Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April's Highlights

y'all, april 2014 was SO much fun. so many fun things happened, i was involved in several things, and i made lots of plans. i'm hoping to do my goals recap for last month later on this week. i was just too excited to share with you's all the great things that happened in april so you get the highlights post first.

i had a hard time narrowing down all the wonderful events that happened in april. this may get a little long. oh well it's my blog and....i do what i want. let's hop to it, shall we? we shall.
my momma made shepherd's pie for hot lunch thursday. i hadn't ever had it until she made it last year for the first time. one of my favorites for sure. i kinda wanna learn how to make it so i can serve it when i have bunko at my house.
i got a new phone case...finally! i had been looking for awhile but all the cute ones i found were fives. i still got a four. leave it to etsy to help me find exactly what i was looking for. i picked it out from this shop. they have tons of cute cases for fives and fours. [here's mine]
helped host a baby shower for my sister, katherine. read all about it HERE
got a buttload of movies. it's an addiction, really. hey, but most of them were just $5. winning.
finally got the lip print i ordered off etsy framed and hung on my pink bedroom wall. don'tcha just love it?
my parents gave me their old tv since it was "too big." it's like a brand new tv to me, though. i thought i was gonna have to dip into my savings to buy a new tv but nope my parents came through. per usual. 
i wore this outfit to work one day.
i had just got these leggings in from klr and was dying to wear them. well it just so happens i had to go to the little rock court house that afternoon to handle a few legal matters. i'm so professional well, i had a girl stop me on my way inside, and say, "daang can i borrow your outfit for friday night?" 
best. compliment. ever!
went to a girl's doodle night at my church. my mom, sister and i all rode together. the food was so good and the speaker was a lot of fun.
got in on a wonderful deal at klr. they put all their leggings on 50% off so i got five pairs for around $40.
found these fun pillow cases from hobby lobby. i had been looking for some new and funky cases for those green pillows, but just didn't love what i was finding. hobby lobby is the best, right?!
had an amazing wonderful full of fun weekend with my bestie in hot springs.
i can't wait to start going down more often, once summetime hits!
made this awesome wreath for my bro and liz. y'all, i was pretty proud of this one.
they have it hanging on their nursery room door now. i'm not trying to brag, but damn i'm good. 
attended the easter pageant at church with my momma. my daddy-o played herod and he really did a good job. i may be a little biased. 
i also think he has seen too many gangster films. he came off a little mob-bossy..but that could be because i've seen too many gangster movies. we went for chinese afterward and he wore his costume, minus the head dress; my mom and i made him take it off. ohh it was hilarious watching him walk around the buffet, his cape flowing behind him. i got lots of compliments on my leggings, too. they came from here, naturally.
learned how to make chocolate frosting from scratch.
y'all, it's super easy. i was surprised how easy, really. i'll post the recipe soon.
helped host liz's [my sister-in-law] baby shower for my new nephew, elijah. read all about it HERE
got in my first [and definitely not last] pearls and pastries package. i have been following p&p on instagram for awhile now, but just hadn't bought anything from her etsy shop yet. until one day she posted this new print.
i had to have it. get yourself one here. it came to me as a square print but i found this round frame at hobby lobby for 50% off and really wanted my hustle print in it. so i cut it and made it fit. so happy with it!
celebrated my grandmommy's birthday with lunch at my momma's house. 
i got to leave work in the middle of the day and go have lunch with my family. it was the best. i got my grandmommy those hydrangeas. i couldn't resist them. i thought they'd make a good prezzie. oh and that is my nephew, elliott, hanging out in the dryer. it was a definitely a fun day!
 had my third month of bunko. came in second to last again. brooke [my neighbor] made probably the best quiche i have ever tasted. seriously it was da bomb! and the cake she made literally melted in my mouth. i think it's safe to say, the food is my fav thing about bunko..i mean the girls are cool, too. wink, wink.
we got to have an easter cake at work since there are no april birthdays. 
it was orange cake with chocolate frosting and it was effing good!
went and checked out south on main, a new restaurant that just open in little rock. i really am anxious to go back and try something else, cause i wasn't very fond of the pork chops i got. the sauce they put on it was horrible. and y'all, i am not a picky eater. but the dessert and conversation totes made up for it. 
:twenty one:
found this big drink dispenser at hobby lobby for fifteen bucks, since it was marked 50% off, of course.
i had been looking for one for a minute, but just didn't find one i was loving. this one is perfect, and i've already used it once. so happy with this purchase.
:twenty two:
went to my friend, amber's birthday party at oyster bar. where they only charged me for one glass of wine, when i in fact at two. shit, you know i didn't say anything. we went to town pump afterwards. myself and amber's cousin, micca, got there first. we are ordering our drinks and get ready to pay but some OG [old grandpa] pays for them instead. luckily he didn't wanna chat, just wanted to buy our drinks. yep i like that.
micca, myself, and kelly [amber's roommate] these girls dared me to try and get another drink for free..so i did. don't dare me to do something easy and not expect me to follow through. yep your girl drank for free that night. good job, sica. 
:twenty three:
had an amazing easter hanging out with the fam. read all about it HERE
:twenty four:
had a fun secretary's day at work. i have four girls that help me tremendously with my job, so i wanted to give them a little thank you for being fabulous at what they do!
 flowers + hand written thank you notes. i just wanted them to know how much i cherish them. i think i got my point across. brigitte [she's like my second mom, she does SO much for my family] treated all of us to wings and fries for lunch. it was SO good! and really was a fun day. i told ya i love my job.
:twenty five:
my mom and dad gave me their old keurig. they got new ones so i got the old one. i love hand me downs from my parents. they're the bestest!
:twenty six:
i hit three hundred followers on my instagram.
believe me, i'm not letting it go to my head. heck, you know what they say, "the number of followers you have doesn't make you better than anyone else. hitler had millions. Jesus has 12." honestly, i was just surprised, considering most of them don't even know me in real life. but i follow tons of people i've never met either. instagram is just a positive form of social media that connects you with people. and that's why i love it. and it made me happy to think that 300 people find my life interesting..cause i don't always feel that way.
:twenty seven:
finally found some decor to go on the sofa table i have behind my couch.
yellow lamps and shades are both from target and the cow skull is from hobby lobby. i am digging how bright and fun my living room is turning out to be. post coming soon.
:twenty eight:
finally found a new durable and cute work purse. there is so many things that i wanna keep in my purse for work purposes but it was started to weigh me down. my straps from the purse i was using were starting to get worn and were digging into my shoulder. so when my favorite shop, SF posted a 25% off coupon i immediately went to their site. i always love all their bags and thought one of them would be perfect. 
i love it and it is perfect. they don't have the mint one on their website anymore but you can get it in eggshell. i have gotten SO many compliments on it. it's big enough to store all that i need to store, the lining on the inside isn't dark so i can actually see what i'm looking for, and the straps are pretty dang durable. i love this savoir-faire staple.
:twenty nine:
went to my first estate sale for 2014. so glad i went cause i got some pretty great stuff. 
my dad helped me put together this collage wall in my hallway.
i had collected all these fun things, and really wanted to display them. i love the outcome!
[thanks for helping, daddy!]

and last thing, i swear!
:thirty one:
these are all the movies i saw for the first time in april:
my top three picks:
1. out of the furnace was just as good as i thought it was going to be. very violent, but so good.
2. the way way back is a new favorite. i have re-watched this movie several times. i don't know what it is about it but i just really enjoyed this one.
3. 2 guns has marky mark and denzel so you know i liked it. them two together really made the movie.
and honorable mention: kick-ass 2 it really is kick-ass!
don't waste your money on red 2 it was pretty freaking stupid and i couldn't even watch it. some movies just don't need a sequel.

annnnd thaaat was my april's highlights! i told y'all it was a lot. i suppose i should get back to work now. i gotta make a gift basket [what else is new] and pull some orders for the stores. i believe we got in some of our new tshirts and i'm dying to see what they look like. like i said, i'm hoping i'll be back to post my goals for this month + recap last month's before the weekend hits. i haven't been busy like at all these past two days so maybe it's gonna be a slow week. i kinda hope so!
have a lovely tuesday, little lovelies!
"God, i promise i'll behave myself. i'll lose weight. i'll never cheat on my taxes. i'll never curse in traffic. i'll never look at another woman...for too long. God, i'm not a bad guy."


  1. Thanks for the food shout-out neighbor ;) Glad you liked...I've got to start blogging more!!

  2. OOoh, looks like April was a fun month for you, love the new phone case and the keureg!

  3. What an incredible month! Baby showers, birthdays, cooking, crafting, shopping-- super fun! I've never heard of a TV that was too big- major score for you! Hope this month is just as great!