Monday, June 2, 2014

My Low Key Weekend

lord, i was trying to protect my sanity after this weekend. i really didn't do much but i was busy regardless. work was crazy on friday. here at work we got in 78,000 lanyards of various teams, for a special customer of ours. well these lanyards are hung on their card incorrectly. you know the saying, "what the customer wants, the customer gets." we fully believe that here. so everyone has been chipping in to go through 78,000 lanyards and hang them on their header cards correctly. naturally, the only way we would have gotten through all of them would be for people to take them home and work on them over the weekend. they decided to pay people $25 a box. heck, they had to offer payment. ain't nobody in the right mind would have taken on this project just to be kind. so of course, i took 4 boxes home. and then basically worked on lanyards all. weekend. loooooong. my fingers are sore, my back hurts, and my right arm just doesn't feel right. i did not make it through all four boxes, but i did make 75 bucks. i am determined to get through my fourth box though so i can make a solid $100 touching 1,440 lanyards. heck, it's just part of the business. i'll be doing little projects like this for the rest of my life. 
i remember one summer we got in a truck load of pet tornados that had leaked during their trip our way. so we had to take each pet out, dry him off, fix him, and label him with a new sticker. y'all that took me and a friend an entire summer [3 months] to do. and i think i made less than $500 for all of it. i also, remember my dad bringing home some piggy banks when i was little. we had to remove the sticker, and turn it the right side up, cause they got sent to us upside down. yea i probably got paid $50 for that job. one other time, i had to remove tennessee volunteer earrings from their header cards and put them on new cards. i can't remember how much i got paid then, but i remember quitting before i ever finished. man, i got all kinds of stories like this, but i'll stop here.

so yep friday night i watch four movies while working on my lanyards. 
i watched these movies:
homefront turned out to be my favorite. and i have re-watched it several times now.

saturday, i slept in till close to 1 o clock. i stayed up close to two am so i definitely needed to catch up on some of my sleep. as soon as i got up and fixed a cup of coffee i worked on lanyards some more. that afternoon, while still working on lanyards and watching that 70s show i got this text from my mom:
i was dying to get outta the house and do something besides touch lanyards. so around 4 i hopped in the shower to get ready for dinner. 
i had finished two and half boxes by the time i went to dinner at my parents. i was so happy when i pulled up to my parents and saw my bro and sis' vehicles there, too. that meant my niblings were there, too. [thanks for letting me know about that word, britt] this was our first dinner together with our new additions and i was excited to see everyone.
this was julianne and eli's first picture together. oh my goodness i couldn't handle the cuteness. is this real life? how could we get so lucky having these two!? our lives have definitely changed. i just don't see how we kept ourselves entertained before having these little ones. oh i know, the tv..which was completely off during the entire time i was at my parents...which let me tell ya, that is abnormal. 
my sis, mom and i tried our hardest to get a pic of julianne in her cute little outfit but yea this is the best one i got. she was wiggly and super angry that we had taken her out of her swaddle. but once kat swaddled her back up, she was happy as a clam. i don't know why, but i love pics of crying babies. 
after dinner, [steak, shrimp, mixed veggies and twice baked potatoes] we all just hung out, passed babies around, and took turns entertaining playing with mister elliott. he has gotten to that fun lets play make believe kinda age and i swear i was eaten it up. needless to say, it was a much needed fun night for me. i was kinda having a bit of the blues last week and this definitely cheered aunt sica me up. i cannot wait till we are all at the lake together. i'm so incredibly thankful for this family of mine. i seriously do not know what i would do without them in my life. 

well i thought i was going to go out with my friend, cameron, but she never text me back. i should be used to that by now. i'm just tired of her making plans with me and then bailing with no explanation. but this time, i just didn't give a crap. i just had a really good time hanging out with my family; i had ran around my parents house pushing a mini shopping cart for like 2 hours, so i wad honestly pretty worn out, so i just went home.
i got those pineapple shorts the weekend before when stormi and i went shopping. they're from wetseal and i am pretty much obsessed with them. i'm actually obsessing over lots of pineapple apparel here lately. like this tank from kohls:
and this bikini too..including that polka dot one..
gosh, i am just lovin that summer is in the air!
think i'm getting a little off subject. anyways i wanted to get done with my second box before passing out on saturday. and i did finish..around 2 again. also i caught a little kitty hiding out in a place she knows she's not supposed to be hiding closet.
i couldn't even get mad at her cause she was curled up so cute on my plaid flannel. i just let her be. 

sunday, i was going to go to church with my parents, but since i stayed up so late working i just did not want to get up! so i slept in again and woke up around on lanyards! ahhh! i watched i love lucy and worked all day. i swear lucy's shenanigans leave me laughing with tears sometimes. i finally finished my third box of lanyards around 7. ooh i tried, but i just could not do four boxes like i intended to do. so i cleaned up and got ready for bed. i needed a shower but was so spent that all i wanted to do was go to bed. hey, least i made $75 this weekend, and i didn't spend money!
i still can't believe that some people did 8 boxes. lord, i was lucky just to get these done. we actually had two girls do 21 boxes over the weekend. i ain't broke that bad. 
what did you do this weekend?
i'm really hoping next weekend i do something outside. i really really wanna get some sun on my skin! well, i have a busy week. i got like 8 leases that need updating, a few that need increasing, it's rent week and there are a few orders that i have been putting off for the stores. i have a couple of fun posts planned + i can't wait to do my goals recap. hopefully soon! i really wanna go get some frozen yogurt sometime this week so we'll see which friend i can talk into going with me. man, why does my bff have to live an hour away?
"your gun? his gun? why do you--? don't get a gun! why would he bear arms? look, no, we need to go. everyone, i'm leading the parade."
[pineapple express]


  1. Man...those lanyards! Killer! And I have some flaky friends...I just quit making plans with them unless I have a backup plan, so I'm not disappointed when they flake.

  2. Pineapples must be in this year. My friend Emma keeps taking pictures of pineapple goodies and posting them on our friend Marcia's wall, there are so many! There's a bag at Target with Pineapples now, and a bunch of stuff at Anthropologie!