Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Goals + May Goals Recap and Resolutions

hey guys! who had a good weekend? i did for sure. i wish i could recap it but i just don't have the time this week. i'm still trying to remember what i even got done yesterday. oh well. mondays are always pretty busy for me, and a lot of times my work just ends up being one big blur. [shoulder shrug]
anyways, i wanted to go ahead and get my goals post done cause tomorrow i leave for fort smith and will be gone till friday. so you won't hear from me again until the following week, and well let's be honest, that's too late to be doing a goals recap. i have A LOT going on today. but i am multitasking and working on all my work stuff plus writing this here post. i have a lot of ground to cover, so let's get this ish poppin.

first, i wanted to start with may's goals' recap.
1. organize closet success!
y'all it is a million times better than it was. ahh it's like a breath of fresh air. everything is so organized, and i know where everything is and goes.
2. get tv hung/hooked up in my living room. fail!
i got lazy on this one.
3. throw a successful party success!
it was successful in my eyes anyway. it would have been better if more people would have showed up, but hey, that's neither here nor there. i had fun and the people that came had fun so that is all that matters. plus i had fun planning it and getting the snacks together.
i wish i would have taken some photos with my guests, but i was having too much fun to worry about my camera. so glad i did this. and i have marked one thing off my 30 before 30.
4. get my oil changed success!

5. finish paying mom back the money i owe her success!
finally paid her back. it feels good to get this loan off my mind.
6. save $100. fail! 
i was only able to save $20 and that's cause i made money selling my mini keurig. i just had some larger [extra] bills this month than most so i didn't get to save as much as i had to pay. 
and there ya have it! i completed four outta six goals. still doing really good with this monthly goals thingy. i gotta say, i am pretty proud of myself. 

this month, for june, i decided to up the bar a bit and make more than 6 goals, which has been my limit the last five months. some of them are silly and some of them i'm not even sure if i can do, but i'm still making goals and accomplishing them so why not?!

1. get tv hung/hooked up in my living room.
2. get windshield replaced. 
3. make a summer time wreath for my front door.
4. don't buy anything online. doing good so far.
5. clean my shower.
6. make a dentist appointment. 
7. plan 3 hangouts.
8. read at least one of the new books i got last week.
i picked up these four books and i am already half way through one of them.
can you guess which one?
9. save $200.

and there's nine goals for june. i hope i can accomplish all of them. i have a busy month, but i think it's possible. have you made goals for june?

now, to recap my resolutions for the year 2014.
have you been doing good on yours? i'd say i've been doing pretty fairly.
1. take more pictures.
yep, this one i continue to get better and better at each month. here's some photos from may.

2. make plans.
doing good at this one too. some of the plans i made were: planned a pure romance party at my house, helped plan a potluck baby shower at work, went to u.s. pizza and to a movie with my friend cameron, went to a graduation party for my sis-in-law, liz, celebrated mother's day with my mom and dad, had bunko night, went to my sis' and hung out with her little family for a night, went and ate at chuy's with my friend, amy, had a two fun weekends in hot springs, and had our first family dinner with julianne and eli. 
i'll give full detail of all these fun plans when i do my may's highlights post.

3. blog often.
anytime i have a little time at work to work on blog stuff, i do. so i feel as i am getting better at this one. i have post ideas out the wazoo; i just need more blogging time. 
here's all the posts i did in may:
julianne's birth
april's highlights
may's goals
random thoughts post
my hall bathroom
favorite summer drink
eli's birth
another random post
eight posts this month. that's two more than last month. wooo hooo!

4. stop being lazy.
i didn't do as good on this one as i did last month. last month i did sooo many projects and this month, not so much. i have been getting out and doing things on the weekends instead of just sleeping all day like ush. and i did complete four outta six monthly goals.

5. be more thoughtful.
i've got to get better at this one. i have four thank you notes i have been meaning to write, but just haven't gotten around to it. i feel like there's some things i did do but it just isn't coming to me. might need to try and write these down so i can remember them for these posts.

6. wear more dresses.
didn't nearly wear as many as i did last month. 
unfortunately, i failed to get a photo of one of them. the middle pic is of the blue overlay from sf. i wore it with a peachy-orange dress i've had since high school and paired them with my chuck taylors that are blue jean material. i got so many compliments too.
the yellow outfit's deets are: 
dress-target / shoes-target / necklace-a cut above / cardigan-old navy / sunnies-SF
the black outfit deets are:
necklace-SF / dress-target / shoes-target / overlay-KLR

7. read more.
i got those new books so i've gotten back into the swing of reading, but did not read any books in june. i still have yet to finish mockingjay..maybe by christmas.

8. learn to be selfless and not selfish.
yep, still need to work on this. there's something that i am being stupidly selfish about and am working hard this month to realize that i need to help this person not be an asshole. i am a work in progress...

9. make one or more monthly goals a month and try to accomplish them.
as you can see, i'm still rocking at this one. if you haven't made a monthly goal before, i suggest you try it. it really is a lot of fun and i am so incredibly happy that i'm getting off my bootay and doing things. 

have you made 2014 resolutions? wow. i know every month these probably get long and boring, but i am doing this for my benefit. i mean what the point in blogging if i don't bore y'all a little bit write about something that's going on in my life. i am a "lifestyle" blogger. and this is my life. every fail and every success just makes me stronger and makes me want to work harder to accomplish what i want to accomplish.
okay like i said y'all won't hear from me for the rest of the week. i'm leaving from my house tomorrow morning and won't come back till late friday afternoon. wooo it's going to be a crazy week, but i am so looking forward to getting outta the office and working on a project with my girl, beth. we work really well together and both have been itching to get up to our fort smith store to get it waaay more organized than it is now. i'm telling you, they need help and we are just the chicks to do it.
hope all of you's have a wonderful rest of the week!
"awesome! hey, there's even a fridge. you can put a six-pack of bee...soda in here. milk, yogurt. you could put candy bars in the freezer."
[tommy boy]

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