my new phone. WHAAAT?!! finally, i have more than 200 songs to listen to. my old phone wouldn't let me put any new songs on it so i had just been listening to tyga radio on pandora. well i randomly was looking for a song one day and saw..wait a sec..there's more music on my phone! and i'm talking about songs i hadn't listened to in years. needless to say, i was pretty freaking happy about this. also, i'm pretty sure i'm in love with my iphone 5. it was love at first sight.

 these things are the bomb{dot}com, y'all! my bff, stormi, got me addicted to them and ooh i am craving one now just chatting about it. i like to get the large, with no whip cream. ($3.96) seriously, if you haven't tried one of these DO IT this weekend. TODAY if you can. and personally, i think they taste better than starbucks ($5.52)..oh and they are a hella lot cheaper, too. 

the pretty one.
i watched this movie last night and i absolutely loved it! i mean, yea i bawled my eyes out, but my favorite movies are the ones that make me cry. as bad as that sounds it's not. just sometimes, you need a good cry fest. everything about this movie i fell in love with: the music, the characters, the costumes, the set decor, and mostly just the weirdness. it's the beautiful, weird, brushed under the rug-type of movies that always tend to be the ones i keep going back and watching over and over again. like this movie [there's an el co in it] and this movie, or even this one
yes, you need to see this one.

i've been reading on my front porch at night, and i can't say i hate it. it's lovely in the evening once the sun has gone down and everyone is in their own little houses. it's just peaceful. my front porch is very secluded in one area and i have made it my own little reading nook. i have a lawn chair i'm using now, but want to get something a little more comfy. maybe something like this..
how awesome are these things? not only have i been able to get outside and enjoy some reading time, but i also made a new little friend, too. 
meet tabby. i just named her that. i know it's a girl cause she has a pink collar with a pink bell on it. or at least i would think it was a girl. anyways, she's pretty sweet, but she ain't too fond of piper. and piper gets totally jealous when we hang out. oh and i stepped on tabby the other night, and her meow echoed throughout the neighborhood. but lets face it, you ain't a real house cat unless you been stepped on a time or two. 

i know i have talked about this book several times over the last month, but i had to bring it up again. it is just sooo goood. i haven't read a book, that i thought about even when i wasn't reading it, in quite awhile. i mean this book literally blew my mind. i did not see the ending coming. seriously you neeeed to read this one. i also read this one by gillian flynn, too.
which was also FREAKING AMAZING. i flew through this one, too. it's just so creepy, but totally good. i mean how does this author sleep at night. the ending to this book also blew my mind. i am loving me some gillian flynn. i am working on this one now and it's just starting to get really really good. 
seriously, you have to read these books. 
they made me fall in love with reading all over again.

this {statement} necklace was just re-stocked today at mindy mae's market and i would have already bought it for myself if i didn't have a stupid crown i'm saving up for. #adultprobs
isn't it gorgeous? it's called the pocahontas necklace. 

oatmeal cream pies. nough said. [they my fav]

bunny in a bunny suit. such a beautiful song. it's only 2 minutes long, but i have listened to it a million times since downloading it last night. it came from the movie, the pretty one. and i am loving it. 
gosh the singer, simone white, is gorgeous. and i can't help but get a little teary eyed when listening to this beautiful wonderful song. 

annnd thaat's it! today, has slowed waay down. i was so busy this morning, but after lunch i have just been bored with what i need to get done. i hate when that happens. i have had several folks call me about why they still have not paid their rent this month, i've been working on an order for the stores that i have messed up three times now. [my orders must be written perfectly. i'm ocd like that] and all i keep thinking about is getting off work and getting on with my weekend. i have plans with two different folks and i can't wait for either of them. although one is making me more nervous than the other. 
what's your weekend plans?
anyways, happy friday chicken nugs! maybe these last 2 hours will fly by. maybe.
"i didn't receive my invitation, but i just assumed the american postal service had fallen down upon the job, as per usual."
[saving mr. banks]


  1. One of the post offices around here is only open from 9:30- 4:30. It drives me nuts- how are working people suppose to access it in those hours?! Also, I read Gone Girl and loved it and cannot WAIT for the movie!! I heard her other ones are good too but I haven't read them yet- will have to soon. I've been in a reading funk lately!

  2. I love so much about this post. We seriously have a ton in common. And as I am about to list them... my cat just puked on my desk. #iworkfromhome Let's email and catch up soon. xxoo