Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Hate How...aka: 28 First World Problems

hey friends! so i have compiled a list of things i hate over the last few months and when looking at them i notice they are all really just first world problems. i know we can all identify some first world problems and maybe you'll agree with some of the ones i post below.  

i hate how... honey nut cheerios scrap the roof of my mouth when i eat them.

i hate how... my vacuum sucks up my rug on occasion and makes that scary noise of death.

i hate how... people refer to their husband as "hubby."

i hate how... food goes everywhere if i sneeze shortly after eating.

i hate how... i can never work the self-serve sonic credit card machine.

i hate how... nervous i get when i have to tell someone their rental application was denied.

i hate how... i can never find good fitting jeans.

i hate how... i go to the grocery store to get meals for the week, but i come out with candy, ice cream, and soda.
[what am i? 12?]

i hate how... taco bell's nacho cheese taste like bad breath.

i hate how... i sorta feel a little pedophile-ish when people post pictures of their naked babies on social media.

i hate how... i wanna take a tight pic with my phone's camera, but it won't open in time and i miss it.

i hate how... milk smells sour even when it's not.

i hate how... people spell "wooo pig" wrong. 
[the university will only license three o's, not if you're spelling it with 2, you can't spell] 

i hate how... it's hard to pee and talk on the phone at the same time. tmi?

i hate how... some people don't have trashcans in their bathrooms. 

i hate how... people who barely know me, call me "jessie."
[bitch, you don't know my life! .. what movie is that from?]

i hate how... some scene selection dvd menus only display a small tiny picture of a scene. 

i hate how... if you're a woman everyone just assumes you want children. 
[i do want children, i just hate the assumption]

i hate how... coffee mugs that people give away for free are always plain and ugly.

i hate how... some people bring their little kids with them to sign and go over a lease agreement. 
[it's like bringing your kids with you to a job interview...]

i hate how... hard it is to type with band-aids on my fingers.

i hate how... awkward i get when one of my tenants tells me they love me. 
[i don't say it back]

i hate how... some people say, "excuse the mess in the background," in the caption of a picture. 
[who cares? i probably wouldn't have noticed if you didn't point it out.]

i hate how... when i eat ice water from a cup the ice always falls and hits me in the face.

i hate how... sometimes when i am wrapping a present my hair gets stuck on the tape, and i don't notice till i've stuck the tape and hair to the present. #gross

i hate how... i have more clothes than hangers.

i hate how... i think i'm posting something tight on instagram and it only gets 2 likes.

i hate how... hard it is to turn a lamp on in the dark.

and there you have it. 28 random probs. i have a couple of other fun posts planned too for over the next couple of weeks. now, if i could just find time to post them. football season is slowly, but surely approaching and i'm trying to get some of our most popular stuff ordered now so i'm not overwhelmed in the middle of it. yesterday, i went home due to not feeling so hot. as soon as i got home, changed and my head hit my pillow i crashed. i woke up around 10 hungry as a mug. ate, read on my porch and then went back to sleep watching this movie. i feel better today, but i just feel weak and tired. so ready for the weekend.
anyways, i gotta get back to figuring out what my five stores need for the 2014 season. hope you all have a  good wednesday and wonderful weekend. [i won't be posting again this week] i am looking forward to sleeping in on saturday since i didn't get to last weekend. i really wanna go to hot springs, too, but i'll just have to see what the bestie is up to.
have you made plans for the weekend?
"i hope you're getting the gifts. i know they're not all perfect. the ice sculpture, i concede, was a disaster. i did specify that they shouldn't leave it if you weren't home, and i will be suing. talking of which, i must get back to work."
[did you hear about the morgans?]


  1. Cuteee... and you know, I disagree with the cheerio one. I feel like if they scrap your mouth - it means you got your milk to cheerio ratio just right. They didn't get soggy but they are still covered in milk. :) Man I miss cheerios! #darnglutenallergy

  2. The last 3... yes yes YES! So annoying! Hope you feel better soon- good luck withe the sales!