Friday, May 30, 2014

But I Want To Buy Things

hello, lovelies! it is finally friday, and i am thankful it was a short week. i have a few people that wanna hang out with me this weekend, but don't have any solid plans yet. i'm really hoping the sun comes out. it has literally rained every day this week cept monday. please, we just wanna see some sun. this week has been a rough one for me. maybe it's cause of the rain. really hoping the weekend puts me in a better mood for next week. on happy note, i got a NEW PHONE!
well i'm clumsy what can i say. i mean i'm driving to work on tuesday and i pick up my glass of water i was drinking and the condensation on the glass made it slip through my fingers and i spilled the entire glass in my lap. also, the other day, i'm heading out to the clubhouse warehouse with a cup of coffee; i swing open the door and it hits my hand. naturally i drop the entire cup, it shatters and hazelnut coffee goes everywhere. oh and we can't forget about my shower incident. and i don't know how many door knobs i run into each day..anyone else do this? yea probably just me. i swear if i get any worse i'll end up being like cam wexler in the movie good luck chuck. but hey, at least outta this deal [dropping my phone in my toilet] it gave me the push to finally go and get a new phone that i desperately needed. unlike the other accidents that left me with a dress covered an ice water, a broken [favorite] gone with the wind coffee mug, and a foot outta commission for three weeks.  
but yea, i got that iphone 5c in green. and this time i bit the bullet and bought the eighty dollar life proof case. heck, we do know i'm known for dropping my phone; if not read here and here. and i figure if i drop it in the toilet once, i'll definitely drop it again. so, the eighty dollars? worth it? for me...hell yea. i was able to transfer everything from my old phone [including the 13 lists i was worried about losing] to my new phone which made everything all okay. thankfully, right before my phone passed on to phone heaven he let me back him up one last time. anyways, i love my new phone. it's so fast! and the picture quality is hella better. + i have waaay more room for music. win win.  

today, i wanted to do another random post. i'm gonna try to continue to do these here and there, cause they're fun and they give me something to write about. like dani i keep a notebook list on my new phone of random things that come to me, that i can tell y'all about here on tha blog. here's the list i came up with since my last random post

1. i have been spending money and eating junk food like it's my job. and that's not okay. i'm tired of being broke and not being able to fit into any of my shorts. i have gained 7 pounds since my doctor's appointment i had at the beginning of april. and y'all i'm a freaking joke. i have so many bills it's just too much. i'm going through my "good will pile" this weekend and seeing if there's anything i could put for sell at my grandpa's thrift shop. hey, maybe i'll start charging my bro rent for my dining table he's borrowing till they find one they like. totally kidding about that one. kinda i think i might need to do another no-spending month. when i'm steadily tracking my money, i seem to spend less. heck, i just love to spend money. i think i get that from my momma...[sorry to call you out, ya]

mcdonald's will be the death of me. people will ask, "oh how did sica die?" and my parents will have to tell them, "from a mickey d's overdose." 

2. i really want one of these shirts; especially after the week i've had. i'm basically obsessed with studio mucci. for one, it's fun to say. and two she has soooo many beautiful things in her etsy shop that i neeeeed. yes, need. but, i mean i'm trying not to spend money...and it's just so hard. help me. i'm poor.

3. i think i need a second job. shawty needs to make some moola! 
so i can buy all the things! 

4. my chuck taylors. i've had them since high school. i cleaned out my closet and i found them crammed inside a box. well i have rocked them babies twice the week, and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon. i have like a new found love for these guys. 

5. i just started following 50 cent on instagram and i gotta say, i don't hate it. he posts some pretty funny videos and i guess i can just appreciate a man who likes to wear a pinky ring. [hey, dad!] don't hate the player, hate the game. 50 cent's album the massacre played on repeat my entire junior year. oh and if ya wanna see a crazy 50 cent film, watch this one. yep that ish is craaay!
p.s. he's pinky ring costs $65,000. now that's what i call a shopping problem.

6. drinking water.
i have been getting dehydrated lots this year. because i never drink water. like i'm just not thirsty. when i asked my doctor how many glasses i should be drinking everyday, he looked at me shocked that i didn't know the answer. i replied with "i went to public school" a shoulder shrug. he then told me it was 8 glasses a water a day. i feel like i may have heard that before. but eight! i mean doesn't that sound a little extreme? so i have cut out sprite and sweet tea completely [cutting out sweet tea has to be a sin or something] and have been working on learning to drink water. unfortunately, over the last two weeks i've only been able to drink 2 glasses a day. and i'm still freaking dehydrated...

7. i did it again. cept this time with aztec jeans. in the last random post, i told you guys about how i woke up and wanted to watch the movie hitchcock while i got ready for the day..well then that night i saw in my project 365 that that same day last year, i had also watched hitchcock. well my sub-conscience did it again. on may 28th last year i wore these aztec jeans, and then on may 28th this year, i wore them again! totally unplanned. i just think it's so funny when coincidences like this happen. 

8. i wish my heat would come on in the morning, and then turn to a/c before i come home that afternoon. i told you this was a random post. it's just i'm like freezing in the morning when i get up, and sweating when i get home. what's up with that?

i waaant it! i have been waiting on her to put it in her shop ever since i saw the preview of the beads on her instagram. unfortunately, i had no IDEA it was going to cost $78. yea, i want it, but not that bad. i get that it's homemade, but i mean come on, the beads kinda look like they came from a make your own necklace kit. [somebody had to say it] so i am now on the look out for a tiffany blue, gold, and pink necklace. these are the colors i used in my bedroom so that's the main reason i liked it so much. ahh anyone wanna buy this necklace for me? anyone? there's only one left...

10. i have been following mindy mae's market on instagram for little while now. i swear she has the cutest tees, jewelry and accessories. i blame mrs. gibby for this obsession. well last friday, mindy posted this deal: all "sorry i'm late" tees were marked down to $14.99. i had been lusting over this shirt for months and it now it could be mines for less than 20 bucks! heck yes i added it to my cart and bought that bad puppy. 
annnnd i'm wearing it today!
and ironically i was late today. [but that's no surprise.]

and there ya have it. this week's random post. funny, i talked about money like the whole time. but seriously, though why doesn't everything cost money? i think we need to bring back the art of trading.

well, i found out it's supposed to rain basically all weekend. guess i won't be working on my tan like i intended to do. damn. i am hoping i can talk one of my friends into going out with me. since last weekend's "going out" plan fell through the cracks because.....wait for it.....we were too sleepy. gosh, this getting old business ain't no joke. 
what are your weekend plans?
i'm gonna try my hardest to not spend any money, which we all know that i'll probably fail at that one. 
"but that's what money's for, to spend. like the bible says, "money answereth all things.""


  1. LOVE those Aztec jeans! I have some polka dot jeans...but I think I need another patterned pair.

  2. i need to not spend a dang dollar next month. ooh i need to go on a ban.