Thursday, May 15, 2014

May's Goals

hello everybody. this week has been slllllloooow. wow. i am just not busy..and i kinda like it. anyways, i wanted to get my monthly goals posted as soon as i got a chance; seeing as last month i posted them too close to the end of the month. and i couldn't remember shit. so i am postin today. 
have you made goals for may?

first i wanted to recap my april monthly goals. i did really good in april. i swear april was like the best month ever! i made six goals and i accomplished four of them. way to go, sica.
1. mop floors success!!
2. finish guest bathroom success!!
full post on this project coming soon!
3. finish collage wall in bedroom. fail!!
[i'm so close to finishing it though...i have 1 small project left]
4. clean, clean, clean success!!
5. make a springtime wreath success!!
it turned out pretty cute i thought. and you can see it really well from the street.
6. organize my closet. fail!!
[this one is just a work in progress]
pretty awesome, right? i'm just so proud of myself for making goals, sticking to them, and accomplishing a few here and there every month. i'm really thinking 2014 is my year.

alrighty now here's the monthly goals i've made for may. as of right now i have already completed two. i made six goals again this month. here we go.
1. organize closet i'm in the middle of accomplishing this one.
2. get tv hung/hooked up in my living room. 
3. throw a successful party.
4. get my oil changed.
5. finish paying mom back the money i owe her.
6. save $100.00
i set my savings goal pretty low cause i'm trying to finishing paying my mom back, i gotta pay off my kohl's credit card, and then paying adams pest control $160 just to walk around my house with a damn flashlight. i swear i have a love/hate relationship with money. but i think i can do it! i've been really really trying my hardest not to look on SF's website after they post new arrivals. i wish there was a store near me...wait no i don't.  

now i wanted to recap my 2014 RESOLUTIONS.
i'll try to make this short and sweet for ya.
1. take more pictures. i'm getting good at this one.
here's some of the extra photos i took this month:
yep tons with people, too!

2. make plans. doing good at this one, too!
some of the plans i made were: a trip to hot springs, went out to eat with my bestie, amy, suggested we all go to town pump after amber's birthday dinner, watched dwts with my momma, had a impromptu pizza night with the family, went to my third pure romance party, hit up an estate sale, and planned my own pure romance party. i'm really aiming to make plans with each of my four best friends each month, as well as hang out with my family more, too. 

3. blog often. man, i'm just doing so-so on this one. one day i will be able to call myself a blogger. here's all the posts i did in april:
so just six posts this month. determined to get better at this one. i'm sure i will one day.

4. stop being lazy. it's hard to know if i am getting good at this one. i have been doing lots of projects here lately, plus since doing the big cleaning job, i've been keeping my house super clean. 
here's some projects i did last month:
i spray painted my chinese proverbs gold.
1. made a wreath for liz and eli's shower.
2. hung up those signs all by myself. 
3. made homemade frosting instead of just using store bought frosting. recipe coming soon!
4. cut that print, and hung it on the wall all by myself.
5. hung up these ice cream signs above my nightstands.
6. spray painted my chairs in my room turquoise, and spray painted my towel rod and canister gold. 
[gold bath accessories are hard to come by]
7. did this collage wall in my hallway. with help from my dad.
8. spray painted that toilet paper stand gold.
made a springtime wreath.

5. be more thoughtful. i've been trying to think of ways to be more thoughtful besides just giving gifts. i gave all four of our receptionists a plant + thank you card for secretary's day.
i've also started giving people a little shoulder pat. like thanks for packing those boxes..*shoulder pat* thanks for helping me ring up my kitty litter..*shoulder pat* i don't know if this is considered thoughtful or just creepy...

6. wear more dresses. here's all the dresses/tunics i wore in april:
-orange tunic from the wish list and cross leggings from kiki la'rue.
-black dress with lace trim from privity boutique and striped leggings from kiki la'rue.
-patterned skirt from charlotte russe and meow tee from alloy.
-striped dress from kiki la'rue, lace leggings from kiki la'rue, lace overlay from savoir-faire, and beaded necklace from a cut above boutique.
-red dress from kiki la'rue, polka dot overlay from the bestie, necklace from poshlocket.
-easter dress was a hand me down from stormi and the lace overlay, again, from SF.
well, clearly, i am a #klraddict...but shhh don't tell SF.

7. read more. huh yeeeah about that...haven't gotten any better on this one. i have started a new book though..but i'm still on the first chapter. hoping to do a good bit of reading this summer when i am laying out at the lake.

8. learn to be selfless and not selfish. i started donating to an awesome organization here in arkansas. i donated almost every month last year but hadn't donated once this year. changing that. really been trying to focus on putting other people before myself. i know a girl who has a tattoo on her wrist that says, "i'm third" meaning God is first, other people are second, and then i'm third. really been trying to remind myself of that. 

9. make monthly goals a month and accomplish them. boo yea! been doing GREAT at this one. i haven't accomplished every single one i have made, but it's may and i'm still making and accomplishing a few here and there. i promise that's good. 

how are you doing on you 2014 new year's resolutions?
i know this was long, and this is more for my benefit than yours. but i gotta say, i'm pretty dang proud of myself. last year i had already given up, but this year i feel like i'm getting better.
new year, new you.
well, i had a meeting with the guy that sells this stuff this morning. it was a lot of fun. we gave him "the tour" and you could tell he was super impressed with jenkins enterprises. i don't think a lot of people realize how big and tight different our company is. and i think more than anything, they're impressed with the work relationships we have. we seriously are one big happy [sometimes] family. these people aren't just people i work with, their people i share my life with, and i am so thankful that i get to be a part of it all. i would do anything for this company. it's my life.
woah, sappy much, sica? anyways, i'm having dinner with my girl, amy, tonight. i had one of my co-workers almost slap me cause i'd never eaten at chuy's since amy and i have been wanting to do an anniversary dinner...(we've been friends for 8 years now)...i suggested we go there. so dat's tha plan. hope yous guys have a terrific thursday. hallelujah it's alllmost friday!
"you're thoughtful, barbara, but you're not open. you're passionate, but you're hard. you're a good, decent, funny, wonderful woman, and i love you, but you're a pain in the ass!"
[august: osage county]

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  1. That was a lot of success! Rock on girl! You've got May!