Monday, May 19, 2014

Thankful for Garages + Other Random Thoughts

anyone else feel me on the weekend being waaay toooo fast? man, it was so hard to get up this morning. i think i am going to have to start putting my alarm clock in my bathroom. getting up has been too dang hard here lately. anyone else feel me? mondays are always the hardest, right? 

anyways, there's a few things i've been wanting to tell you about + just post about in general. i'm thinking i'll have a busy week ahead of me. i'm going to our fort smith store bright and early on wednesday morning. everyone has been begging me to go to that store and re-merchandise it. i haven't been up there yet but by the stories i hear, it might turn out to be a two-dayer. i haven't been too busy with my other job, because surprisingly most everyone has already paid their rent for this month. that's a first all in all, work has just been slow, so i'm looking forward to being busy for a few days. 

this weekend i had went to hot springs, and it was so much fun. it's always hard to get back in to the work groove after having an amazing weekend. i really hope this week goes by fast.

okay i wanted to start things off with the recipe for the frosting i made for some cupcakes and for some cookies i did for the baby showers i helped host for my bro and sis. it's super easy and so tasty. 
naturally, both times i made this frosting, it was a straight hit. i mean come on, it's chocolate!
here's whata need:
1 cup [2 sticks] softened butter
3-4 cups powdered sugar [i used 4 cups]
1/2 cup cocoa powder 
the recipe calls for 1-2 tablespoons milk and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract...the first time i added these two ingredients, but it made it a little watery in my opinion. so the second time, i left it out and it made the frosting a hella lot more fluffier. 

here's whata do:
in a large mixing bowl beat the butter until fluffy. 
add in your cups of sugar. to not make a huge mess i beat each cup into the butter one at a time. 
add in your cocoa powder.
beat until combined and fluffy.
AND there ya have it. easy, peasy, japanesy. 
i really wanna make those sugar cookies again. they were so freakin good. and the were even better left over the next day. i don't think i'll be using store bought frosting again any time soon. 

now here's a few other things you should know about.
1. if you want your cat to change her tude and have really soft fur...switch her cat food to this:
since switching to this cat food, piper's whole attitude about living in the new house, has really taking a turn for the good. she loves hanging out with me again, loves to play with her toys, pees in her litter box, and her fur feels amazing. it makes me just want to rub my face against her back like a crazy cat lady. i guess it goes to show you that vets, really do know what they're talking about.

one time i had got it on accident. best accident ever. seriously if you haven't tried it yet, go get one!

3. in the morning, while i get ready: i, like normal people, like something going on the tv while i get ready for the day. most mornings, i just play whatever i was watching the night before. but last tuesday i woke up with the urge to watch this movie. so i put that mug on for the day. later that afternoon when i went to put my picture into my project 365 i noticed that on may 13th last year i had bought the movie hitchcock and watched it the same day. 
random right? except last year i watched it in my old house, and this year i watched it in my new house.
it's almost been a year since buying my new house. literally one of the best decisions of my life. 

4. i just discovered this etsy shop and i am so in love with all of her prints. i haven't been too fond of this look in my room. the chinese proverbs didn't turn out as well i wanted them to. 
how fun would three of these posters look on that pink wall. maybe with a studio mucci tassel garland above them. new project? ohhh i think so!

5. garages. i still can't get over how glorious these things are. 

6. and lastly here are a few pins from pinterest that had me rolling with laughter. seriously, the first one, had me in tears. i don't know why i thought it was so funny.

i had to look up who kiera cass is...i still don't know.

musta been on a cinderella kick.

i'm sucha sucka for late ecards. cause they're always so true.

and lastly, i'll leave y'all with this gem.

well, i hope your monday goes by a lot faster than mine is going. i swear if i get one more call from a chick with a bad attitude; they won't think i'm just some little ole white chick after i give them my bad attitude. gosh, forgive me for not being psychic and automatically knowing what the hell you're calling about. get over yourself. p.s. you gotta fill out an application before you pay a freakin deposit!
monday please be over soon! i might just disappear in the warehouse for a few hours.
"i got it on ebay. it was supposed to be bigger and different. it doesn't matter. i'm gonna bad feedback his ass though."
[the heat]

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  1. LOL! And yes, the weekend goes by WAY too fast!