Friday, May 23, 2014

My Summertime Drank

hey guys! hooray for friday and for posting three times this week. this has been a slow week. i guess since it's a three day weekend it wanted to take it's pretty little time to show up. but we got about 6 more hours and it will be the weekend! gosh i can't wait. i'm mainly looking forward to sleeping in. [what else is knew] i'm going to the lake on sunday afternoon and then staying through memorial day. i'm really hoping to get some sun on my skin. yesterday my new SF sunnies arrived...just in time for the holiday weekend.
i may be just a little obsessed with heart sunglasses.
what are your plans for memorial day weekend?

today, i wanted to share with you a new favorite summertime drank. i'm totally addicted. i randomly discovered it about a week or two ago. i say randomly discovered it, cause i just kinda totally made it up. i had went to kroger to get a bag of limes, because i like to squeeze them into my water/beverages from time to time. i wanted a sack full..but they didn't have sacks. what?! lame. so i try hunting down just a bottle of lime such luck. so i venture down to the frozen juices and see limeades. the next best thing. 

normally, i just squeeze a lime or two into my peach mango tea and i'm good to go..but i couldn't squeeze in limeade every time i needed a refill. so this is what i did:
you need: 
a pitcher, a can of limeade, one packet of crystal lite peach mango tea, water, and a spoon.

and here's what you do:
pour in the limeade. i use kroger brand...cause it's cheap.
pour in your packet of peach mango tea.
add water.
stir a bit.
taste test. you technically don't have to do this step, but taste testing is fun, so why not!?
add more water and stir again. you basically want to fill your pitcher to the top or the tea will be a little too tart. so basically you can skip steps four and five, but i did them anyways cause you may want it a little tart. it's still pretty good that way; especially if you mix it with a little stolichnaya
there ya have it. my summaime draaank. i have been drinking this non-stop this week. i should be drinking water, but you know..yolo and what not.
well i had went to my fort smith store on wednesday and it was so nice to get outta the office. especially since i've been a little bored. the drive up was so pretty and it didn't take as long as i thought it was going to. [about 2 1/2 hours] there was hardly any traffic and the sun was shining.
that white car was on my last nerves, tho..i hate when people don't use cruise control. you can't be break happy on the freeway! but other than that ignant woman, it went smoothly. i got there a little bit before lunchtime. the sales floor of the store was actually looking really good. way better than what i was expecting.
the girls at this store are actually pretty good merchandisers. their break room, stock room and storage rooms however are a wreck. we spent most of the day just cleaning out their "stock room," which is about the size of a porta potty. and their "break room," which isn't that big either. they had tons and tons of just crap. tons and tons of non-collegiate team junk. wow, the things people buy and try to sell really amazes me. anyways, we filled my jeep to the brim with odd and end items that we can't sell in the store; due to it being "not cute" and the store being teeny tiny. we are trying to fit three teams into this store and man, is it packed already. and they don't even have our full line. 
we are going to have to go up there for three days, get a hotel room and work solid from 10-9 to get this store whipped into shape. it desperately needs better fixtures and an all over makeover. and i'm just the girl to do it. heck, i need a project to work on. 
that's a child's skirt.
happy memorial day weekend!
be safe, have fun and yolo and shiz.
"travis, when a woman says, "later," she really means, "not ever." now run along. there are plenty of young fillies dying for you to waltz them into a stupor."
[the princess and the frog]

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  1. OMG that first picture... SOoooo true! Love you in that skirt, so cute. lol