Tuesday, July 22, 2014

June's Highlights

hey guys! summatime is in full swing, and i am loving it! this weekend i worked a big sidewalk sale with my team at our north little rock location, and guys it was a freakin hit! we ended up going over the goal we set and we got rid of a bunch of stuff we've been trying to get rid of since we opened the very first gameday. we have another sidewalk sale coming up at our fort smith location and we are really hoping we get rid of the remaining little bit we have left. fingers crossed.

today, i've been pretty busy trying to get some orders together for our stores. i didn't send them anything last week cause we were preparing for the sale. i've got two stores done yesterday and will get the other three today. i need to go over who still owes me rent, but i'll probably work on that this afternoon. i wanted to take a minute though, to tell y'all about my highlights for june. it was another awesome month especially with the start of summer. so let's hit it.

made a hundred bucks fixing four boxes of kentucky lanyards. it was worth it, cept i had to put it towards the crown i'm saving up for. lame.

got four new books from books-a-million.

started really enjoying reading out on my front porch. gorgeous afternoons, and lovely evenings were spent mostly on my front porch. i'm loving it! it's so secluded and peaceful. i fall more in love with my little neighborhood every single day.

went to hot springs for the first weekend of the month to hang out with stormi and her little family.
friday night, stormi and i picked up dinner from fat jack's in downtown, hot springs. we both got a bloody mary while we waited on our food. it was pretty good, but i've had better. after dinner, and putting ava to bed, stormi and i went to her mom's house to pick up her niece, samantha. after getting back to the house, we took samantha to a neighborhood playground and had a blast playing in the dark. we stayed at the playground till 11. when we got to the playground we had to crawl over a big fence to get in. well when we got ready to leave we noticed there was an unlocked gate. #typical after getting samantha in bed, stormi, caleb and i hung out in their backyard till close to 1. it was a fun night, for sure.

saturday was a great fun day, too!
i woke up, got ready real quick and headed to stormi's and we all loaded the car for a trip to arkadelphia to see/hang out with our friend, ashley. it was me, stormi, caleb, ava, samantha, and two clunky car seats all piled into stormi's small prius. after getting back from a fun morning in arkadelphia i left and went back to my lake house to lay out and get some sun. after three hours, i went in and got a much needed shower. later, stormi and caleb came over to hang out. her mom was keeping the kiddies so they could have a parents' night out. we hit up the liquor store and got several little cases of buttery nipple shots. then we came back and put on our swimsuits for some hot tub fun. we stayed up well past 2 and needless to say it was another fabulous night!

went to my momma's for dinner that sunday. she made dinner to celebrate my cousin, trevor's birthday. the dinner, naturally, was amazing and we all had fun watching the miss usa pageant. liz [my sissy-in-law] and i had decided from the get-go that miss navada was going to win, and she did!
this little guy, however, was not entertained. he slept through the entire thing.

my momma gave me a fern for a blue ceramic planter i've had empty for over two years now. 
she came over while i was gone over the weekend, and filled it for me. it looks great from the street. my momma is just the sweetest!

had bunko at mrs. paulette's [my 10th grade english teacher] house for the month of june. i came in third place. we had carrot cake for dessert and i swear i could have buried my face in that frosting. so tasty!

made my new friend, tabby..aka tammy..aka girlfriend..aka sweet face..aka crooked tail.
i looked out in my garage this weekend and she was standing on top of my jeep. she's crackin.

got to go to fort smith for a few days for work. it was good to get away from the office for a bit. 
that's selfies for days, party people. oh and look at that guy leaning on our shelves that we put outside our store till we could get it in the trailer. he just decided to post up. the first day i was there i got to meet my sales rep from this company. i have been buying from them for about three years now and i finally got to put a face with a voice. he introduced me to their custom line and i gotta admit he was pretty darn cute. glad we got to meet. beth and i worked a 3 full days organizing that dang-o store. there was one point where we were going through the mall [that's where the store is] with a huge cartload of all kinds of shiz. well, we are getting close to the elevator to take us upstairs to our storage room when we go to turn and it all CRASHES LOUDLY to the floor, right in the middle of the mall. we almost took out a glass showcase holding neon phone cases. we were laughing so hard i'm sure people thought we were nuts. then when we tried to get everything on the elevator we set the alarm off and a security guard showed up. we were still laughing, but he was not amused. anyways, we got so much done in just the three days we were there and the store is finally starting to look a HELLA lot better.

did some shopping at the fort smith mall [it's better than ours here] before heading back to nlr that friday.
i got these shorts and mickey mouse tank top as well as a little mermaid tankbicycle tankpineapples tank, a pair of white shorts and a sunflower swimsuit. i love new summer clothes!

spent father's day weekend at the lake house with my little family.
it was so much fun. i'm hoping we'll do more holidays here. weekends at the lake are definitely one of my fav things to do in the summer. 

went to fort smith again with my dad for another full solid work day of organization.
beth and josh [our general managers] met us up there. it felt nice to not have to drive for once. we got so much done and the store looks so good! dad and i didn't get back till 9:30 that night, but i felt very accomplished with my day and fell asleep with no problem. also while in fort smith i got a blueberry red bull [my favorite] smoothie from the coffee shop there. my taste buds bout jumped through the roof of my mouth it was so freaking amazing. life changing, really.

went to my momma's one night to hang out with my parents plus see juliannie and mister elliott. [my niece and nephew] my mom didn't have much to eat, but i improvised and made an eggs and salsa sandwich. then i just hung out with elliott. we played and watched the mickey mouse clubhouse. 

took a week's vacation from work. [much needed]
i read through the majority of the first day, and even finished a book. this book! after finishing it, i got ready and went to books-a-million to get some more books. [sharp objects & dark places] later, i went and saw the fault in our stars with my friend, kasey. it was a good first day of staycay vacay.

the next few days i went to my lake house in hot springs. my friend, cameron, drove down and joined me. we had fun laying out all day reading our books and being lazy around the lake house in our pjs. plus i got a bit of a tan, too. oh and ate my weight in fast food. 


the last day of my vacay i met up with my friend, amy, and we went and got frozen yogurt. we stayed there and chatted while we finished our fro-yo. since her birthday was the next day, we decided to go to old chicago for a small "celebration dinner."
this was my first time eating there. i got the southwest california burger, or something like that. it had avocado on it and it was THE BOMB. it was so amazing and i really wanna go back and get it again. gosh, why are burgers so awesome?

got to hang out with someone i've had a teeny crush on. we had a lot of fun. it's always pretty cool when you get to hang out with a crush, and they don't turn out to be a loser like so many of them tend to be. ya know? you may not know..but i know some of you know exactly what i am talkin bout. 

got a chance to see my bff, stormi for a day. we were both bored at home and decided why not hang out? just because we are an hour away doesn't mean i can't make a quick day trip to see my bestie. and with no sunday obligations, i decided heck, i'll go hang out with her for a few hours than head back before dusk. so i did that. we hung out in the beautiful sunshine, she made us dinner, we talked about ava's first bday that's coming up, and just had a nice chill sunday. it was a nice little day trip.

it was another busy, fun month and i gotta say this month [july] has been just as fun. i can't wait to share july's highlights. anyways, i besta get out in that warehouse and get these other orders pulled so i can spend the rest of my afternoon in my office. we are getting close to football season and i gotta get five stores ready for all the action. man, i'm finally getting the hang of this after four years. 
y'all have a lovely tuuuesdey. let's make it a good'n.
"oh, lord. well, i haven't really settled down to one particular thing yet. but, uh--i've worked at galleries, sold cars, tried out for "aladdin on ice." um, wedding videographer. i got fired, though, because apparently nobody wants a crash zoom to the priest during the ceremony. i was an exotic dancer, hostess at the new york audio show. let's see. what else?"
[forces of nature]

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  1. Yes! We both did so good on our readings! I read The Fault in Our Stars in a day-I was so hooked!

    Looks like a great month!