Wednesday, June 18, 2014

May's Highlights

like woah, where'd june go? like it's almost half way over. ya girl has been busy as a mug! my house is a wreck, especially my kitchen and bedroom. but i have been so tired that i haven't even remotely started to clean it up. i have been living out of duffle bags and haven't even been at my house for a full week since earlier this month. i swear life gets crazy sometimes.
today i wanted to show off my highlights from may. i have a feeling this may be my only post this week. i just don't have the time or energy. wooo this little 26 year old body is wornt out. as always, i'll do my best to keep this short and sweet.

i hosted my first party. [definitely not my last]
i invited 14 people and i had 7 attend. i was happy that, liz, [my sissy-in-law] came and brought three of her friends. [like that literally made my night] i was so worried no one would show up or have a good time, but that was not the case at all. i can't wait to start planning my next party! [i have a few ideas in mind]

spent a wonderful sunday [audrey hepburn's birthday] out shopping all by myself. 
i went to the wish list, a boutique in a town next to mine, and found so many cute springy things. she has gotten in lot of cute stuff, and i spent over a hundred dollars on a few tops and some jewelry. the cream beads, tribal print top, and red/turquoise necklace in the top pics are from that shop. after leaving the wish list i stopped by one of my favorite flea markets and found: that vintage suitcase for just $9. i also got: a vintage relish dish, two coffee mugs, a silk scarf, and metal tin. 
do you love flea markets?

celebrated cinco de mayo with the family at el porton
it was really crowded, and we had to wait an hour to get a table. but our food came our fast and mom and i both got a free frozen margarita.

julianne [my niece] was born!
read my story here. and read my sis' story here.
definitely a huge highlight this month.

had a potluck baby shower here at work for my siblings and niblings.
there was tons of good food and i made homemade sugar cookies for the first time. it was a fun day!

i always enjoy a little cousin-cousin time, even if we are going and cleaning nasty rent houses. we always have fun, though and i am thankful for her friendship. i swear, sometimes it's nice just to get away from the office for a bit. 

went to u.s. pizza company for dinner with my friend, cameron. then we went and saw the other woman. it was pretty funny. leslie mann definitely made the movie.

went to liz's graduation party at her and my bro's house.
there were bbq sandwiches and lots of other yummy food. i stayed and visited for awhile. i had some plans afterward, but those naturally fell through. oh well it was a good night chilling with family.

celebrated mother's day with my mom and dad. [just the three of us]
we went to the riverfront steakhouse for lunch and then back to my parents so i could give her my present. it was a low key day that's for sure, but i felt spoiled getting my parents all to myself.

made this awesome wall art for my bedroom's collage wall.
i saw this crop top on forever 21's instagram page and immediately had the idea that i wanted to use it for my collage wall. it's perfect. when it came in i just measured the print; it was close to a 9x12. so i bought a 9x12 canvas at hobby lobby, stretched the shirt on the canvas where i wanted it, then hot glued it on. 
it really was so easy!

went to may's bunko night at mrs. laura's house.
she had made this fried rice stuff that literally melted in my mouth. [i've been wanting more ever since] we had strawberry shortcake for dessert and i came in third place! [score]

picked up the little cushions i asked my great aunt to make for my kitchen chairs.
they are metal so i wanted a little something to pizzazz the up. plus, it's a whole lot better than sitting on cold metal. she used strips of navy blue ribbon on the back with velcro on the end to stick them to the chairs. the velcro really isn't holding up so i might need to figure something else out....

i went and hung out with my niblings at my sis' house one night. they were getting meals delivered to them by some of their friends from church so i got to stay for dinner, too. check out my sis' post about adjusting from a life of three, to a life of four. i was so happy i got to spend a little time hanging out with this family. my sister has taken on the two-kids mother role so gracefully. naturally, if you know my sister, that comes as no surprise.  kat sent me this picture of "juliannie" in some pjs i got for her. 
precious, right? i couldn't resist that mint set with mini pink bows. found here.

met my friend, amy at chuy's, in little rock, for dinner.
it was a fun atmosphere for sure. i wasn't too impressed with the tacos i got, but i wouldn't mind going back and trying something else. ooh and the margaritas looked yummy, too!

went to hot springs right after work to have dinner with stormi and caleb. her momma kept the baby so we all went out for a much needed drink. 
love this pic of me and the bestie.

spent all day saturday hanging out with stormi and her little family.
i met them and stormi's mom at walmart to help pick out some plants and flowers for the flower bed stormi and caleb were going to make for her momma's front yard. we spent most of the day over there and it was so neat watching the little garden come to life. it was so much fun and a much needed day with my bestie. i seriously don't know what i'd do without her. [be quite lonely, that's for sure]

sunday morning, stormi, caleb and i woke up early and met at dunkin donuts for breakfast.
this was my first time ever going to one. i got a cookie dough iced coffee and it literally tasted like heaven in my mouth. the donuts i got were pretty tasty, too. it was a good end to a fun-filled weekend.

got in two packages from two of my favorite places: SF and KLR.
the kimono is no longer for sale on SF's website, but they do have plenty other kimonos and you can get the pretty red vneck piko here. i'm loving the vneck style.

officially marked a year in my new house.
it's so crazy how nervous i was the night i moved in. it's not that i slept restlessly; i was just afraid i would miss my old house. but i haven't even missed it an ounce. i drive by it from time to time and i will say it's a little weird, but i wouldn't trade back to the old place if you paid me. i love my neighborhood, my garage, my front porch, my bedroom, my backyard, my closet, my den, my kitchen..etc. etc. i could go on and on, but i'll stop there. i can't help but be a little proud of myself. i bought this home with my money, and turned it into my home. my new safe place. the first year had it's ups and downs, but i am so happy with the outcome. now, if only i could get the city to come out and asphalt our street. it's concrete now and let me tell you, it's a bit of a bitch. oh and the dogs in the neighborhood are cray; but that's nothing i can't fix. [kidding! kinda]

woke up early one morning to meet stormi in hot springs. her husband, went to OKC with his bro to see a basketball game, and the baby went to hope to stay with her mother-in-law. this was the first time we have had a chance to hang out just the two of us since before stormi got pregnant. we met up at her house and then went to lunch at la hacienda.
i got tacos and stormi got the mexican fruit plate. i also got that giant peach mango margarita.
it was delicious. i have been on a mango kick here lately. can't get enough! after lunch we went to the mall for a much needed shopping trip. we had fun trying on clothes and taking pics in the dressing rooms.
once i tried this little number on, i knew i needed it.
i'd been looking for a matching set and knew i needed this as soon as i tried it on. i'm at the register paying for my goodies while stormi is trying on some last minute jewelry selections, when she grabs this outfit and says, "ahh i have this same exact outfit. i bought it a couple of weeks ago." needless to say great minds think alike. hopefully we won't meet up wearing the same number one day. #besties4life

{twenty one}
stormi and i ended up coming to little rock saturday and we were going to "go out" but naturally we got too sleepy. ha! typical. but we headed back to hot springs that morning since my fam was there and her fam was going to be heading back from hope. my mom had text me on the way back saying liz had gone into labor over night. after dropping stormi back at her house, i headed to my lake house to freshen up before heading back to the hospital. luckily, my little family was still there so i got to hang out with them for a bit before heading back to north little rock.
ignore my wonky eye.

{twenty two}
eli [my nephew] was born!
read my story about it here.
another huge highlight!

{twenty three}
i got a new phone! [finally] i absolutely love it! it's way better than that piece of crap 4.
that's my first outfit pic with my new phone. no more blurry photos. thank ya, Jesus!

{twenty four}
got my first package from mindy mae's market. this fashion icon of mine is always posting the cutest things she gets from there and when i saw the "sorry i'm late" tee on sale one day i punched the gun and made my first purchase.
quite fitting, don't ya think? #foreverlate

{twenty five}
had our first family dinner, all ten of us in attendance. [plus liz's momma got to join us]
i loved it. it was so much fun all being together and i am looking forward to spending many more dinners together. it's going to be a ton of fun once the babies get to the talking age. it was a definite great end to a absolute perfect month!

how was your month of may? was it as jam packed as mine?
what with new bay bays, spa city hangouts, and shopping trips; i'd say this is another great month to add to the books! 
anyways, i'm headed to fort smith again tomorrow morning. trying to get another full work day in there before we move on from that project and focus on other football season. we are in double digits now and your girl has to get fully organized for it. 
also, any of you's been getting spiders in your houses? i have seen them out the wazoo. small ones. medium ones. and worse, pretty big ones. ehhelyuck! it has been giving me the creeeeeps. thank goodness for piper's spidey-senses. she has killed all the ones i have come across...except for one. the biggest one of all. like i still get chills thinking about it. last night, [well early this morning] around midnight, i'm still having trouble calming my mind down. [like every night. i have sleep issues, yo] i could not get sleepy and although i took my meds five hours prior, i was still wide awake. well 12:45 rolls around and i start getting all comfy in bed, hoping reading will help me doze off. 
that's when i hear piper in the corner of the room behind my bedroom door making sort of a scuffle. then i see it. the big, creepy, disgusting brown recluse spider. i hopped immediately out of bed and slid my house shoes on. piper was on his tail, but still wasn't quite sure if she should touch it. i could tell she was a little intimidated. luckily, we both cornered him, and with my big ugg slippers the little guy didn't stand a chance. i think i stomped on him and good five or six times before he was just a brown ball of juice and legs. i let piper see that i killed him, or else she would be looking for him for the rest of the night. i am soooooooooo happy i was awake. what if he bit piper and it turned into this[you can't unsee that] or worse! would if he crawled across my face while i was sleeping!! ugh it gives me the absolute creeps! 
why are spiders the creepiest? 
big thanks to my subconscious for keeping me awake so i could kill that sorry s.o.b.

alrighty ya girl has chatted enough. i'm outtie! hoping to find some kinda spider spray to rid myself of this stupid little monster. any suggestions?
i'm just glad i didn't dream about him....
"no matter how big a guy was, nicky would take them on. you beat nicky with fists, he comes back with a bat. you beat him with a knife, he comes back with a gun. and if you beat him with a gun, you better kill him because he'll just keep coming back and back until one of you's is dead."


  1. Sica - when we plan our meet up, can we please plan it around a cute town with cute shops and restaurants? I think we would have a terrific weekend together! xxoo

  2. Girl...your May was busier than mine! I didn't know that was possible because I felt on the go constantly! But lots of fun stuff in there!

  3. Looks like such a great month! I love it all! Great art, great cushions, great clothes, great party (and I love a party!)

  4. yeah my month was much less fun than this! i need to start hanging out with you!