Thursday, May 29, 2014

He's Here!

[i made this graphic]

well, guys, on memorial day, my little family got the best little surprise. my new nephew was born! on his due date, like that never happens, right? my brother and sister-in-law headed to the hospital around 2am on monday morning and mister eli was born at 2:21 that afternoon. 
i was getting ready to head to the lake when i saw this text on my phone.
but i headed to the lake anyways cause i had to take my bff home; we had come up sunday night to go out for riverfest. more on that later. 

after getting to hot springs, and dropping stormi off at her house, i went back to my lake house hoping my family hadn't left yet. they hadn't! we all decided to stay for lunch before packing up and heading to the hospital. so that meant, i got to be silly with this kid.
and hold this tiny little girl.

we started fixin our lunches when my mom got a text from my bro, saying liz was at a 9. so my parents skipped lunch and rushed back to north little rock. my sis, bro-in-law, elliott, julianne, and myself stayed at the lake house for lunch before we headed back, too.
selfies with little man.
i cannot get over the cuteness.

after getting to the hospital we all get the text:
we had to wait three hours before we could go back and meet baby eli. we were all on pins and needles, but finally we got to go back and see him. he weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces, was 21 inches long, and had a head full of blond curly hair. he looks a lot like liz to me. 
as we passed him around the room he didn't cry or fuss once. just like julianne, his fingernails were so long. i just can't believe that he's finally here and i get to watch him grow up. 
first family photo.

we all left the hospital shortly after leaving the room. how did i get so lucky? three! two nephews and a niece. gosh my cup is overflowing. i love the feeling i get when elliott, calls me sica. so i can't even fathom what the feeling will be like when all three of them are calling my name. "sica, where are you?"-elliott
my prayer for eli is that he will grow up to be a sweet, God-loving, fun having, southern gentleman. that he'll treat people [especially women] with respect. i pray that he finds good friends and is always a good influence on others. i pray that he'll learn how to bring people up, and he'll have a heart of gold just like his daddy. i cannot tell you guys enough, how awesome it is to be an aunt. to be a role model for three precious little gems. seriously, just looking at pictures of them, always brightens my day. i am one happy auntie, for sure.
anyways, i hate how there's not a solid term for nieces and nephews. like we can say we have siblings, or cousins or grandchildren, or parents, children, friends, homies..but aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews get the shaft. i guess i could say, "my siblings' kids," but that just sounds weird. but dang, i want to refer to them all as something. i can't just call them "my kids" cause people would be like, "wait. what? i read this blog 3 months ago weeks ago and this crazy landlord homegirl didn't have no kids then." that's what "they" would say; assuming "they" were ghetto. #slangprobz 
so what do i call em? i guess i'll just have to go with...tinyloons. they're my tinyloons. yea. that's it.
what do you call your tinyloons nieces and nephews? 

but seriously, though, why isn't there a term for them?
hoping to post one more time [aka: tomorrow] before june hits. wow, may, you were a fast month. 
"i always wondered what was harder for him. not being able to give his children enough, or not being with them when they hit hard times. my great good fortune in life is to see you boys everyday. that, for me, is success."
[delivery man]


  1. So I googled "collective term for nieces and nephews" and a slang site came up suggesting "niblings." So there ya go. You have three niblings. :)

  2. You rockstar auntie. xoxoxox