Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Goals + June Goals Recap

yo! long time no see talk. man, i cannot believe i have been m.i.a. around these parts for over 3 weeks. oops my bad, party people. i hope you all had a wonderful fourth of july. i did. it was very laid back. i just hung out with my little family at our lake house. i got to sleep in, lay out, spend time with my niblings, eat too much and just relax at the lake. i swear the fourth will always be one of my top fav holidays just because of all the things i named above. 

this was my favorite part:
just saying. i literally had been looking forward to it all week. 

anyway, today i wanted to post my goals for july as well as recap my june goals. i did not do so hot in june. yea summertime hit and i forgot all about trying to accomplish goals and shit. 

1. get tv hung/hooked up in my living room. FAIL.
2. get windshield replaced. FAIL. i thought my insurance would pay for this, but it won't so i will continue to keep the cracked ish i have now.
3. make a summertime wreath for my front door. FAIL.
4. don't buy anything online. SUCCESS. i actually bought one thing for five dollars, but it was a book for my dad. and i had bought it before i made this goal so i'm still saying this one was successful. like can you believe i didn't make one single online purchase? #proud
5. clean my shower. FAAAIL. honestly, i started on this one and then was like eff it. i really am thinking about hiring and cleaning lady to come do my house once a month. heck, maybe just to do my showers. cleaning showers suck...i should know i've probably have cleaned over 50 by now.
6. make a dentist appointment. SUCCESS.
7. plan 3 hangouts. SUCCESS.
8. read at least one of the new books i got. SUCCESS. i read 2 of them, actually!
i want to do a book review on gone girl, when i get a chance. 
9. save $200 FAIL. i was only able to save $100 this month.
sooo that's that 4 successes outta 9 goals. dammit. hey at least i tried to do some of them. and it's summertime. i'm focused on my tan lines not my monthly goals...
did you accomplish lots in june?

and here's my small list of july goals.
1. save $400 for crown i need on my back tooth. 
[i probably won't even remotely be able to do this one, but i'm gonna try]
2. make a summertime wreath.
3. finish reading dark places.

and thaaat's all i'm doing for july. summer time means fun time so i just want this month to be fun. and so far, it totally is! i had a great fourth that i am hoping to recap if i can get some time. i also have a sidewalk sale i am planning with my general and marketing managers for the stores. it's next saturday and we have lots of work to do to get prepared for that. we are hoping to get rid of sell lots of stuff we have had for like ever. some things will be marked as low as a $1. yea. 
other than that i just been kicking it with my fam and friends working on my tan and eating my weight in ice cream, popsicles, and sno cones. ahh isn't summer the bestest! i was going to recap my 2014 resolutions, but well ain't nobody got time for that. so i'm out!
are you having a good summer so far?
"oh and the keegans, who i'm not talking to. you can if you want to, but just know that most of us aren't. so do you think you will? pam? do if you want to but just know that i'm mad at them. i don't even want to get into why. they called me a see-you-next-tuesday. to my face. you're gonna love it here. wooo!"
[the way way back]

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