Thursday, May 8, 2014


soooooooooo my niece, julianne elizabeth has FINALLY made her appearance into our big, bright world. my sister and brother-in-law headed up to the hospital tuesday morning and miss julianne was born at 6:32 that afternoon. none of us family had even made it to the hospital once we got the text that kat had started pushing. i was in the elevator on my way up to the delivery floor when i received this text:
woah that was fast! i had called my mom and they hadn't even left the house yet. i couldn't believe she had gotten here so quickly.
soon my family got there including julianne's big brother, elliott. we were all too ready to see what he would think of his new sister. him, my mom, and dad all went back to see her first. elliott got changed into his big brother tshirt and headed down the hall with pia and poppy [my parents] to go and meet his new little sister. 
i still don't think he quite grasps the concept that this little baby will be coming to stay at his house from now on. and that he will no longer be "the baby" anymore. after they came back out my bro, sis-in-law, and myself headed back to meet miss julianne. 

she's so tiny. like i can't believe that elliott was ever that small. my brother held her first and she definitely didn't like being taken away from her momma. my bro then passed her to me. y'all, she's just so little i couldn't get over her little tiny face. her fingers are SO long, she's got a full head of hair, and boy was she working that tongue.
she continued to cry..but when i passed her to liz [my sis-in-law] she went completely quiet. liz is definitely the baby whisperer. she was loving her some liz. it was pretty awesome seeing her hold julianne with elijah in her tummy. liz is definitely going to be a good momma. 

after we left they came and got her for a bath and i headed on home reflecting on how wonderful my little life is. i just cannot begin to tell you how awesome it is to be an aunt. i only pray that julianne will grow up to be a lovely, God loving, confident, polite little girl. [she'll always be little in my eyes] i especially pray for good girls to be apart of her life and for her strength to empower other girls to be good, too. for her to grow up a strong woman with the confidence to do anything she sets her mind to. i just feel so blessed i get to be apart of this little girl's life. it really is special.

and now i'm done being sappy. i've been trying to write this post for awhile and i just keep getting distracted by slow computers, renters who want to talk to me about their personal lives, [it's like they think i'm a psychiatrist] dealing with with sales reps who get pissed when i don't wanna place an order, [sorry fools, but we broke] and then just dealing with the rent week in general. yes, it's been a crazy first week of may. but the weather has been wonderful and life has been pretty great so i can't really complain. too much
well hoping to post about my goals next week. i've already completed two may goals this month and didn't do so bad on my goals from last month. last month was pretty freaking awesome and i'm hoping may will be just like it!
how's may going for you so far?
well i gotta finish up some things before i head on home. i'm outtie!
"guess what happened to me this morning. listen, it's important. you've got to hear this. i woke up at 4:00am by accident, in time for the paper to be delivered. guess what? it's not a kid on a bike. it's just a man in a car."
[the office]


  1. Yay! Congrats on the new family addition! So exciting!

    So I just realized I'd probably be one if the sales rep visiting you if we lived I. The same area. Lol I work for an ILS and I'm always looking for sales!

  2. Yayyyy!! You must be the best auntie ever! :) So happy for you and for your family! xoxo