Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hall Bathroom Complete

when it came to start decorating my house i really wanted to go with original ideas that would make my house sparkle. my main goal was to make it super girly, and i think i have definitely accomplished that. not every room is finished. i still got a few things here and there that need to be done, but each room is starting to get more and more complete so you will see more house posts coming over the next few months.

today, i wanted to show off before and after photos of my hall bathroom. i painted the walls a camel color, which is just a few shades darker than the original color. they had several towel bars hung on the walls, but i took those down and patched over them. i painted the cabinets white, and was going to change out the knobs, but liked them with the white paint. i hung a few gems on the wall, found two tan colored bath mats, and added a few fun accessories here and there. i definitely feel like it's cozy and perfect for guests.
i'm so beyond happy that i decided to paint all of the cabinets white. they look ohh so much better than that awful oak color. i can't wait to show y'all before and after photos of my kitchen.
isn't it a million times better looking with it bright and fun instead of dull and blah?!
my shower curtain is from target a few years back. i got the toilet paper stand from walmart, and i spray painted it rose gold. and the fly away art was made by yours truly.
the "find a heart that will love you" art is from hobby lobby / the lamp i found at an estate sale / the towel holder is from bed, bath & beyond i spray painted it gold / i found those ceramic sun canvases at good will / the blue tray is from hobby lobby / candles are also hobby lobby / small canister is from bed bath & beyond i spray painted the top gold / blue seahorse is from hobby lobby / seashell soap dispenser is target.
clearly, i love me some hobby lobby decor.
and there ya have it! my hall/guest bathroom. i'm loving how it turned out. i'm hoping to get my next room i want to show you, finished this month. i've had so many people comment on my insta asking if i would come decorate their house. and even though most of them aren't serious, i kinda wish they were. i know how to decorate with things i like, but i haven't gotten to decorate for someone else using what they like. that's something that i would love to do and hope i get to do...someday. i see pictures of other people's homes and i always find myself critiquing them. it's not that i would come in and buy all new stuff, i would love to just come in and move/arrange their stuff better than how they have it. i'm not saying everything i do is awesome, but heck, sometimes i can just re-arrange something using the same pieces, and i make it go better with everything else in the room.
that's what i'll be doing tomorrow at our fort smith store. pulling out the ugly, and re-arranging everything to make it neater and more organized. i would love to be an interior decorator. that's one job i have always wanted to do for the longest time. and although i'm not decorating homes, getting to decorate and organize razorback stores is like the next best thing. just go with me here. i thought for awhile, that doing this razorback store thingy i'm involved with wasn't something i was supposed to do, but now i think it is. it allows me to be creative where as my other job doesn't let me. heck, maybe i can be a decorator, store buyer, property manager, real estate agent, head merchandiser, landlord, and aunt sica owner all wrapped into one. hey, isn't that what life is for? to go after our dreams. no wonder i've never been good a picking a career. it's cause i'm posed to have many job titles. you know what they say....yolo. you only live once.
and i'll leave you with this little bundle.
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