Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rent House Flips: This Took About 6 Months

i have been meaning to post about this, and post about this and post about this, buuuuttt i just could never get around to pushing this mug out. i swear it took me a month just to go through all the before and after photos, edit them, and make the collages. we bought this house in october of last year. we didn't start on it till about a month later, well then 5 months passed, full of lots and lots of hard work plus our fair share of mishaps and we were done. i've got a sweet little family moved in there, and all is good. it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and ability to flip a house, especially this one. this house was old. there was no bathroom; completely gutted. it was a two bedroom, but we turned it into a three. the kitchen is huge, and there's a dining room, which we don't usually have in any of our houses. yes, i had absolutely no problem renting this one. gosh, i can't wait to show you guys, so i'll shut up and let the pictures do the talking.

the outside. i love the arched doorway and the pointed roof above it.
the entryway.
like i said we turned this into a three bedroom. the front room one gigantic, so we split it and made a living room plus a bedroom.
 before: one big room.
put up a wall right behind the front door, and that made a good sized living space and a good sized bedroom.
we added on the closet, too. cause you can't have a bedroom without a closet.
we kept the built in, cause who doesn't love a good built in? we know i do.
like i said, the bathroom was completely gutted, like there was nothing there, not even sheetrock.
well we fixed that, didn't we?
the bathroom ended up being huge! there was even room to put a small laundry area.
so we did that.
here's the hallway, it leads to the kitchen and to the master bedroom.
well, you can't say this house lacks character with it's arched doorways and little retro features.
i love the master bedroom. it's so big and full of windows. there's no neighbors behind this house and the backyard is actually pretty exclusive. the couple renting the house, got married in the backyard a few weeks after they moved in.
it's got a pretty good size closet, too.
next stop: the kitchen. we kept all the original cabinets, just had them cleaned up. i had to get "after pictures" before the appliances were put in, but it still looks so wonderful compared to the before look.
check out that gorgeous tile.
so fresh and so clean clean.
the dining room is right off the kitchen.
way better paint job than before, don't ya think.
perfect for family dinners.
the windows before were old and leaking water when it rained; we knew we would have to replace them. looks a million times better, dontcha think?
the dining room leads back to the third bedroom and the door to the backyard.
that random bathroom stall looking closet had to go.
as you can see, when you entered through the back door you were in automatically in someone's bedroom. so to give that third party a little more privacy we gave them a door, and a new closet.
better. much better. i would totally want this room if i was a kid.
i'm telling you, this backyard is awesome. so private and tons of flowers, trees oh and bamboo growing all around the house, so you feel enclosed by a secret garden.
next to this house was another house, but it was basically a huge shack, and there was really no point in pouring money into saving it. so we tore it down.
it took us about three weeks to clean up all the rubble. but it's gone and the family living in this house absolutely loves it. the cries of gratitude i received when i told them they could move from their old house [one of our other rent houses] to this house, is exactly why i love my job. they were so incredibly excited, thankful, like they had won the lottery. i have heard other landlords say their job isn't rewarding or they hate the bullshit [there's a lot of it] they have to deal with..if that's the case for you, you're in the wrong business, herney. don't get me wrong, there are times where some of them try my freaking patience, some of them who i "cop in attitude" with and some who just will not pay their $5 balance. BUT the thank yous, hugs, love yous [yes, i get those] and just the general sound in their voice knowing that i actually care about them, is what makes up for it all. i believe we all have a purpose given to us by God, and this one just happens to be mine.

well there you have it! another one. i need to go and get before photos of a couple of vacant houses we have right now so i can keep doing these from time to time. cause if you know me at all, you know i love me a good before and after photo. big shout out to my dad and crew for making all of this possible. gosh i love those 7 men....i feel like snow white.
"and no, no you cannot pay me back on your meal card. i need cash. this is a business i'm running. i know it's your bar mitzvah money, but i have to take it. you lost the bet. yes, i'll take a check! but if it bounces, i'm coming after you. this is real stuff. you owe me 20 bucks!"
[the assassination of a high school president] 


  1. i wish i had a house for y'all to flip, and by flip, i mean i'm keeping it! ;)

  2. Awesome job Sica! Seriously! Way to go!