Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Year's Easter (Let Me Take A Selfie Edition)

this year's easter was SO much fun. i think a lot of that had to do with getting to do it at my parents house instead of at my aunt's. not that i hated it at my aunt's it's just i love my parents new house and elliott is at that age where holidays/birthdays are just hella more eventful fun! my mom did a fabulous job [naturally] with the food and decorations. plus the day was absolutely gorgeous. i swear it was the first sunny easter we've had in awhile. unfortunately, my brother and sister-in-law were in texas with her family so that was a little bit of a downer, but i'm praying hoping they'll be with us next year. 

anyways, i had decided to wear a hand-me-down dress stormi gave me a couple of weekends ago, for my easter outfit. i remember last year i was frantically looking for a dress at the last minute and i just did not want to do that this year. so when she gave me a few dresses she didn't want anymore i figured i could get away with not having to go out and look for a new dress i'll wear once
that morning when i was getting ready to head to church, i felt like it was a little short, but it was too last minute to do anything about it so i just threw on an overlay and went with it. naturally, i was late due to not being able to find my car keys. but luckily my parents had gotten seats in the back so i could just sneak in unnoticed. 
the sermon was a good one. i enjoyed it for sure. our regular pastor wasn't there so the assistant pastor [idk if that's his real title] did the sermon, and wow i didn't know he was so good. i wasn't really feeling the music because they were playing a lot of new songs i'd never heard before, but when this song came on i was immediately overcome with emotion. a thankful and happy emotion. Jesus lives in my heart and he died for me [and for you] because he loves me so much. i honestly, just can't even fathom it sometimes.

alrighty, here are some photos from my easter. i cannot even begin to describe how incredibly lovely the weather was. that was truly a blessing because i really thought it was going to rain. but it didn't. hallelujah! 
 the potato salad was amazing. it came from this joint so i guess that's to be expected. i might need to go up there and get me a tub just for me. my momma made those cupcakes you see. the frosting was pink lemonade. tart but still real sweet. y'all. there were so many desserts. [i took some home] i literally had a full plate of desserts at one point. oh and i had like 6 deviled eggs..those are one of my favs.

naturally, i had fun hanging out with mister elliott. [isn't his outfit darling?] he was being a little fussy, cause he didn't wanna eat no stinkin food..he wanted CANDY! heck, i remember being the exact same way when i was a kid. ain't nobody wanna eat no brisket and beans when you can have smarties and jelly beans! but after while, he was in a good mood when he could get down and hang out with aunt sica. [his fav] i swear he cracks me up, and he's two. i can't image what his wit will be like when he's 8. crazy. 
he loved getting to show aunt sica his basket full of goodies. i just love this age he is in now. here's a pic of sica being silly with some of his easter basket goodies.
we were having too much fun playing with those glasses.

anyways, after the grandparents and my aunt and uncle's family left, we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to get some pictures in our sunday best.
the sun was shining, and the breeze was super nice coming through my parents' back porch. i'm sitting outside enjoying the weather, when elliott comes outside to sit with me. i say, "hey let's take a selfie." his response, "yes, let's take a selfie." i swear that 2 year old cracks me up.
so take a selfie is exactly what we did. and then i swear y'all the rest of the time we were outside this little boy had everyone just rolling. he wanted to take a selfie with everyone. and we got some really good pictures of him just by saying, "hey let's take a selfie." 

the signature girl pose. one day julianne will be doing this with us. naturally mr. e wanted to be in the pic.
i can't believe she'll be here with us next year...and almost a year old. 
with our daddy.
my parents aka pia and poppy. i thought this picture turned out really well. and am even getting it framed for an empty frame i have in my entry hall. right after this pic we threw put elliott in the picture. but huh he wasn't too sure who he wanted to hold him. that silly stinker was wiggly like a roach on his back..and well here's the photos we got. i thought they were all so funny i had to post them all. that silly rugrat.
yea, not sure if my sis got a good one or not. but hey they had fun and this is a memory for sure.

it's amazing how much joy this boy brings to our family. next year when we have two new little ones, i'm sure that will be even more eventful. i'm totally looking forward to it. 
i have this one framed in my office. 

what a joyful easter indeed. check out better quality photos of our easter over on my sister's blog. and for your entertainment here is a throwback.
#braceface i posted this on my insta last thursday.

okay. yay for posting twice this week! i have been in the process of trying to get my office a little more organized. it has gotten SO junky and i just can't handle it, anymore. i have like a month's worth of filing to do today cause i always wait last minute on that. i'm looking forward to the weekend. even though most of the time i will be cleaning for a party i'm hosting next friday. looky looky already starting to work on my 30 before 30 list. i have a few craft projects i wanna work on, too! what's your weekend plans?
"i have some field experience, honey. yeah. i had a shark attack. i'm a part of a very elite group. like people who have been struck by lightening. not everyone can say that they'd have had that and maybe that's what's going on here today. you know what? i don't want to get in an argument about it. i really don't."
[couples retreat]

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